Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Thoughts on Forever 21

Oh, Forever 21, home of what I regard as throwaway clothes. I never buy anything from you expecting it to last beyond 15 washes. I do, however, have a pair of sandals that have yet to fall apart after two summers of wear, so bonus points for that.

Because I need something for skanky suit day at the office via

But as my office is a measly two blocks from your huge Downtown store, I find myself in your throes at least twice a month. Many of the outfits make me feel O-L-D.

Corduroy shorts. Seems a little ironic, right? via

However, I feel better when I see women in their 40's shopping right alongside me. Ah, the joys of being surrounded by skyscrapers and office buildings and people with very important jobs.

I felt the least old I have ever felt inside of XXI (ex ex eye? twenty one? what do the kids call it these days?) this afternoon. Ke$ha's "Blow" was blasting (sidebar: just typing that made me lose IQ points) and one employee was insisting to another that Lady Gaga sang it. "Oh, I thought it was Britney," was her coworker's reply. I wanted to school these younguns in my depth of Top 40 Radio Knowledge, but I enjoyed the self-satisfaction of being smarter than a 14th Grader too much to do so. Maybe I do have something on those kids, afterall.