Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Way Back When: Engagement Pics

So, I get ideas in my head for blog posts pretty often but I only take the time to blog at lunch! Luckily, one thing I can blog about is easily done from my desk, so that is what's getting posted today.

I got married in June 2010. We were engaged for 18 months (!!!) before that. It's a long story for another day. Even though there was no Pinterest back in my day, there was theknot.com, so I knew right away that I wanted engagement pictures (even though we didn't send out Save the Dates or anything).

Choosing a photographer was difficult for me. I didn't want my wedding memories to look antiquated, or posed, or not like me. If my wedding had a theme, it would have been "us." I didn't know it at the time, but I wanted natural light, relaxed poses, and a little bit of quirk thrown in.

My debit card features one of my favorite quirky photos and it gets compliments ALL THE TIME!

Our photographer was one of the last choices we made in the whole list of wedding to-dos. I met Lindsay at the bridal show and realized we went to high school together, though we were never friends (she was way cooler than me!)

So, after we found our photographer, it was time to try to get in shape, find a location, and pick outfits. I loved getting a different feel for different pictures, so I loved that part. We selected Hermann Park in the spring as our location and between the trees, architecture, and water features, I definitely recommend it!

Andrew is a lifelong New York Giants fan and I have become one through marriage. I liked other couples' playful photos that showcased sports, so I wanted to take some of our own (all photos by the talented Lindsay Elizabeth and can be found here).

I wear eyeliner now. I wish I had then.

Then I decided to be a total fool, and well, this happened. But I think it loosened Andrew and I up.

I wanted some more casual shots in clothes we might wear in daily life, so we took these. I chose my dress and bought his shirt to coordinate. After we took the photos, he informed me that he hated the shirt. Oops...


And then, I wanted something in nicer clothes. Andrew is not a suit guy, so I thought a button down would be nice, and I got to pick out a dress that I still love (wish it still fit... post-wedding weight gain is a topic for another post!)

Loved my pink heels! I also wore them for our wedding.

So, if I had to sum up tips/tricks for e-pics, they would be:
1) Have a purpose for them. Ours were included as part of a bridal show promotion. As badly as I wanted them then, I only display a few of them now, so if you are going to take them, do so to send out with your wedding announcements, thank yous, etc. Or hope they are included =)
2) Check to see if you will get digital negatives. We didn't, so the only ones I have are the ones in the blog post about us and ones we purchased hard copies of. But, see point 1 - it doesn't really matter to me.
3) Let your significant other have a say in what he wears or one of the outfits! He has to look at these too.
4) Have somewhere planned to change, or do fewer outfits (back of an extended cab truck is not ideal).
5) Do something fun or withhold a silly story from one another to share - it's much easier to have fun than to try to look like you're having fun! 
Bonus Tip: If you're as pale as I am, perhaps consider some self-tanner??

Thanks, Whitney, for motivating me to look at these again!

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