Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Fun (the plans)

I am super pumped about this weekend! I have to work late next Friday night and all day next Saturday, so we have lots of fun weekend plans that I am pumped for...

Tonight husband and I are going to meet for dinner at Memorial Wine Cellar for yummy dinner from H-Town StrEATS. Don't let their punny name or quirky exterior deter you - this is one of my favorite food trucks in the city. My favorite thing they have is the Shorty Mac - a grilled cheese sandwich with short ribs and mac and cheese. Yes, I know it's pure cholesterol but it is oh-so-yummy...

fab photo by moi at our last H-town trip

Then we'll go home and catch up on the DVR or else watch Dateline. Love me some Keith Morrison!

Last spring, we started to think we were in the market for a new house. We decided to wait it out for a while longer, which is good because it gives me more time to play on Pinterest and see what I have to have. This weekend, a neighborhood near-ish to us is having a model home show with CHOCOLATE demonstrations... and they are free. So, two of my favorite things = win-win. We're going there tomorrow. And, the homes will be choc(k) full o' Holiday Decor. Sign me up, I will be there. 

This was their set-up last weekend. Yum. via

And then... we are planning to go to the always-fun A Night in Market Square on Saturday night. Even though I work downtown, this is a pretty far walk during an hour lunch break and parking is kind of a pain, so I never get over there. We went last year and there was music, samples, giveaways, and a really cool glow in the dark art car parade so I'm looking forward to going again!

So fun! via

And then on Sunday the husband will watch lots of football and I will likely run errands, or else nap a lot. And go to the gym to make up for all the deliciousness I am set to consume.

So, after a long, busy week at work with an even longer and busier week ahead, I am looking forward to fun and lots and lots of food. I will do my best to take pictures of some of the fun things that Houston has to offer and in my increased effort to social media-ize myself, will tweet them as I go. I'm @lauren1031. Have a great weekend!

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