Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Commitment Issues

I want to start a blog. I do. But where do you find the time? In the 7 entries this blog has, I think I have examined that question at least two other times. But now is the time that I think I need to MAKE the time.

Yesterday I read Whitney's post at The Observant Turtle. She talked about how she moved to Houston and had to focus on making new friends because she didn't know anyone here. Completely understandable, right? Well, I am the opposite - I have lived in Houston my whole life and I am still in search of adult friends. Before I start to sound like some weirdo who can't have relationships with another human, let me give you some background on me...

No one likes a post without pictures so I am just going to use some random phone pics because this is my blog and I am pretty sure that's allowed. We were staying at the Four Seasons here and taking full advantage of the amenities.

I grew up in Houston. Moved schools and got a new friend circle in 8th grade, so bye-bye early childhood friends. During my junior year of high school, they built a new school that I was forced to attend while all of my friends stayed at the whole school. Remember high school, and how the world revolves around what is right in front of you, and how we didn't have facebook and only a few of us had cell phones? So yeah, that happened. I stayed friends with many people, but once college hit, we all went our separate ways. A few BFFs were made at the newly-built school but, long story short, I never really found a good place to fit in there.

Out on a walk with Duncan

College rolled around, and instead of going to UT, I went to UH-Downtown. Hellooooo, commuter school! I never made friends beyond study buddies there. I began working an unpaid internship in radio during my freshman year that took up a ton of time, and I made friends with other people my age who worked at the station. Those were my college buddies. A fracture happened in the group right before I met my now-husband. One girl thought I spent too much time with him, and I was basically ousted from the group (ouch). He had been in a long(ish) term relationship pre-me, so a lot of his friends were through her and therefore no longer in the picture. So we are kind of a lonely couple. Don't get me wrong, we have people in our lives, but we don't have a group that gets together regularly. And we still pretty much have "his" friends and "her" friends and not "our" friends.

Bauer - Now you have met the whole family!

So, I want to up my game. Get over my commitment-phobia of the amount of time it takes to blog. And I just want to do it. If no one reads, then it wasn't meant to be, and I still have my husband, and my "my" friends, and life will go on with our jobs and our pets and our food-centric lifestyle. But if I can find more people to share adventures with, clue you in on some good places to eat, and find a place to document what we do with our time, then even better.

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  1. More Bauer pics please! Hope so far you are enjoying blogging, I've been at it for 4 months and every now and then get stuck on getting more followers and forget it's meant to be fun.


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