Friday, February 15, 2013

High Five for Friday: Vol. 2

I am ready for Friday this week and I really shouldn't be because a) I was out sick on Wednesday and b) this semester hasn't even begun to get busy yet... But, I am, and here are a few things for me to be happy about:

1. No trip to ATX is complete without Frankin BBQ | 2. Fossil flats. Shoulda IG'd them. Rookie blogger mistake | 3. Free 'bucks on my desk as I type | 4. Bauer keeping the couch warm for the Shameless marathon (I will take any and all opportunities for cat pics).

1. Haircut! I do NOT get haircuts regularly, especially now that I have been trying to grow out my hair for the better part of a year. But, I know it looks so much better after new layers and a trim, so I have one scheduled for Saturday and I am so looking forward to it!

2. The Lumineers in Austin! My husband says I love you with technology and experiences. He isn't a flowers/jewelry/perfume guy. For Valentine's Day, he surprised me with tickets to see The Lumineers in Austin in April. We aren't seeing them here because it's on a Wednesday. I think a road trip will make it even more fun!

3. Fun flats! I am not a high-fashion girl and I don't put a ton of effort into getting dressed in the morning, so when I find something that I love that seems fashion-forward, then I am all about it. This morning I am wearing my favorite "pop of color" Fossil flats (found at Ross for <$30! Did I mention that I love a bargain?) with a cream sweater and gray pants to make my outfit a little less blah.

4. Free Starbucks! When I first created my Starbucks account, it was with a Christmas gift card. My October birthday was too far away to receive my free birthday drink, so I decided to make my birthday February 2nd. That card is the one I kept adding to to reach Gold Status and you can't edit your birthday so I had a free drink waiting for me this morning.

5. Shameless! Have you watched this show? We have just started to get in to it and it's so weird but I like it. Definitely a dysfunctional family. I know we will be marathoning that over the weekend!

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