Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five For Friday: Vol. 3

Wow, I am closing out my third week of blogging, so I think it's time to join the link-up fun. Third time is the charm, right?

I think I finally have the hang of this. I need to tell you five things that I am loving this week.

It's with another Lauren who likes cats and sleep and didn't like her name for most of her life. We have lots in common; I think I'll  have to catch up on her blog over the weekend!

1) CARPOOLING! I live in Katy. Husband works near 59 and Hillcroft, and I work downtown. Poor guy works from 6:45 - 5:00 and I work from 8:00 - 4:30 (perks of working in higher ed), so he drives to his office, then I take the car and either go out for coffee (sometimes with a friend) or go to work and read blogs  until my work day begins. As long as I leave my office at 4:30, I can get him at 5:00 and we can take the HOV home together. It is making me SUCH a happier person!

Instagramming on the way to work with my hipster coffee (folliwing? Laurenm10)

2) PicMonkey. I had never heard of it until I started paying attention to people's blogs. As you can see, I use it all the time. I prefer it to posting five photos in a row but I will try not to abuse it and have collage overload.

3) Ooh La La Cupcakes. Probably my favorite in Houston. My husband brought me one after a long day earlier this week and it turned my mood right around (the thought moreso than the cupcake but cupcakes never hurt...)

I like cupcakes so much, one of my coworkers bought me a cupcake stand. I might have a problem.

4) The Oscars are on Sunday! I am a sucker for award shows, red carpet and all. I am not a big movie person but I have seen several of the films nominated for top awards this time around (Argo, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty) so I have an opinion about several of the categories. Of those, Argo was definitely my favorite and Lincoln my least favorite (though Daniel Day Lewis is incredible).

Hope I didn't offend, but Alan Arkin's character was hilarious and I loved their catchphrase!

5) Blogging. I have been a blog stalker for 3+ years (beginning with getting married, and I loved blog reading in high school), and as dumb as it sounds, it's harder than I ever thought it would be. Going beyond a "here's what I did yesterday" post takes some effort, and photos, and photo editing (at least an attempt), and sourcing. But, I keep seeing different posts about the blogging community and I am hopeful it's ready for one more member, because I'm planning to try to stick around awhile!


  1. Lauren, that cupcake looks amazing, and now I want a cupcake stand. I want to come visit my cousin in Houston very badly--it just seems like a fun place! have a great weekend--enjoy the Oscars!

    new follower!

  2. Glad to see you are liking blogging so far. I agree its a lot more work than I thought when I started. But now Ive come to a point where I love to end my evenings reading blogs and coming up with ideas of my own!

    Picmonkey is the best! I miss picnik so much though. I was sad when it shut down.

    I'm obsessed with cupcakes. They are so many ways to express yourself with them. And who can ever turn down a cupcake?

    Today I am new follower! Check mine out if you get a chance!


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