Monday, February 18, 2013

my weekend - aka don't take diet tips from this girl

So, this weekend wasn't super exciting but I did try to take pictures of a lot of things for blogging practice. Yes, my husband did make fun of me the whole time. Does anyone else's do the same?

Friday we carpooled to work and stopped at my mom and step-dad's on the way home with a bottle of champagne. My step-dad just got a new job and it was cause for celebration! We ate a little over there but since we both had light lunches, ordered a pizza when we got home and caught up on DVR.

On Saturday I got my hair cut. Nothing drastic, but enough to make me feel like less of a bum! That night we went to Oxheart for dinner, which was great. I think that should be another post on its own.

Before and after. Subtle, but I forgot how much I like having bangs.

On Sunday we were pretty lazy in the morning, went and ran errands, came home and cleaned up, and then Andrew made the "World's Best Lasagna" according to . It was really good, but it was a TON of work so I don't know how often he will make it (I should probably take this opportunity to mention that I don't cook. At all. I can't. I have no patience for it and touching raw meat weirds me out. I help my husband as much as I can, but I usually try to do other semi-productive things [like playing with the dog] while he cooks.).

Papa John's Pizza (not my favorite) | Bauer being sweet to Andrew (never happens) | Watching TV with his mama (Presh) | World's Best Lasagna (leftovers for days)

So, that was my weekend. Please don't judge me by my over-consumption of Italian food. 

Have you ever eaten too much bad food and not realized it until you tried to write a blog post about YOUR weekend? 


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