Monday, February 11, 2013

Seven Years Ago Today...

Seven years ago this past January, I heard about a guy who thought I had a cute laugh. I worked in radio and had made friends with a listener. She gave him my radio IM screen name.

Me in my radio days! My hair was so short and I look so young. Pretty sure this is James Blunt but it could be another random songwriter of the time...

Our first conversation on AIM lasted four hours. He gave me his phone number, and I quickly gave him mine back and told him that I would never call a boy.

The next day, he called me. I was listening to the John Mayer Trio CD and he challenged me to sing it to him. I declined. We spent the better part of a week and a half talking on the phone and texting whenever we could.

By the time the 2nd weekend of our acquaintance rolled around (and after which I discovered that he went to high school with my cousin and was not a creepy serial killer), I told him we should meet. He didn’t want to, he explained, because he was in dire need of a haircut. At the time, he worked nights, slept all day, and hadn’t had time for an appointment. I told him I didn’t care and that I would be at the West Oaks Barnes and Noble studying that Saturday Night if he wanted to meet me.

He showed up (in a baseball hat) seven years ago today, with a newly-purchased Jason Mraz Live CD that he told me I needed to listen to in lieu of the traditional first-date flowers. I put my books in my car, got in his truck, and we proceeded to drive… We drove around for over an hour, just talking. We stopped for dinner at Champp’s because neither of us had a preference. The Winter Olympics were on, and I watched ice skating over his shoulder instead of making eye contact. We shared an appetizer, and he asked if he could double dip.

We got back in the car and drove and talked more. It was so comfortable, so natural. We went south on Highway 6, nearly to Galveston, before we turned around. He mentioned that he wanted to bake a cake the next day. It was the best chocolate cake he had ever tasted, he told me, and I needed to come and try it.

A cake I baked him for his 30th Birthday using THE recipe... and I added a dinosaur for flair.

The next day was Sunday. I went to his house, met his dog, and we baked a cake together. And it was a delicious cake. And after that weekend, we never went more than 48 hours without seeing one another.* And two and a half years later, we’re married. We played Jason Mraz at our wedding. We still point out the Champp’s every time we drive by it. And we still make the cake for special occasions. It’s still one of my favorites.

Jason Mraz wasn't playing - it was actually "Need a Little Christmas." In June.

 So, Happy 7th Date-iversary, Honey. Love you lots, and I still can’t believe you got me in the kitchen on our second date!

If you're married, do you still celebrate the date-iversary? We lump ours in with Valentine's Day...

*We have broken the 48-hour rule three times; when he went on a culinary school trip, when he went to visit his dad, and when I went to Chicago. But, I think that is a pretty good streak when we were not living together!


  1. Oh, I loved this!! There's quite a few IM, texting, and online chatting stories being shared, so it obviously works! ;) And I love your 48-hour rule. That's a good one!

  2. Here via the link-up. Your story is adorable; I really enjoyed reading it!

  3. Aww this is such a cute story! You guys are so cute with your date-iversary and baking the same cake for birthdays!!! I like your 48-hour rule:) P and I are very attached at the hip but he travels for work sometimes (not often though) and he HATES it. He gets more worked-up about the time away than I do :) it is cute and sweet. You have such a sweet story!


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