Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Name Game

Remember when kids would play the name game as a kid? You know, the song with "Fanana Fana Fo" in it? I used to hate that game, because I was Lauren Lauren Bo Borin'. Hurt my elementary aged feelings... but that is neither here nor there.

I have noticed that a lot of blogs have identity crises currently. That was one of my many commitment issues in doing this - what am I going to call the thing? A (my husband, who I vow to never call "hubs" or "hubby" - no offense, just not my thing) and I like to sing "Movin' Right Along" from the original Muppet movie and I liked the sentiment, so that is what is currently in my header.

A bear in his natural habitat... a Studebaker.

But I am neither footloose nor fancy free. I am a lot high strung and try as I might to REIGN.THAT.IN (because nobody likes a crazy B), I fail. So, it was kind of a misnomer before it began. I started thinking about things that I say a lot and ways to describe me and I think I have something.

I work in non-profit event planning for a law school. I work on everything from weekly lunch meetings to multi-day competitions to an upcoming fundraising event to book signings to commencement to staff events. My position was newly-created so I am the first one to do so many events; previously, different people handled different events. So, I had the luxury to create methods (see where I'm going...) to execute all of the things I have going on at any given time.

Fourth of July centerpieces that I made at work one summer.

I have a great group of coworkers who are willing to help me out at any time, whether I am sick, on vacation, or have multiple events in a day. I always leave them with checklists, diagrams, proposals, and the like. I don't know if my preparation always makes sense to them initially, but though their own abilities and a dash of my crazy (i.e., methods)... it all comes together in the end.

Alice and Wonderland-themed Retirement Party. Mushrooms were not my creation.

As for the things I do being called madness, well.... I am using the term loosely. No one wants to read a blog called "the methods to my usual successes but can always find room for improvements," do they?

Full-sized cupcakes. People still talk about this set-up.

So, I feel like my life is like that. Like there are all of these things in my head and often, as I try to get them out, they make little to no sense. But, so far, it has all worked out in the end. So there's a method somewhere in this mass of experiences known as my life. I hope I can provide some insight into what I do and how I got there through writing in public.I also hope I can remember how I created my header in the first place so I can attempt to create a new one!

What about you? Does everything seem crazy until it's complete? Am I the only one who is a little afraid to hit "publish" even though I only have one follower and I'm not sharing this until I'm sure I'll stick with it? Are you hungry for cupcakes now?

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