Friday, March 15, 2013

five facts

I was tagged by the super fun Elle at wishingoodluck to give you five facts. I love her blog - I love hearing about a law student's life, since I am surrounded by them daily but I don't know very many and she seems to keep an amazing balance in her life, so her blog is not about law AT ALL. Check her out if you haven't already!

So, I'm supposed to give you five facts about moi. This is much harder than I thought.

1) I am a TV junkie but I can rarely stay awake through an entire movie.
2) I taught SAT and ACT verbal skills to high school students when I was in college.
3) Las Vegas is my favorite city (so far)
4) I've lived in Houston my whole life.
5) I didn't understand football until I met my husband

Now, some elaboration, if you're interested...

1) Being a TV Junkie - I don't know what it is, but I can't get enough. I could spend the rest of this post telling you the names of shows that I have seen every episode of, but I won't bore you. My cat is named Bauer after Jack Bauer (24), I referenced numerous TV shows in my wedding vows (Gilmore Girls, Everwood, The Office), we had a Lost-themed Groom's Cake at our wedding, and my go-to "travel" t-shirt says Dunder Mifflin and I get stopped by strangers in the airport every time (The Office). I can watch episode after episode of a show that I'm into, but turn on a movie? I'm asleep halfway through. Even in theatres. I hate it, but it just happens about 90% of the time.

Our Lost/NY Giants (see #5) Groom's Cake

2) Grammar Girl - I loved helping students one on one with the verbal sections of standardized tests while I was in college. So many things that I had to teach them have stayed with me and honestly, in blogging, I notice so many errors that I want to point out but I DON'T because that would be rude (and we all make mistakes and think faster than we type!). I am far from perfect, but for what it's worth, things pique your interest, you are giving readers a sneak peek, and if you are climbing a mountain, you would travel to its peak. Drives me bananas. Also, I am a huge fan of the Oxford comma. And, I like to write like I talk, so you will not see grammar perfection here- just expect to see semi-colons used correctly and only a few egregious errors (I hope.) (I also taught SAT vocab).

No pics of me tutoring, so you get Bauer instead. Jack Bauer fought terrorists; Cat Bauer fights mosquito hawks that get into the house.

3) Vegas, baby - Andrew took me to Vegas right after I graduated from College and I loved it! We have since been back four more times and even got engaged there (a story for another day). I love that everything is in walking distance. The shows are amazing (we have seen Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil every time we have gone), you can eat anything you want, and you can't ask for better shopping. I don't even gamble and I love it. Just walking through each casino and looking at the decor is fun. NYC isn't for me, I loved Chicago, and I really love Austin, but give me a choice and I'll pick Vegas anytime (though I have told Andrew we can't go back there again until we try somewhere new!)

30 Seconds post-"Will you marry me" next to the Bellagio Fountains. I clearly had NO IDEA I was getting engaged or I would have had a proper dress coat that wasn't black over my brown dress. That STILL bothers me to this day!

4) Living in HTX - From West Houston, born and raised. I was going to go to UT in Austin but decided it wasn't for me when I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I stayed here, went to UH-Downtown, started working in radio, met my husband, and have yet to leave the city. We both have jobs and roots here. My whole family is here, and until last year, Andrew's dad's job was based here (he has since retired and moved to Delaware) so leaving never made sense. I remember Astroworld, I can pronounce and spell Kuykendahl, I know the difference between the North Freeway and the Northwest Freeway, and I remember Rock 101 KLOL. I lived for hearing "Slime in the Ice Machine!" every Friday night as a kid so I could mimic it and I will watch Channel 13 News forever. Houston is getting so much press as a great place right now that I am proud to say that this is home! But, if an opportunity presented itself to move, I would definitely consider it!

My sweet niece at Houston's waterwall - it has been one of my favorite things in the city since I was a little girl.

5) Football - Even though I did two years in high school band, I never "got" football. My dad watched it casually, my step-dad didn't at all, and I just never had an interest. My husband is a diehard New York Giants fan, so when I met him, not watching football wasn't an option. Every Sunday, our world shuts down and he is in front of the TV to keep up with his fantasy football team and cheer on the "G-Men." The first few years, I ignored it and did my own thing, but after awhile, I got more interested and learned how the game works. I rarely watch any game but the Giants, but I love to cheer on Eli Manning and Victor Cruz (love his salsa dance!) on Sundays in the fall and I am a little embarrassed to say that I have FIVE NYG t-shirts...

In 2012, when the Giants made the playoffs, I told Andrew that I would make NYG cookies if they made it to the Superbowl... they did (and they won!) so I made good on my promise!

So, there are my five. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged :)

I am currently enjoying the two days of spring break that I get for working in higher education. This weekend we have plans to go to a friend's house and I may go to the Houston Blogger Meet-Up. I'm a little nervous, to be honest! But, maybe I will feel brave and RSVP tomorrow because I would definitely like to get to know many of them in person! Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Hahah I am so glad you don't hold my grammatical errors against me! I get so excited to hit publish, then I go back and read my post the next day and -groannn- so bad. So, so, so bad.

  2. Yup I'm happy that people are finally realizing how awesome Houston is! and I am finally understanding football, maybe.

    Met you at the Htown Blog meet up :) New follower!

  3. Slime in the Ice Machine! LOL
    I too will only watch ABC 13 news.
    I relate to so many of the Houston things!
    I also lived in H-town my whole life until we (temporarily) moved away for my husband's grad school.

  4. I became a Giants "fan" the same way (fan being a loose term because I barely watch)! My bf is obsessed to say the least, and his dad even has season tickets! Those cookies are amazing!


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