Monday, March 11, 2013

putting good in to get good out

Just a quick note on this chilly (for us!) Monday evening to share what's on my mind...

(because blogging is supposed to be what's on your mind, right? I have kind of been lacking in the "real-ness" department here and I want to work on that...)

Last weekend, I made a conscious effort to try to do things better. I don't think I am a terrible person by any means, but I will often take the easy way out. Get wrapped up in MY needs, MY life, ME ME ME and forget that there's a world of people with thoughts and feelings out there. And I wanted to be better.

I started with something small. We waited for what felt like forever for a parking space at the grocery store. The car left, left their cart partially in the space, and I had to get out of the car to move it before Andrew could park. ANNOYING! They left their prescription (completely unopened) in the seat of the cart. Part of me thought that it served them right for leaving their cart there, but I thought about being the better person. About how this $16 prescription might have been a stretch for this family. About the inconvenience of calling the doctor to get it replaced. So I took it back in to the pharmacy. The pharmacist was so thankful for that and said she would call the person who left it behind. It was a tiny, tiny thing - I am not trying to achieve sainthood for this, I assure you - but it was the right thing to do in the moment.

Last week I also made a conscious effort to help a coworker. She was noticeably stressed out and hasn't been taking lunch breaks, has been working late, and just isn't herself lately. I was craving Torchy's Tacos (um, yum) and knew what she ordered when she went there, so I brought her one. Nothing big. Just a small gesture, trying to say that I realized how hard she was working and that maybe she could find five minutes for a lunch break. And as terrible as it is to say, that is not usually how my mind works. If I am hungry, I eat lunch and I normally expect others to do the same. But, I tried to think about how nice it can be to be on the receiving end of a small act of thought and pay it forward, just a tiny bit.

And, I have to tell you... I think the universe is trying to tell me that I am on to something. I was lucky enough to get into the concert over the weekend that I wrote about today and Andrew and I had a great time and we will be thinking about how much fun we had for a long time to come. And, I had a mini-miracle at work the other day (basically, due to spring break, no checks are being cut for two weeks. I didn't think about that and desperately need a check for an event before they will be issued. I called accounting and they were VERY nice, super accommodating, and I got the check the day I asked for it without having to call my vendor and ask for a favor). Everyone in my office asked what I had done to deserve such special treatment. I told them that I have been putting good vibes out, and was lucky enough to be getting them brought back to me.

Like I said - short(ish) post, not too deep of a thought, but I do want to remember that making an effort matters. And even if there were no rewards to putting good vibes out there, I need to do it anyway. Be a better person. Focus less on the me. I will forever be a work in progress.

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  1. I'm a big believer in karma - you get out what you put in for sure. Glad to see someone taking this to heart! It sounds so shameful, but I forget to think about other people sometimes.


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