Thursday, April 25, 2013

candy bouquets - a tutorial

So, you guys know that today is Administrative Professionals' Day, right? Because it is. And if you are lucky enough to have an admin, you should totally do something for them. A Starbucks e-card would be perfect and you don't even have to move from your chair. Buy it for them now. I'll wait...

Well, I neither have an admin nor am I an admin, but the College celebrates Administrative Professionals' Day for all employees. As the events coordinator (or one woman party planning committee as I like to call myself [maybe that's only funny if you watch The Office?]) I have to come up with something fun for everyone. For the past million years, the school has ordered two bouquets from a florist and had a drawing to give them away, and without fail, a man has won them and had to cart flowers home for his wife that day. Or, he doesn't have a wife and tries to give them to a co-worker without being accused of sexual harassment. Awkward. So for this year, I decided to switch things up and asked if I could create candy bouquets. I figure more people like candy than like flowers, and if not, then I will just hear about it next year.

Since I had to work from home on Monday and I bought all of the materials on Saturday, I was able to make the arrangements at home and photograph them in peace so I could blog about it. Win-win, for sure.

I found some inspiration on Pinterest, but those were intimidating, so I decided to wing it.

Large vase (mine came from Michael's and was $5.99 and I didn't have a coupon!)
Wooden skewers ($2 from the grocery store - get the large ones)
Styrofoam ($3.99 for a huge block that I barely used half of)
Large candy bars or boxes (bags look too floppy) - I used eight different things
Small filler candy
Something to cut foam with
Hot Glue Gun (I didn't need it, but if your foam isn't very dense you might)

1) Cut a piece of foam to fit in the bottom of your vase. For my first one, I cut a circle and for the second I realized it didn't matter and just cut a square. Styrofoam is messy and hard to cut through - I used a small screwdriver like a saw to get it done.

2) Cover your styrofoam with something. I used foil since I used Hershey Kisses in one of the vases. It  looks like I put a Ding-Dong in the vase. Then stick your covered foam shape into the vase.

2a) Entertain the fuzzy visitor who loves the smell of sweets, if applicable.

Hey Mom, I want to supervise.

3) Learn from my mistakes - put a little bit of candy in the bottom of the vase to stabilize it. It is much easier to remove your foam and cut it smaller before you start sticking skewers in, not after. If this were being given as a personal gift, I would have preferred to use unwrapped candy like gumballs or peanut M&Ms, but I had to use something wrapped. You could probably also get pixy stix and wrap them around or a trillion other things - just know that smaller is better.

4) Tape candy to skewers. Use lots of tape. And then use more. Gravity sucks sometimes.

5) I taped one thing at a time and placed one at a time. Big in front, small in back, saving a few small to go up high. I taped two skewers together for more height.

6) Fill the vase with filler candy around the skewers as well as  you can.

Bonus points if you can name the show I'm watching in the background.

7) You're done! I took some photos of the almost finished products, but added some ribbon when I got to work the next day.
This is almost 40 oz. of Hershey's Kisses

Andrew saw this and decided he wanted one, so I want to make him one for his birthday - maybe with candy, beef jerky, tickets, a Starbucks card, scratch-offs... We had a drawing at work to give these away and wouldn't you know - I WON one! I tried to give it back because it didn't feel right but I was told to keep it and since Andrew liked it so much, he is getting most of the candy.

So that's my easy-peasy, no tutorial required tutorial. Are you being celebrated or celebrating someone for Administrative Professionals' Day?


  1. These are so awesome! And that is a TON of candy, like a TONNNN of candy. I would die of happiness.

  2. That looks AWESOME!!!!! I love it!!! I'm sure whoever got the bouquet loved it, too!!!

  3. These look great!!! Now I want to go and get some candy!! LOL

  4. This is such a great idea! Your so sweet to your admins!!! I have been looking forward to this week for Admin Day. I got mine a cookie jar she has been eyeing. We are taking her to lunch tomorrow and I can't wait to give it to her.

  5. Um, oops. I totally did not know that. Or do anything for my admin.

    But I love what you did... it looks great!

  6. Wow that looks incredible!!!


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