Tuesday, April 9, 2013

clothes call

{I have been thinking a lot about writing the kind of blog I like to read, and I have realized that I like blogs that simply offer me a slice of the person's life, whether it is about their relationships, gym routine, cooking, or what they do in their free time [so, basically, a lifestyle blog]. So, that is going to be my renewed blogging intent.}

I have come to the recent harsh realization that there is not an artistic bone in my body. Show me a cute craft and I can replicate it pretty decently. If I read a fashion blog and like the outfit, I can copy that too. But give me a pile of craft supplies or put me in my own closet and I am lost. I will make popsicle stick puppets or wear jeans and a t-shirt every time (but hey, I should get bonus points for adding statement jewelry to my outfit. The blogging world has taught me a few things!).

So, I already fear that I won't find anything that I will actually wear when I take a trip to the mall. Add to this my inherent frugality. That's right, internet: I'm kind of cheap. I grew up in a home without a ton of extra money so even as an adult with my own income and money in the bank, I can't stomach the prices of some stores. Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom aren't even on my radar (unless we're talking Last Call and Rack, but even then, some things are still pretty pricey!) and living so close to outlet stores has poisoned me on the prices of real Banana Republic and Gap. When I am in the mood to shop, give me a few hours at TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Burlington Coat Factory... that's more my comfort zone.

Now that I have discovered fashion blogs and lifestyle blogs with clothes that real people wear, I actually wanted to go to the mall this weekend. Mint tops and white skinnies were calling my name. I knew what I should be looking for, how much I wanted to spend, and four and a half hours until the mall closed.

(Before I continue to sound like the most insecure woman alive: I love jeans and t-shirts. My husband is even less clothes conscious than I am, so I don't ever feel like I have to "dress" for him. I just don't know how to assemble an outfit and I always question what is "right" to wear to any particular restaurant or event.)

I have been telling my husband that we are of the age where Forever 21 (for me) and Target clothes are no longer acceptable for everything we own. It's time to invest in quality jeans and work clothes. I went to the mall thinking that it would be okay if I found a $60+ pair of jeans or a $50 top - if I loved it, and it made me feel good, I deserved it....

Y'all, I couldn't find anything I loved enough to justify the price. I tried though, I really did. Here are some things I ended up with.

iKat-ish top from Express ($15) | Lace layered flowy top from Burlington ($15)

Both tops from New York and Co. ($15 each). The blue can be found here for full price. The green is pretty minty and closer to the photo on the left in real life.

And, I swore I would stop shopping at Old Navy (their clothes always seem to unravel for me), but I couldn't resist a cheap dress! Plus, I had a 20% off coupon!
The dress can be found here and the sandals here, but I don't see them in brown online.

So, I'm thinking the top shirts for weekends, the ones in the middle for work, and then the dress and shorts for weekends. I tried on about 50 pairs of white and mint jeans and can't find any that are thick enough and fit properly - any tips?

That's all I bought, after 4.5 hours. Any how to wear suggestions? Or, what I really want to know - what are some of your price limits on different articles of clothing? One of these days, I will love shopping... just not today!

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  1. I love that lace top, so pretty! We should go shopping together one day! :)

    i dunno, my price limits change with how much I want a piece of clothing, and how much wear it'll get. That's probably not good logic tho.


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