Thursday, April 18, 2013


I had a fun post planned for today. One where I talk about what makes me laugh. I was excited that I was going to come to work, push publish, and maybe read more of Bossypants, which I downloaded last night (enjoying it so far). And then last night happened and I just want to focus on that.

I didn't blog about the Boston Marathon bombings. I was sad, I watched all the news coverage, and I have been thinking about everyone involved since, but I didn't have anything to add to the conversation. It's just so unreal that an idiot (or group of idiots) with pressure cookers have taken so much power and put our status quo in such disarray. It was just plain disappointing, and I didn't want to think about it.

But last night. West, Texas. I think the one-two punch of two tragic events in three days really has me thinking a lot. There are many refineries in and around the Houston area. My husband and step-father both work in the construction industry and their companies do a lot of work with these refineries. There was a fire at a plant yesterday and I texted my husband to see if they had anyone out there as twelve people sustained burns. None of his people were affected. I don't want to sound flippant, or minimize anyone's injuries, but here we hear news of chemical fires and shelters in place fairly regularly. I saw my Twitter feed light up with news about a fertilizer plant explosion last night and I honestly didn't think it was anything more than what we are used to.

When 10:30 rolled around and most of the local channels were still playing news, I started to pay attention. Mushroom cloud. Explosion, Lauren. Explosion. I didn't really get it until I saw the photos and video. The firemen fighting the fire were likely the first victims. The town banding together already to help one another. The nursing home. People losing their homes in an instant - someone's dog gone from their backyard in the blast. Just imagining people sitting at home watching TV, maybe watching the fire from their front yard and then... wow. Everything gone.

As things like this happen, I am continually dumbfounded by how lucky I am. How nothing bad has befallen me. I was continually grateful for the people who put their lives on the line for us common people, strangers they have never met, daily. Andrew and I were talking about it this morning - he was able to stomach far more news coverage than I last night - and he told me that the wife of one of the West Volunteer Firefighters was on CNN last night saying she begged her husband to come home, and he refused. I don't know if I would be so brave if I were the husband and I don't know how his poor wife held it together to be on TV. Their potential sacrifices are more than I have ever had to face and I hope this morning that the fireman was able to be safely reunited with his family.

I don't have a deep point to make or anything Earth-shattering to say, other than I am thinking of those in Boston, who fell prey to such a senseless act, those in West, whose world was literally shattered in ways no one saw coming, and thinking of all of the brave people who run in in these situations, not away, as I would likely be inclined to do. Just another reminder that life is short. Love your people.

"Celebrate we will 
Because life is short but sweet for certain 
We're climbing two by two 
To be sure these days continue 
These things we cannot change" 
Dave Matthews Band - Two Step

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  1. This week is making me so sad, and West has definitely affected me as much as Boston (maybe because I went to Baylor and have friends that are down in West helping out right now).

    Life is far too short, indeed.


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