Friday, April 5, 2013

high five for friday: vol. 6

It's been a while since I last linked up with Lauren from At My Grey Desk for H54F. Today feels like a good day to get back to it.

This week, the days were short but the week was long. I am really looking forward to the "do nothing" weekend that I have imposed on us - movies tonight, grocery shopping tomorrow, and no other plans. I love it already.

1 - Mumford and Sons are coming to Texas! I have been waiting and waiting for this announcement  I really wanted to go see Dave Matthews and my husband said to WAIT because Mumford would be coming, and he was right. We were able to get presale tickets for the Houston show, but would both prefer to go to the Saturday Austin show so we will be furiously trying to buy tickets at noon today. And, no worries, I already have two prospective friends who will buy my Houston tickets at face value should we get some for Austin. I'm not a jerk driving up ticket prices, I promise!


2 - Precious Cat Bauer. Just look at this snugglemuffin so deep in thought. I bet he was wondering if his mama had fed him yet.

Follow along on instagram for more kitty cuteness - laurenm10

3 - Fun Coworkers. I went to the Houston Pavilions GreenStreet Sip and Socialize Event last night with some of my coworkers. There was free food, free drinks (clearly), and long lines, but it was great to hang out beyond the office.

Not all mine, I swear.

4 - The Blogging Community. Seriously, I am so glad that I decided to try to join your cool kids club a few months ago. I have already learned so much about areas I didn't pay much attention to before (make-up! fashion! crafts!) and about myself (so WHAT if you lost a follower? It's not the end of the world). Thank you for reading and interacting and I promise to return the favor/ awkwardly stalk you until you ask me to stop. Depends on how you look at it.

5 - Pappa Geno's. Holy Cheesesteak Heaven. I have never been to Philly, so I can't claim to be an expert, but I think the Fresh Prince would approve. Andrew and I went for dinner the other night. Luckily, we both skipped lunch that day because the portions are huge. There's one in Bellaire and one in the Heights. Get in there next time you want something gooey and delicious.

I am loving the cooler temperatures in Houston - I think dinner on a patio is necessary tonight. Have a great one, friends!

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  1. Yes, the cooler temps are fantastic, I'm loving it! Bauer does look super cuddly, aw! And I hear ya on blogging... it's the best! :)

  2. I saw Mumford and Sons recently and it was absolutely amazing.iEven of you have to drive hours, DO IT they put on an INCREDIBLE show!


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