Friday, April 26, 2013

high five for friday: vol. 7

Haven't linked up with Lauren for High Five for Friday in a while but I am today because I am ready for this weekend...

1) Getting the two industrial fans and humidifier out of my living room after our ceiling leak debacle. They are being removed as I type. It has been the world's loudest white noise machine since Tuesday.

2) Whole Foods had wine for 25% off if you bought six... so we did. We are stocked up for a few weeks, at least!

3) Kendra Scott Elles - I  have been coveting these for the longest time. I may have mentioned it at work a time or two (or twenty). My boss went to a trunk show for her daughter's sorority and they were selling Kendra Scott earrings so she got them to put away for my birthday (in October) but her daughter said she should give them to me now in case I buy a pair in the next six months. So she did. So so nice, right? I am so lucky. I am also wearing them for the third day in a row. No shame.

4) This view - I don't always love working late, but at least I get to enjoy this patio one night per year (taken from One Park Place in downtown Houston).

5) I have been looking forward to this weekend since February - we are going to see the Lumineers in Austin tonight! I have seen a few photos from their Houston show earlier this week so I think it will be a great show! I'll be tweeting and instagramming (laurenm10) for sure!

Can I just say that this has been such a fun week to be a blogger? I loved seeing everyone's take on the Houston blogger meet-up and the sweet comments I received about my house issue and candy bouquet and everything else I've decided to ramble about this week have been so, so wonderful. I am so glad to have joined you in this club!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. I looooove Kendra Scott! I have the white ones and I seriously can't get enough of them.

  2. I LOVE my Kendra Scott earrings! I wish I owned the whole store! Happy Friday! xoxo

  3. Love those earrings, so pretty! And Lol, you have plenty of wine now, awesome.

    Have fun at Lumineers!!

  4. I hope you have a fun time in Austin! That sounds like a blast!

    And I'm so bummed out that I missed the meetup this time, but I'm definitely there next time!

  5. What a nice boss!!! I have been eyeing those earrings too, but have yet to take the plunge! They look great on you! Enjoy the concert this weekend!

  6. love the earrings, and 25% off for 6 bottles of wine? Love a good wine bargain!!
    Happy Friday!

  7. I love the Elle's! I bought three pairs in one month because I was so obsessed! They are so perfect for day or night!


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