Tuesday, April 23, 2013

homeownership is lame

So with this post, I will attempt to bridge the gap between being a whiny brat and keepin' it real. Because it is definitely not always happiness and rainbows when it comes to my house. Literally. My house.

My house was built in 1981. When Andrew bought it in 2006, it had new paint, new carpet, a new roof, and a new AC. Well, houses don't stay good forever. In the past three years or so, we have had one new house "challenge" after the other. Tree roots grew into the pipes that lead from our toilet to the sewer and the pipes backed up and soaked through the carpet in our hall (ew). The garbage disposal broke (another ew). The refrigerator went out (not the house's fault)... just one costly, stupid repair after the other.

We were lazy this weekend, but Bauer was lazier. Pics of the damage are ugly so you get phone pics instead.

So Sunday night, it sounded like the hot water heater was running unnecessarily. It got quieter when we went to bed, but Andrew checked it Monday morning before work and there was water dripping from the garage ceiling. Lots of it. So much water that it went from the back of the garage and trickled all the way out of the garage and onto the driveway. Awesome.

Luckily I had lots of work I could do from home so I volunteered to deal with it and Andrew went to work for the day. (I made candy bouquets for Administrative Professionals' Day - I think my first tutorial is coming!) The plumber came in a timely manner (never happens!) and the fix was only $150 (not a welcome expense, but it could have been much, much worse). Apparently old pipes rust from the  inside-out, so we should technically get our entire house re-piped, but who wants to pay for that?? ($3-6K, yuck). Then came the matter of, you know, actually fixing the water damage.

Andrew says he doesn't love Bauer but then I see this and get it on camera and my life is made.

Keep in mind that this was confined to the garage so when it comes down to it, we are very, very lucky.

The plumber referred me to a company to call and they gave me an estimate of over $1000 just to dry out the walls. Are you freakin' kidding me? Fans and humidifiers are expensive, y'all.

We have a "guy" who we have used for all kinds of things, from plumbing to tile to paint, and we are going to see what he recommends. I don't really understand why you have to dry everything out just to replace it, but then again there are people who don't understand the difference between canapes and crudite, so I guess we should just all depend on the pros to do their jobs. Doesn't make it any less frustrating.

{ETA: Since writing this post, the ceiling has fallen and taken sheetrock and insulation with it. I think our homeowner's insurance covers this, HURRAY!}

Since I didn't carpool with my husband, I didn't get to blog about my weekend, but I didn't take many pics anyway. Andrew and I both fell asleep on the couch embarrassingly early on Friday (um, 8:30 for me), were bums and ran errands on Saturday til we went to dinner with friends (Lupe's isn't as good as I remember and it kind of makes me sad), then on Sunday I went to the Houston Blogger Meet-Up. Full disclosure: I almost didn't go. I was feeling so, so lazy, but I am glad I did! I got to see a few ladies I met last month and meet several new people. Meg took several great pictures if you haven't seen them already!

Had to tell my friend's husband not to touch the margaritas because I needed to instagram... he thought that was bizarre.

The silver lining of today? I got 5.5 hours worth of work done, I'm home to watch Ellen, I listened to Teen Mom all day while I worked (don't judge, nothing good was on E!), I worked out instead of commuting to the office, and I pretty much learned that working from home is awesome. Any tips on how to convince my employer to let me do this a few days a month?


  1. I hear ya girl! After you buy a home the work doesn't stop!

  2. I love teen mom, haha! I shouldn't admit that in public though! Houses are so freaking expensive, aren't they?!

  3. I completely understand about the house problems! Last month, our dishwasher leaked and flooded our hardwood floors. SUCH a pain!

  4. Oh my goodness! You poor thing, that sounds so awful! I hope that things start to look on the up and up for you! Crossing my fingers that the damages don't end up costing too much.

  5. ugh that is a tough way to start the week!!!! Wow it's only Tuesday! Hope it gets better!

  6. Oh my goodness, that stinks! At least you're able to look at the silver lining a little bit?

  7. It was a good idea to hire professionals to do the water damage restoration for you. If you think their price is high, you can do an estimate with other contractors first, and choose which one has the service package that suits your budget. Did you just say that it is covered by homeowner's insurance? Then, there's no reason for you not to have your ceiling repaired.

    -Allen Hoffman @ Damage-Restoration-Tucson

  8. “...not always happiness and rainbows when it comes to my house.” - I agree. It's one of the challenges we have to face as a homeowner. But in my opinion, owning a 1981 house is cool. It's rare for an old house to stay this long. The only sad part is, there are things you have to replace and repair. How's your water heater, by the way? I hope you found a professional to do the necessary repairs the heater needed.

    --->Levi Eslinger @ CapitalPlumbing.ca

  9. There will always be advantages and drawbacks in having your own home as supposed to renting out an apartment or condo. Having to shoulder all the costs for repairs around the house, particularly plumbing and overall maintenance, can be quite a hassle; but then again, you get to address the problem immediately without having to wait for your landlord to do it for you. You’re also free to do renovations whenever you see fit, something you might think twice before doing so in a rented space. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to preference. Cheers!



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