Friday, April 12, 2013

just a quick Friday post...

I know it goes without saying that I love the weekend, but hear me out. It seems as if, subconsciously, Andrew and I made a decision a few months ago to start doing more on our weekends. Less sitting around the house, and more getting out. Whether it's trying a new restaurant (okay, it's a lot of that), trying to get together with friends, or going on a mini roadtrip, we have been making it a habit to get out. It makes me look forward to the weekends that much more. And we have a lot of fun stuff planned for this weekend...

Not that I need to keep you in suspense, but if I tell you what we're doing and then I blog about it Monday, it's a bit redundant, no?

So I am going to do one of those bullet point bloggy things because some things aren't worthy of a full post.

  • Tried another restaurant on Alison Cook's Top 100 - Pico's Mex Mex. I wasn't a huge fan. The dish was good at first, but then felt a little one-note and I was ready to be done eating it.
Pork, pickled onions, black beans, and rice. I'm not sure why it was ranked #21.
  • Holy inspiration, y'all. So many great bloggers this week talking about blog friendships, comparisons, social media, and great topics that make you think. Clearly I need to start reading some more so I can ruminate on my thoughts on some bigger topics.
  • I find myself jokingly telling myself to do things so I can blog it. I should go to the gym... so I can blog it! I should take a picture of that... so I can blog it! I want to remember this conversation... so I can blog it! Now, I haven't blogged many of these things, but I do like that the thought of blogging is making me workout and document life more. Afterall, that is the point here - to remember how I lived at this point in my life.
  • Nothing drives me crazier than using an apostrophe when you just need an S. Okay, some things drive me crazier, but that is my issue today. And this is not aimed at the blog world. At least not at this moment
  • I am sorry for being a blog lurker for so long! I am so glad people are visiting me here but I wish a few more had something to say. I did that for years, so I completely understand it, and now I feel guilty!
  • Latte art never gets old.
From Blacksmith

I have lots to do before I can leave work and have fun on this weekend of mine. I will be tweeting (Lauren1031) and Instagramming (Laurenm10) for sure, so follow along, will ya? Have a great weekend!


  1. I want to go somewhere where they do latte art... so I can blog about it!

    Lol, I look at blogging the same way - it's a way of documenting my life, which helps because I have a horrible memory. And I kind of love it. :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I was a blog lurker for years too. Years and years and it still kind of makes me sad how much I missed out on by not jumping right in!

  3. There are so many times where I'm like "hold on everyone, I need a pic for the blog" haha! The life of a blogger! :)

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