Monday, April 1, 2013

liebster awards

So, the Liebster Awards have been floating around the blogs of all the cool girls without a ton of followers and it looks like it's my turn to be nominated for one. Ms. Nini Kat (not her real name by the way, but I don't know if she wants her bidness all over the internet), who I met at the Blogger Meet-Up, was kind enough to point a few people my direction, so of course I will play along. Enjoy, and maybe you will learn a few things!

The rules, in case you haven't been reading blogs the past few weeks, are that you have to list 11 facts, answer 11 questions provided by your nominator, and then leave 11 questions for three nominees with fewer than 200 followers to answer. I thought since I have way way WAY less than 200 followers,  should earn double Liebster points for playing along. Or I should only get half. I'm bad at math. See below.

11 Facts:

1) I talk really fast naturally, and even faster if I am nervous. I also turn red very easily when I am nervous, uncomfortable, or embarrassed.
2) I moved straight from my parents' house to my now-husband's house (we were only dating at the time) and though I wouldn't change a thing about it, I wonder how I would have survived on my own.
3) Compared to most women my age, I don't shop much (I am cheap and I don't know how to dress!).
4) I have a terrible memory for the most part, but a really random selective memory. I will remember the weirdest thing about you that you won't even remember telling me.
5) I started collecting rubber ducks in middle school and my mom still buys them for me on vacation or when she sees a unique one.
6) Other than my own wedding, I had never really planned an event prior to becoming an event planner.
7) I love white wine - the sweeter, the better, to a point!
8) I have neither athletic nor dance ability (not to say that dance isn't a sport - just trying to say that I can't play ball sports nor can I do anything graceful).
9) Tact and I are not best friends. I have a tendency to say what I feel as soon as I feel it, often without thinking. I am trying, though.
10) I am a cat person - I have had a cat in my house since I was two years old, except for the first 18 months that Andrew and I lived together. That was lonely. I'm glad he came around.
11) I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up as a kid, and I never imagined being a mommy. I just wanted to be a wife. So, at least that's one goal accomplished! As for the other stuff - who knows?

11 Questions:

1) How did you come up with the name of your blog? 
I kind of tend to do things in weird ways that only make sense to me. I often have problems putting my thoughts and reasoning into words, especially in the heat of the moment when I am trying to get something done. Somehow, magically, it always works out in the end. Method to my Madness is just a reassurance to those around me that even though I might sound like a crazy person one moment, there is reasoning behind my decisions and in the end, I will deliver on what I am supposed to do. 

2) Savory or Sweet?
Sweet, for certain, 100% of the time.

3) If I gave you two round trip tickets, where would you fly to? (I arranged your passport too)
I have always wanted to visit Europe - specifically London, Santorini, and Rome. I would be happy with any or all of the three.

4) What is your dream car?
The flying kind, like George Jetson! But really, probably a cute little Audi or a small SUV. Honestly though, cars are something I don't really care much about - as long as it has AC and isn't white (for some reason, white cars never appeal to me).

5) Would you rather sing really well or dance like a boss?
I am completely unable to do either, so I will go with singing. It seems more lucrative and like you could show it off more often.

6) Should I cut my hair short?
No! I'm growing mine out, and so should you :)

7) What do you enjoy most about blogging?
The connections, and seeing what other people's lives are like. It's like a peek behind the curtain, if you will. Also, it tells me what to wear. I will be making a trip to J. Crew Factory and Ann Taylor Loft on my next shopping trip - thanks, blogosphere!

8) What do you enjoy least about blogging?
Coming up with something worth reading (just being honest, y'all). The comparisons - it's like learning to be comfortable in your own skin all over again. I also find it hard to write how I talk - I think my written tone is much more formal than I am in real life.

9) If you could give yourself one skill, what would you choose?

Wow, so many things... I would love to be a math whiz. As it is, I have no memory for or sensibility with numbers.

10) Would you prefer hot or cold weather?
I say cold, knowing that summer is coming and it will be miserable! Though, when I was in Chicago and it was 4 degrees, I hated that too.

11) What would you choose as your very last meal if the zombies were coming tomorrow? 
Oh gosh, so hard for a girl that likes her food. I would have to go with my favorite, Tex-Mex - chicken fajitas with pico and guacamole, chips and queso, and a margarita with of course something chocolately for dessert. 

I don't want to tag anyone because I think most of the people I follow with less than 200 followers have already done this, but I do want to ask some questions. If you are bored today, feel free to answer any or all in the comments section! (And if you want to be tagged, let me know and I will edit to tag you!)

1) What band or artist should I be listening to right now?
2) What makes you follow a blog or leads you to comment?
3) Why do you continue to blog?
4) What are your three must-haves if you were stuck on a deserted island?
5) What's your favorite kind of pen?
6) What is something ridiculous that you have overthought lately that no one else will notice?
7) What are your thoughts on twitter?
8) How did you end up in the city you live in?
9) How would you spend a perfect day
10) Have you ever ironically started saying a stupid word (like "totes") to be ironic and then the word gets in your vocabulary and you can't stop? (NO, I don't know anything about that...)
11) What's your drink of choice (alcoholic or non)?

Now I want to share my ridiculous answers to these questions with you guys, but this is enough rambling. Is there a different award where you can just nominate yourself to interview yourself? Because I would totally win that one.


  1. I love white wine too! You're right, the sweeter the better!

  2. Thanks for answering my questions! I'm with you on the the Tex Mex, that would probably be my last meal too.

    You should make a post about the ducks. I want to see this!


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