Wednesday, April 17, 2013

love and marriage: keeping things interesting

I have loved the blog series going on right now (hosted by Jenna, Mandy, Shay, Jenn, Lindsey, and Megan)  about love and marriage. This week's topic is keeping your marriage interesting.

Andrew and I have been together for seven years. When I stop to think about the fact that I have been with my husband, who I will (hopefully) spend the rest of my life with, since I was a completely clueless twenty one year old, I can't believe it.

We moved in together in 2007 and got married in 2010. I'm not going to do the math for you, but that is a lot of nights spent together, meals eaten together, car rides, bills to pay, family obligations, and hours of TV watched. We definitely have a routine and some days it is HARD to be an interesting wife and a fun person to be around.

Just moved in together - May 2007

One of the things that helps our marriage is surprises. Ever since we started dating and Andrew mailed me a hot pink devil rubber duckie to add to my collection, surprises have been something that we do for one another to brighten up the days and give one another a little boost when we need it.

Our surprises are rarely ever big. Yesterday, for example, I needed chocolate so I went and bought two chocolate chip cookies, but I only ate one. When I met Andrew at work (we carpool) and told him I had a surprise and handed him a cookie, he loved it. It was silly, simple, and only cost $1. I think a simple gesture to show your spouse you were thinking of them during the day goes a long way (granted, I was thinking of me when I bought the cookies, but I was thinking of him when I decided against eating the second one, so it kind of counts, right?) He is better at surprises than I am and often comes home with cupcakes if I have had a bad day and will occasionally send flowers (I would rather buy them at the grocery store - so much cheaper- but every now and then I do appreciate a delivery). Another fun thing we do is surprise dinners. One of us will be blindfolded and the other will drive to a restaurant that is out of our regular rotation. It just adds a little bit of unpredictability to our date nights.

Surprise Christmas Tree he sent me this year - the tree is shockingly still alive

Another thing I try to do to keep our marriage interesting is to talk to my husband. We talk about our days at work, the conversations that we have with our parents, and big things in the news, but we also fall victim to sitting at dinner with nothing to say. Instead of knowing that we both just watched the same TV show, I try to ask him where he thinks it is going... why a character did what... things like that. I think Andrew has a really creative mind and he often sees things that I miss. While this doesn't work with a lot of shows, when Breaking Bad and shows like that are on, we really play off of each other on what could happen. It keeps our conversations light and easy for dinner, but still gives us plenty to say.

The last big thing I can think of that keeps Andrew and I going strong is laughing. We wrote our own wedding vows and both talked about how much we make one another laugh. I sing made-up songs while I do the dishes. He has a one-liner for every perceived idiot he encounters. We play off one another and laugh at our own inside jokes all the time. I think that a lot of couples say this, and I really hope that everyone else is lucky enough to have lots of laughter in their marriage.

Sometimes, love means trying to dance like Uma and John in Pulp Fiction (definitely one of our most public silly moments)

What about you? Any tips or tricks to share to keep any relationship going strong? And if you're stopping by from the link-up, I would love to read your tips!

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  1. I am loving those dancing pics!!

  2. These are such great little things y'all do! Love all of them! :)


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