Monday, April 29, 2013

my review of the austin360 amphitheater plus the rest of the weekend

It was a great weekend, and as has been the case lately, there was a lot going on!

Andrew and I took half days on Friday and headed to Austin around 2:00. We had planned to stay in the Omni because it was near the concert venue and I don't recommend it- it was just old and not very impressive. We went to Whip In for dinner, which is a convenience store/Indian restaurant. Andrew had sliders which were served wrapped in naan, and I had a panaani (love a good pun!) and we both loved it all. I definitely recommend for a quick meal!

Sliders, cokes, and panaani

The concert venue is adjacent to the Circuit of the Americas and is kind of in the middle of nowhere. The venue is like the Woodlands Pavilion (for all my Houston friends), but smaller. The lawn was tiny in comparison. There were tables on a balcony overlooking the venue so you could just watch the show from there if you could snag a seat. The lines for everything were short for the most part but I was disappointed that a vodka cocktail offered was nothing more than vodka mixed with ginger ale (ummm what?) There were special bathrooms for those with pit tickets, some normal bathrooms that were a walk away, and lots of porta potties for everyone in between (which, seriously? You build a brand new venue and don't spend the money on real bathrooms? I kind of don't get it...) Our seats were great and the concert was really good. I especially liked that the Lumineers asked people repeatedly to put away their phones and cameras and be in the moment. I only took a few photos.

View from just inside the gates - the stage is beneath the red tower | day view | night views

Saturday became BBQ Day! We got up and went to Once Over Coffee Bar for caffeine (yum) and then went to Franklin BBQ (I thought I blogged about this, but maybe not? Maybe tomorrow, for Taste of Tuesday...). The line there was longer than usual and I told Andrew I really didn't want to stand in it. What I did want to do was try Gordough's a donut place I have heard a ton about. So we did.

This Gordough's was in an airstream (not sure if they all are) | Mine (strawberry shortcake) | Andrew's (with sausage, egg, and jalapenos. On a donut. The donuts were the best part and next time I just want a plain one!)

After that I agreed to more BBQ. Andrew wanted to try Snow's, which is only open on Saturdays and is in a teeny town. The population was less than 2000.

I liked the brisket. Neither of us cared for the ribs.

Of course if we had Snow's, we had to also try Louie Mueller BBQ because we were "so close" (actually, we were about an hour away).

Historic Building near BBQ | Inside - cards browned with smoke | old-fashioned movie theatre | skylight with a tiny beam of sun going through | pork ribs, beef rib, brisket (I didn't love any of it but Andrew loved the beef rib)

While we were in line at Louie Mueller, we wanted to find a reason to stay in Austin for another night or drive to Dallas. There was nothing we wanted to do that we could get tickets for, so we stopped in Smithville to look in the shops for a little while, and then came home.

One of the many things I wanted to buy in Smithville.

Yesterday was a lazy morning with the Arrested Development marathon and then errands and the gym. Since I had eaten terribly for the past few days (just snacks and hunks of meat), I tried to do Week 1 Day 3 of Couch25K last night and felt awful. Lesson learned! Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. We love Austin! We could go once a month (if money grew on a tree, ha). We wanted donuts one morning and found Gordoughs, but we wanted normal donuts so we didn't eat there. I'm SO sad we didn't! I didn't know it was such a popular place! We are going there next time!

  2. Only in Texas can you say it's so close and still be an hour away! Other people just don't get it!

  3. Hi Lauren, I found your post because I am looking for information about austin360 amphitheater. My wife and I are flying out to Austin from San Francisco to catch the Mumford and Sons concert. I'm trying to find out if I have to drive into the venue. I'd rather not rent a car.

  4. Hi Mario, I hope you come back and see this. I would suggest renting a car or else taking a (likely very expensive) taxi. The venue is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It is adjacent to the Circuit of the Americas, if that helps. My husband and I are going to see Mumford and Sons that Sunday so it will hopefully be a great pair of shows!

  5. Thanks! Will have one day to check out Austin (on Sunday before the concert) as we arrive Saturday afternoon. We're going to both shows and looking forward to it. Since we'll now be renting a car do you have any suggestions about where to visit in Austin? We love the outdoors and also looking at shops.

  6. That is awesome! Bring lots of sunblock because the Texas sun is brutal. You can also bring one sealed bottle of water per person into the venue. In Austin, look into shopping on South Congress - it has an area of funky shops of all kinds. You can go to Zilker Park or Lady Bird Lake but I am warning you... it is h-o-t! Plan as much indoor stuff as you can! If you can get to Sixth Street after the concert, it is quite the experience! There are also some more "grown-up" places if you don't want to hang out with the college kids. In north Austin, there is a place called the Domain that is an open-air mall, but it has all the same stores you can find anywhere else. If you want any other info, please feel free to email me directly! My contact info is on my "follow along" page above.


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