Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend of nothing

Remember how I said I wanted to do nothing this weekend? Well, I did and I didn't.

Andrew and I carpooled on Friday, and he didn't have lunch, so he was starving. We went to Danton's for dinner. It's #85 on the list of top 100 restaurants in Houston and we had never been, so I think our hopes were maybe a little too high. It was alright. I would give it another shot, but no time soon. I had a salad and the chicken and sausage gumbo (I don't eat shellfish and wasn't feeling a huge salmon entree) and it was solid but a little forgettable.

A's oysters and my $5 happy hour wine

We went home, and let's be honest, I napped because I am a grandma. We had a groupon for the movies that was expiring, so we planned to see Admission at 10:50. WAY past my Granny bedtime. (FYI, I would also describe Admission as solid but a little forgettable). We went to Sweet at City Center for coffee pre-movie (mine was kind of syrupy but mostly okay) and a s'more macaron. I love anything s'more flavored, but I thought the marshmallow with the macaron texture was kind of gummy and strange. I think I will stick to a more traditional flavor next time. I also noticed that there were a TON of kids going to movies with start times of 10:30 and 11:00. Now, clearly I am not a parent, but these were early elementary aged kids. Is that normal?

Macaron tower at Sweer

Saturday was errands and relaxing at home - exactly what I wanted! For dinner we decided to go to Pollo Bravo. It's a Peruvian/Mexican place with a few locations and their primary thing is the roasted chicken. It's cheap and there's one in Katy so we go pretty often. It's not much in terms of ambiance, but dinner for two with two glasses of sangria for under $30 is a pretty good deal to me!

Our meal (we also had rice)

Good coffee has become my new thing. I am slowly rotting out my insides in the name of good, strong cup. Starbucks is my drug of choice most often, but even I get tired of their offerings. Andrew went on the hunt for somewhere new to try and discovered Tous les Jours. Never heard of it? Neither had we. It is inside Super H Mart (an Asian grocery store) on Blalock, about a mile north of I-10. It has a decently sized coffee menu and what looked like a ton of baked goods. There were only a few selections at 8 p.m. on a Saturday, so I will definitely have to go back earlier in the day. We tried a mocha cream bread that had a whipped mocha filling and it was amazing. My caramel macchiato was the perfect amount of sweetness so that you could still taste that it was made with quality espresso. They also had cakes, muffins, and breads. I highly recommend it and I can't wait to go back!

Yesterday I went shopping. I think that deserves a post all of its own. A vlog perhaps? Does anyone want to see a haul blog from a non-fashion blogger? We did end the weekend with spicy chocolate frozen custard from my favorite place, Ritter's, so that was a plus.

In the spirit of being real, I want to confess that since I sat and did nothing and then spent several hours at the mall this weekend, I came home at 6:00 last night and still had to do dishes, finish taxes, do laundry because I was out of clothes, iron, etc. Boring stuff that no one wants to read about that kept me up until 11:00 and now I can't wake up. Just being honest!

What about you? Try anything new? Eat a lot, like I appear to have? Linking up today...


  1. Uh yes, I want to see what you bought! I don't do vlogs tho, but I love seeing pictures! And yum, frozen custard? I need to find that place, I haven't had frozen custards in ages!!

    I need to tell my mom about Polla Bravo, she's Peruvian... I wonder if she's heard of it.

  2. Have you ever had one of Sweet's cupcakes?! They are my absolute favorite!

  3. I hate when I get excited for a restaurant and don't think it is as good as everyone else thinks it is, womp womp. Looks like a great weekend, though!

  4. That custard looks delicious! Is Ritter's in Katy?!


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