Friday, May 10, 2013

ain't no party like a scranton party...

... 'cause a Scranton party don't stoppppp!

I love The Office. Correction: I loved The Office. In my opinion, somewhere in season four it lost its way and has never returned to its previous glory (especially without Michael Scott). It is often referenced in my house and I watch "good" reruns whenever I find them on (Favorite episode: A tie between Casino Night and Diversity Day. JAM forever!) But, I am still mourning its loss. The finale will be tomorrow, May 16th.

If you're mourning like I will be, consider having a Scranton party to make yourself feel better. After Andrew and I got into the show, we decided to host a small season premiere viewing party a few years ago (though for various reasons, most people couldn't come and it ended up only being us and one other person. It was still fun). Here are some things we did that should have made Angela and the PPC (that's party planning committee, for those not in-the-know) proud:

- Put something in a jello mold
- Tell everyone you have a huge surprise for them, then throw an ice cream sandwich at them when they don't expect it
- Print Schrute Bucks (you can find tons online) and arbitrarily give them to your guests
- Serve "Big Tuna" sandwiches
- Your own Office Olympics. Flonkerton, anyone?
- If you play Office Olympics, you have to have medals made from yogurt lids
- Burn something and make a "Ryan started the fire" joke
- Giant jar of M&Ms, a la Kevin
- Recreate a Chili's recipe in honor of The Dundies (I made their skillet queso)
- Eat beets
- Tell people to draw names and bring presents for that person and then turn the exchange into Yankee Swap/White Elephant

After last night's episode, I am so grateful they at least referenced that teapot letter (even if we never know what it said) and my JAM love was reaffirmed. Found this and it made me happier than a collection of gifs should.

What's your favorite Office quote? Are you sad that it's over? Do you find yourself saying "that's what she said" far too often?

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  1. Ok can I just say first that I actually processed your blog name just now and I love it. Such a good name. :)

    I used to watch that show but always felt so uncomfortable for Michael. I did love Jim and Pam though. :)


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