Thursday, May 16, 2013

because I need to blog every day in may...

I wasn't going to blog today because I had nothing to say but the The Office finale happened and I wanted to write about it because, why not?

My dad told me about a silly little show called The Office. He basically reenacted the entire "Yankee Swap" episode for me in the car one day in the way that he likes to do. I ignored him, because I was in college and if my dad liked a show, then it definitely wasn't cool.

I kept hearing about it, though, so I caved in. The first episode I ever watched was the one where Michael lectures everyone on prison and calls himself Prison Mike and basically calls himself a dementor. A show with a Harry Potter reference? I'm in.

DVDs were bought and mass quantities of show were consumed. This was before Andrew and I lived together, so I got him on board. His sister learned to love the show too. It was our thing.

I remember rushing out to buy one of the DVD sets (I think season 4?) from Best Buy the day it came out because it had a faux Dundie and a Dwight bobblehead. I don't know, I guess it was the first show that I ever cared enough about to put any effort into. When the Target dollar bin had Office stuff, you better believe I stocked up (my mousepad at work is Dwight's poem about himself and I have a pad of "I heart Jim" paper. Dunder Mifflin forever).

Our wedding rehearsal invites started with a poem Andrew composed that said "She's the Lucy to his Ricky, he's the Pam to her Jim..." and I have already told you that I promised to love him like Pam loved Jim in our wedding vows. When we got Bauer, he was almost named Toby (Andrew wanted him to be a badass, not a wuss, though).

I guess the only point I want to make is - I will really miss this damn show. I know it's just a show, but when it was good, it was good. I didn't really realize how much I cared until I realized it was gone for good. Yes, the past few seasons have been bad and there have been many forgettable episodes, but when I see the shot of Pam falling asleep in the conference room and her head hitting Jim's shoulder, all is forgiven.

This is pretty spoilery, so if you don't want to know about the finale, stop reading now.

The final episode? It was perfect. I love that I didn't KNOW that Michael was returning. The way that they did it was perfect - it didn't take anything away from the other characters, but there was a "that's what she said" and you learned that Michael was happy. All of the characters' stories wrapped up, and isn't that what we wanted? I loved the casting of Joan Cusack as Erin's mom (perfection, if you ask me), loved that the Scranton Strangler question was finally answered, and love/hate that we still don't know what was in the teapot note. I loved Andy Bernard's rumination on never realizing that we are in the good old days - the only thing that would have made it better was a cameo by Here Comes Treble to sing about it. And the cat wedding gifts - loved that. And Kelly and Ryan together. Loved it all.

So, for a TV geek like me, it is bittersweet to say goodbye. The show will live on in reruns where I can choose to rewatch the good (SO MUCH GOOD!) and ignore the bad (ick, Robert California). Thanks for indulging me in a little more Office talk and letting me remind myself how much fun a silly show brought into my life the past few years.


  1. I'm not an Office fan but I watched a few of the early seasons and I had to tune in to parts of the end. They did a great job with the finale, it looks like!

  2. I stopped watching halfway through last season, but I did love the first few seasons. :) It's been a while since I've watched a rerun (we don't have cable) but I know they'll run for a long, long time and people will still tune in and laugh...kind of like Friends is now.


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