Friday, May 31, 2013

blog every day in may: admitting defeat

So, when I started blogging every day in May, I didn't think about how busy this month would be for me, work-wise. I could have posted some junk this week but I didn't want to. I am still at the stage where I know how many followers I have where, and my feelings get a tiny bit hurt when I see the numbers decrease and not increase. I don't want to write something that makes anyone go "Wow, she's boring..." so this was just a case where I chose to say nothing at all!

I HAVE been reading blogs though! I read on my iPad through bloglovin and sometimes, it is really persnickety with commenting - does anyone else have that problem? I haven't commented nearly as much as I would like to. I also feel a lag in "growing" my blog (ick, I hate that word). As much as I can say that I want to document all of this for me, it IS nice to have some people to you know... read what I write and interact with me. I am kind of in a lull. I guess I need to make time to find some new ladies to follow and see if they care enough to follow back. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!

I did get a few sweet emails from blog friends asking about graduation. We had an event on Friday night and then I needed to get ready to be out for a week. While I was at work at 7:30 pm, I realized that I hadn't gotten the graduation speaker's gift from the bookstore. We are a small school and it was already closed so I freaked out... I mean, this is something that I do for every graduation and this isn't one of those things I could get by with forgetting. Luckily the bookstore has to be at commencement and the manager is awesome and had me covered and was able to get me a frame the next morning. Crisis averted (and thank goodness for kind coworkers!)

Comicpalooza was also happening at the same place as our graduation. That means that amidst all the law school graduates and their families, there were storm troopers, avatars, and superheroes. My dean wasn't exactly thrilled with the professionalism that conveyed, so that was a whole big thing. I had to beg our police officers to play ushers to the crowd and they were not pleased. 

You know how in elementary school, you learn how to count? Well, apparently some people forget once they get their undergraduate degree, take their LSATs, and enter law school. We had student ushers who needed to count to 29 and then send people to the next row of chairs. Sounds easy, right? Well, we got to the final 20 graduates and were out of chairs. Cue panic. A bunch of staff members, our bagpipe player in his kilt, and an HPD officer created the world's most eclectic assembly line to get chairs back to the last row. Then, once the students sat down? There were at least 15 chairs on the right hand side that were empty because the counter counted wrong. I was so embarrassed - I mean, there were only 3000 people in the auditorium.

But other than those problems that hopefully most everyone will forget about, it was fine. I got great advice from someone leading up to the ceremony: "At the end of the day, it's just another day..." That was exactly what I needed to hear and great perspective! 

I am loving being off work and I'm planning on some shopping in the near future! As much as I am savoring this vacation, I will be glad to get back and get into a good workday routine - carpool with my husband, blog time in the morning, normal hours at work. I also like to go grab breakfast or coffee on carpool days - anyone have any good places to check out midtown or downtown?


  1. I also could not blog every day in May. Sheesh! It was a lot!
    Glad graduation turned out okay! I would've needed a lot of wine after that! :)

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  3. I hear you on it being sad to see the numbers go down. That's kind of why I didn't like blogging every day - the numbers would always go down on the weekend and while that makes sense (personally I avoid all things blogging on the weekends), it bummed me out.

    Hey meanwhile I was at Katy Mills this weekend and thought of you. And then while I was there, I went to a 24 Hours in Katy, I don't know which one you go to but this one had screwy treadmills, which were CRAZY fast!


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