Friday, May 10, 2013

blog every day in may: embarrassing moments

So far, I have blogged every weekday in May. I am pretty happy with that and loving meeting new bloggers through linking up every day. Today we're talking embarrassing moments, and this is one I thought of.

I'm not too embarrassed too easily. I fell down the stairs in 7th grade while wearing a skirt. I had to speak Spanish with my awful {non}accent to an auditorium full of people and felt like an idiot when I was done. But I want to blog about a more unique embarrassing situation.

While I was in College, I worked in radio for a few different radio shows. One was for a Houston-area personality who shares his name with a character from the show Cheers. I was 21 at the time, and this was when MySpace's popularity was at an all-time high, so I had a MySpace page and an AIM screen name that I used to connect with listeners. My "bit" during the show was giving love advice. It was supposed to be ironic. What does a 21 year old know about love?

So, I met my now-husband through the show's social media (catch up on that story here). We had been dating for a few months and every time I gave love advice, I would have to talk about our relationship. Now, here's something to know about me: I am kind of too much of an open book. I sometimes ignore societal norms and overshare. I kind of forgot at times on the show that a few hundred thousand people might be listening at any given time. Let's keep that in mind...

My now father-in-law worked as a contractor in many different countries before he retired. A few months into our relationship, he was in town for a visit. His flight arrived in Houston early in the morning, during show hours. (Can you see where this might be headed?)

I get called in to give my love advice and we do my regular status check on my current relationship. I was asked if we had said I love you yet.... and I responded that we had. I was asked who said it first... and I said that HE had... and then I went on to give my advice.

I went back to the production room and I had a text message from my now husband: "In the car with my dad. Thanks for sharing that. At least you'll have something to talk about with him when we have dinner tonight."

Oops... cue embarrassment! It turns out that his dad and sisters had all heard me call him out and say mushy stuff about him on the radio.

So, I  met his whole family that night. It was a little weird that they all already knew the status of our relationship before I even met them - I mean, you remember how weird it was to meet the parents, right? He made them pretend like it had never happened. But I know he was teased about it - baby brother had a girlfriend and he reallllly liked her!

Did you have an awkward or uncomfortable experience meeting the parents?

I'll be in DC this weekend - follow along on twitter or instagram {laurenm10} so I don't get lonely!


  1. Aww haha yeah I would say that is slightly embarrassing lol = ) have a great weekend girl!

  2. That's a cool job to have btw! And ha, yeah I could see how that could be embarrassing.. I feel like it could be worse tho!

  3. Lol! At least it wasn't something super private or personal, right?

  4. Too funny! I over share when I meet parents because I get embarrassed and can't stop taking about nonsense!

  5. Aww! I'm sure you were embarrassed but that could have been WAY worse! I thought for sure this was going to take an awkward sexual turn! So glad it didn't!! :)


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