Wednesday, May 1, 2013

blog every day in may: me, in 250 or less

I already had a post planned for today but then I saw on Twitter that Michelle and Whitney are doing the Blog Every Day in May Challenge and I love me a good challenge (plus blog content is hard to come up with sometimes), so I thought I would join in!

I may not always stay on prompt because there may be other things I want to talk about, but I love this idea. Today's topic is me in 250 words or less. Most of this you already know, but there is one tidbit you don't:

I was born early Halloween morning in the mid-80’s in Houston, Texas and have never lived anywhere else. I am biologically an only child but I have two sets of parents and a step-sister with two daughters who I adore. I grew up always wanting to be the center of attention, evolved into a bit of a wallflower, and now have found my place somewhere between. Stayed in Houston for college so I could work in radio, learned radio was too shaky of an industry for me, but met my husband through that whole experience so I would call it a win. I’ve also been an English tutor, marketing coordinator, and retail sales manager. I love working with tweens and teens and did teacher training but realized that I was not so good at being politically correct. My husband and I had a long engagement, a largely DIY wedding, and after the fact I got a job planning events. I love to talk about nothing in particular and share my opinion. I’m often too honest but I do it with the best of intentions. I love doing things in and around Houston but I also love to be at home in front of the TV with my husband and our cat and dog. Oh, and if you’re new here, our hobby is food, so I will always chime in if someone talks about something that looks delicious!

So, that's what you need to know. If you are stopping by from the link-up, please say hi and leave a link to your story. I love discovering new blogs!


  1. Hi Lauren! Found you through the link up.. We sound veeery similar! I have a degree in education but was a little too.. uh.. honest to be a teacher.. haha. I'd love to hear more about your job! I'm trying to get back into the NPO world after working at a university for a few years.

  2. oooh blog challenges. that was very descriptive for only 250 words. i just picked back up on the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge. good luck!!!

  3. Great story! I'm following you on Bloglovin' now! :)


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