Thursday, May 9, 2013

blog every day in may: a moment in your day

I hate to be a cat blogger (is that a thing?), but I think one of my favorite moments that I get to experience nearly every day involves my sweet cat Bauer.

I could write a novel on my large grey and white striped baby, but suffice it to say that he rules our house. He is not a lap cat at all, and we are constantly subject to his whims, whatever they may be. When he wants to be affectionate, I soak it up.

I normally get home before Andrew. Bauer is in the entry way when I get there, meowing his hello. He barely lets me put my bag down before he is racing me to our bedroom. I open the door and he leaps on the bed while I try to find a shirt to change into. As soon as I do, I lay down and he promptly starts purring, climbs on my stomach, and nuzzles his little face under my chin.

Does he love me, or is he trying to smother me?

He then prances around the bed drooling with happiness (which is why I change shirts before this gets started), kneading all of the blankets in his path. Most days, Andrew gets home a few minutes after me. When Bauer hears him, he goes to the other side of the bed and waits for Andrew to lay down so he can walk back and forth between us, nuzzling our hands and getting all the affection he wants. I call it our family time. It only lasts for a few minutes, but we go over our day and tell our cat how precious he is (okay, that's mostly me). When he jumps off the bed, we are free to continue with our evening, as if this bout of sweetness never happened...

And then it happens again, the next afternoon.

What's the best moment from your day? Any other crazy cat ladies out there?


  1. Aww he loves you!!

  2. There's nothing like kitty love! I have to resist the urge to write about my cats all the time. My posts would be all "my cat is so cute trying to get the laser pointer" or "my cat is so funny when he tries to get his tail" I totally understand where you're coming from!

  3. Oh, I'm definitely riding a fine line before I become a full-on cat blogger! And this is the sweetest thing ever!! Our cats have a pretty similar routine when we get home...say hello at the door, race to the bedroom, jump on the bed for pettings. But there is not nearly as much snuggling (or drooling..). But our cat Zoe definitely has her snuggly moments and then she acts like they never happened.

  4. What a sweet kitty!
    I resist posting about my kitties also, but they are pretty awesome!
    Our girls drools like yours does and they both nuzzle us with their heads and need lots of attention when we get home. :)

  5. Uh, I may be a crazy cat lady too. I think there is nothing sweeter than coming home to my sweet Bay, getting headbutts and snuggles and curling up with a purring kitten when you're not feeling 100%. :)

  6. There is nothing like the love from a pet.

  7. That's such a loving cat you've got there! It's the first time I'm hearing of a cat drooling with happiness! Animal love is the best, isn't it :)


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