Wednesday, May 8, 2013

blog every day in may: a piece of advice

Wow, a piece of advice. That's a tough one. Like most of the people I know, I am still trying to figure it all out myself. I could go all deep on you, but I think I am going to take the opposite approach.

My advice: Don't try to shove a couch (or any other piece of furniture) through a doorway that's too small.

Spring 2010. My father-in-law's company sent him to NYC, where he's from, to work on building the World Trade Center. As things in business do, the contract was sold to another company, but he had all this brand new house stuff and another project (in another country) to go work on. So, he sent all of the furniture to us.

We have a three bedroom house. I wanted to turn one of the bedrooms into a game room. Put our old couch in it, put the Wii in there... it sounded like a great idea.

I was working retail at the time, and Andrew was home before me, so he pushed the couch into the hall. He called me and the conversation went like this:

A: So, the couch doesn't fit in the room. The doorway isn't tall enough.
L: Tilt the couch. It will fit. It's squishy.
A: No, I really don't think it will fit. The couch is x inches long and the doorway is x-2 inches tall.
L: We'll make it fit. We can do it when I get home. I know how to make it work.

So I get home and we push the couch into the narrow hall that leads to the rest of our house. The side of the couch is on the floor. Can you picture it?

 Does this help? Don't be jealous of my awesome art skills.

 I get in the room and tell Andrew to tilt the couch in so that the part that is on top goes through the top of the doorway. The hallway is too narrow for the entire frame to fit through the doorway.

We tried a million things to make it fit. I got under it and pushed the underside as hard as I could. We removed the doors on the hall closet and the shelves inside so that we had more room to make the angle we needed. We removed the door to the bedroom to see if that would help. Nothing.

All of our attempts and stuggles got the couch stuck - wedged diagonally between the door frame and the inside of the closet wall. It wouldn't budge an inch in either direction. To get from our living room to our bedroom, you had to crawl under the couch blocking our path. It was not okay.

Perhaps this better helps to explain...

We probably spent a few hours on this. I was so convinced that we were going to make it fit that my sweet husband went along with my crazy! It was 11pm by the time we felt hopeless.

L: So, what do we do?
A: I think we need to break it.
L: What? No, it's a perfectly good couch, we can't!
A: No choice.

So he jumped on the couch (I think a sledgehammer was involved) and found a way to break the frame so it would be free. I couldn't watch. It was the first piece of furniture we picked out together, for us! The next day, he used a saw to hack it into pieces and put it in big trashbags so the neighbors couldn't see how dumb we were.

(If it makes you feel better, this was a cheap couch, and while it didn't need to be retired, it wasn't the biggest loss ever suffered.)

Now, if my husband tells me that something won't fit, I listen. Lesson learned.

Oh, and silver lining? My cat loved to sit on the arm of the couch while we were watching TV. It was in its own compartment and we were able to cut it free from the couch and it had it's own stuffing and everything. It sits in our room and he sleeps on it every night. I call it the world's most expensive cat bed :)

Bauer, on his spot, salvaged from our former couch.

Anyone else's stubbornness cause them to ruin a perfectly good piece of furniture?


  1. HAHAHAHA! This made me laugh. I've had those moments where I thought it would fit too. But I've never had to dismantle a couch. What a great story!

  2. Oh geez! We had a similar experience with a big sectional couch, trying to get it into my parents bedroom at their brand new house. We didn't get it stuck, but we did manage to bang a hole in the wall somehow and scratch up all the paint on the wall. We eventually gave up and then had to fix all the damage we had caused. :/ PS-- we would TOTALLY save a part of the couch for our cats! Cat people do the craziest things! ;) haha!

  3. haha I had the same problem when we moved into our new home

  4. "the world's most expensive cat bed :)" - very funny.

    I think we're going to have the reverse problem. We have a big sofa that is effectively now trapped in a room since we have renovated the room next to it. As long as we don't move house, we're OK!

  5. Oh my goodness!! I wold be one to tell my husband to "make it work! You can make that thing fit!!" ha ha! I will definitely remember this next time we buy furniture!

  6. hahaha! My favorite part is that he sawed it in pieces and put it in garbage bags so no one would know! I haven't done that, but I did buy new furniture when I moved into my current apartment, which is upstairs, and the delivery guy and I similarly ended up having to give up on getting that couch from the hallway into the stairway (not enough room) and I had to pick out a different couch :/.

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