Monday, May 13, 2013

blog every day in may: something missed

I'm in Washington, DC today, y'all! Follow along on twitter and instagram and I will post a full recap when I get home and settled!

Yesterday's prompt was to write about something I miss, but since I'm a rebel, I have prepared it for  today.

I think I have already said that I always knew I wanted to be a wife. Since I wanted to be a wife, I most definitely always wanted a wedding. I didn't have binders or a premature wedding magazine subscription, though. I actually had no concrete plans for what my wedding should be like.

I got engaged in December and planned to get married in June a year and a half later. That gave me 17 months to wedding plan! This was in the time before Pinterest, but I still had magazines, blogs, and wedding shows for inspiration. My husband was so great through it all - if I wanted something and we could make it happen, he was completely game.

 Why yes, I did insist on printing menu cards, place cards, and hand stamping mini boxes that held truffles, as well as printing the vellum surrounding the candles. And I loved every minute! (The green tablecloth was not this loud in person)

Those tile and scrapbook paper coasters all over Pinterest? We cut paper, modpodged, and cut the backing for hundreds of them. When the ink ran on the personalized ones we had to have, Andrew risked his lungs to seal the printer ink to make them come out perfectly.

We chose invitations, printed menus and programs, embossed envelopes, played with seating charts, and toured twelve different venues, all together. Every decision was made with the other in mind, so that we could have one perfect day.

In addition to working together, I think the anticipation of all of the hard work paying off made wedding planning sweet.What I am basically trying to say is - I miss planning for my wedding. All of it. Working together and seeing the final result. Wondering how it would all come together. Knowing there were presents at the end of the journey. All of it.

A photobooth wasn't enough - I needed to stamp the envelopes so our guests could take them home without smudging them.

So, if you are currently engaged (or not there yet), all I can say is, when it's your time - enjoy it. Nothing else compares. Yes the marriage is more important than the wedding, but it's a life stage you can't get back. And if you need a little help, I'm here for you. I think I still have a stack of wedding magazines buried somewhere. You know, in case we ever need to renew our vows...


  1. Oh my goodness, everything looks so fantastic. Wow, you spent so much time on everything, I'm in awe. When I get married, I'm hiring you to plan out the details - my mind doesn't work like that!

  2. This is such good advice! Some people do get lost in all the wedding details, but I am so glad our wedding was just the way I wanted it to be. It's perfect and I love looking back on all the pictures/video. :)

  3. haha! I was so opposite! Everything we did was really laid back and simple. I'm glad it was the days before Pinterest because I didn't have crazy expectations to live up to, even though there are some really cute ideas out there now that I probably would have liked to do if I had known about them. But we DID make all our decisions together, and I completely agree with you that it is such a fun time. I missed it when it was over too. Excited to be celebrating our 4-year anniversary this month though. :)


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