Friday, May 3, 2013

blog every day in may: something that makes me uncomfortable

I have a confession to make, and it might not make me too cool in the blogging world.

I'm not a hugger.

It feels wrong to admit - but really, it's not you, it's me.

I don't like that you might touch my stomach. I don't like the awkwardness of smooshed chest regions. I always panic momentarily that I forgot deodorant that day. Will my bracelet get stuck in your hair? How long should this hug last? Was that too long? Side hug or full body? Is it weird that I am a natural patter?

These are the strange, anxiety-inducing things that go through my mind when hugging someone "new."

(For the record, I am okay with hugging my husband and family. It's just new friends, work colleagues, and the like that get me over thinking).

So, if I am put in an awkward hugging situation, I will probably stick my hand out to shake. Or hold you at arm's length. It just happens because I am abnormal, apparently.

I feel like this makes me seem anti-social; I don't think I am. I just need a few meetings before we are hugging buddies.... so can we fist bump instead?

Other things that make me uncomfortable:
Men in tight shorts
Being given the once-over (you know, that up and down "who are you wearing?" look)
Couples who fight in public
Excessive PDA (one's tongue should be in one's own mouth in public, right?)
Women with lipstick on their teeth

Are you a hugger? What makes you uncomfortable?

A Bauer picture, because I haven't posted enough this week.


  1. I.. am not a hugger when I don't know people. Maybe that's kind of like you. I don't mind hugging friends I've had for years, and of course family and friends.

    And my kindergarteners. Even the ones that are now in 3rd grade and still come up and give me hugs. Or rather, especially them. :)

  2. I love this post! I am definitely not a hugger. I have never been. I don't even hug my family that much. I'm probably a horrible person for saying that but it's true. I have gotten much better as I've gotten older. I realized that most of society hugs so I do it out of necessity. It's good to know I'm not alone in the no-hugging world :)

  3. Love this. I know someone who is the exact same way but she's really funny about it, she will be like "Um, I don't hug". stopping by from the linkup.

  4. I'm not a hugged either, I totally should have put that on my list! I don't ever know how to do it right, same thing with high fives: awkward.

  5. I am NOT a hugger! And I feel like most church people are. So when we go to our small group meetings every week it's like ugh, I have to hug all these people. And they are like super excited about hugging. They do the tight squeeze hugs. Don't get me wrong, I love these people. They are my good friends. But no hugging, please.

    What's worse to me is kissing. I have no problem kissing my husband, but that's IT. I do NOT want to kiss or be kissed by any other person. My husband's family are big kissers. He kisses his mom AND dad ON THE LIPS! I mean, just a quick peck to say hello when we are visiting. But it grosses me out SO much! Thankfully they don't try to kiss me...but both his grandmothers are always laying one on me! ICK!

  6. This made me laugh. Hugging is pretty awkward. Especially when the other person is squeezing me and seems like they're never going to let go, that's weird.

  7. I think a lot of people find it awkward. I do like hugging. I used to work at a summer camp where we would all hug each other a lot, and it felt like everyone became like a brother/sister to me because of it. (that probably sounds weird), but I miss that. :)
    also, I agree that it makes me feel so uncomfortable to be given a once-over.

  8. Hahah! I love it! I totally understand where you are coming from. When people want a hug I try to just go with it, but it's often rather awkward for all the reasons you just named! I don't mind hugging when it's in a situation that warrants a hug; long lost friends, a dear loved one, grandma, etc...

  9. hmmmm did I hug you at the last meetup? I am a hugger so I might have! Sorry! I hope I didn't make you feel weird!

  10. Love this because I am exactly the same. Hugs are fine for family, husband, etc. I like real hugs, not the fake, this is awkward, why are we hugging hug, so I avoid it at all costs.


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