Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the airborne toxic event, take two

A little over a month ago, Andrew and I had free tickets to see the Airborne Toxic Event, one of his favorite bands. Catch up on that here.

They were scheduled to come back to Houston on April 29th and play at the House of Blues, which is right next to my office, so we thought we might go. Somehow, last weekend, we decided for sure that we needed to go. The last show was a lot of fun, after all.

Andrew came downtown and we went to dinner at a new place called Batanaga - it's a tapas place, but apparently more Argentinian than Spanish. It was delicious!

The outside and patio of Batanga | sangria | my punch from OKRA

After that we had a drink at OKRA since it is right next door. If you haven't been to OKRA, brave downtown and check it out. I love it so much that I will gladly go with you!

Then it was concert time. We just got general admission tickets, didn't show up until about ten minutes after the doors opened, but were still in the second row of people from the stage. The crowd was really diverse - there were a lot of college kids, many people in their 20s and 30s, and a few parents supervising their kids.

After the opening act (Kodaline - they're Irish and I think I liked them), Airborne came on the stage. To me, it was pretty much the same set list that we saw a few weeks ago, but Andrew swears it was different. I knew a few songs weren't played back in March, but it was the same to me :) Still a fun time though.

I tried not to take a million pictures

But the singer was hanging on the scaffolding right above my head so I had to take this...

There was one drunk superfan next to us who kept flailing and spilling her beer as she danced. It was awkward. I never want to be that girl.

Overall, it was fun. I know Andrew really liked it and there are worse ways to spend a Monday. I paid for it at work on Tuesday, but it's fun to be irresponsible every once in a while!

Are there any artists you have seen in concert more than once? Have you been to any good bars lately?


  1. Glad you had fun, it looks like you were really close! I haven't seen an artist more than once but I'd love to see Coldplay or Foster the People again. They were both amazing concerts.

  2. I've sadly been that drunk dancing girl spilling beer. Never again! I've seen Hanson a bunch of times, Radiohead twice and Interpol 3 times. And a few local bands here and there. I would totally go again if I had the chance.

  3. I've seen Spoon 3 times. Once at Warehouse Live and twice at House of Blues. I've seen Marc Broussard twice at the Meridian and once at House of Blues. Yay for $15-25 concerts!

  4. We have a tapas restaurant here called La Bodega. It sounds like it's very similar to Batanaga. I always get sangria there when I go. :)

    I've seen Jason Mraz twice: once on a college campus (not mine) and once at Starlight with David. Starlight is an outdoor theater venue. We both thought it was one of (if not the best) concert we've been to. I've also seen Lady Gaga in concert twice. The first time was WAY better than her second show.

  5. I've seen New Kids on the Block 5 times! Twice when I was a kid in the '90's and three times as an adult, and I'll be adding another show of theirs in June! (there are other bands I've seen multiple times, but not as many as NKOTB)


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