Thursday, May 23, 2013

thursday bullet points!

My husband texted me this morning asking where today's blog post was. I told him there wasn't one but he reminded me about my commitment to blog every day in May so I have to come up with something. Since it's 9:00pm and I have had two glasses of wine and a tiny dinner, how about some bullet points?

  • Graduation is this weekend. It is Sure, it's the same thing over and over, but did you know I have a vendor for electricity? Yup... they called me this year and wanted to know where to place the outlets. I told them in the same place they had them last year, but they don't seem to have that on record. Awesome. Thank goodness we are having a walk-through tomorrow. Next time you are at any kind of big event, stop and think about all the preparation that went into it, kay?
  • I hate to be in front of a crowd. I blush at the slightest piece of recognition. Tomorrow we are having an event with General Suter, the longest serving clerk of the US Supreme Court (he is our commencement speaker on Saturday). He has generously offered to do an informal chat with us, and I have to go through the audience and collect questions and give them to my Dean. In front of a room full of people. I am nervous. I hope I at least have something cute to wear. And that I don't trip in the Banana Republic wedges that I had to order online that are far too tall for me that I will end up wearing because let's be honest, I love them.
  • One of my deans sent an invite to the aforementioned event to the entire faculty and encouraged them to bring their family and friends. I underestimated attendance (and catering) for this event because it's technically the start of the holiday weekend. Let's all cross our fingers that I don't have a ton of people attending, kay?
  • What makes you stick around a blog? What makes a writer interesting? This is plaguing me lately. I try to have a voice and then I try to get to the damn point and I get stuck somewhere in between, never really sounding like myself... because "myself" uses way too many words.
  • Sometimes I get on and I can't look away. I waste tons of time there.
  • Who else watches Nashville? I love it. Just watched the finale.
  • Is it sad that I would rather waste time on twitter and blogs of people I have only met a time or two (or not at all) than facebook, hearing about the people I know in real life? I'm just kind of over it. Twitter is what keeps me interested (says the girl who feels twitter is so narcissistic that she won't share hers with others).
Okay, seriously, that's enough. I have half a bottle of wine to finish. Let's see how long I keep this post posted. It is just what's on my mind now... And now you have learned that if you ever want to get good info out of me, just give me a few glasses of wine... 


  1. Writing while under the influence...I love it! lol
    Maybe I missed this but I have heard/read you mention about your school, deans, etc. Where do you work?

  2. We should drink wine together! I hate recognition and being in front of a crowd also. Hope graduation goes super!


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