Monday, June 24, 2013

Dosants are not Cronuts

If the words in the title of this post mean nothing to you, don't worry, I'll explain!

I was really looking forward to this weekend. Sadly, there was lots of work to be done so it really wasn't one of my favorites of the recent past. But, my husband gave me a pep talk to remind me WHY we were doing chores and not having fun and that helped me be less bummed about it. A little.

The highlight of Friday? Drinking wine and watching Friends.

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On Saturday, my crazy husband got up at 4 a.m. to smoke a brisket. It was done around 5 p.m. and it was pretty delicious for his first one. In between checking the fire, we cleaned out the garage and found tons of his old family photos. I have quite the project ahead of me in sorting, organizing, and getting all of these photos in albums, but the really cute pictures of Baby Andrew make it worth it!

This was also consumed this weekend - canned sparkling Moscato. It was pretty good for $3.50 a can!

Have you heard of cronuts? They are a croissant - donut hybrid developed by a pastry chef in NYC and they are apparently insanely good. People line up for hours to get one. They are $5 each and you can only get two per person. The chef has trademarked the name "cronut" because he clearly knows that he has a great idea. Anyway, being the food-loving person that I am, I heard about these about a month ago and of course wanted to try one, but I have no plans to go to NYC until December. Last week I heard that a place in Pearland called Pena's Donut Heaven made their own version of the cronut, called a dosant (the "sant" is pronounced like the end of "croissant") so OF COURSE I wanted to try it. (Those of you not in Houston - I live in Katy, a suburb of Houston about 30 miles west of downtown. Pearland is another suburb about 10 miles southeast of downtown - much closer than NYC!)

So Andrew woke me up at 7 a.m. on Sunday so we could see if they were worth the hype. I was pretty excited - the Houston food press said these were pretty good. We drove out there and there was surprisingly no line at the shop. This place makes four flavors - cream cheese, strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. There is a two per person limit, so we got one of each flavor, a boudin kolache, and a pair of lattes (non-Texans may not know what kolaches are either. They are pretty much the best breakfast food ever. Meat + cheese enclosed in soft bread. There are also fruit kolaches which are completely different. Happy to educate you if you want to know more.)

So we get our lattes and they were both really good. I noticed that the dosant icing was a little - bright? But I ignored it. I tried to the cream cheese first and Andrew had the raspberry. The cream cheese flavor inside the dossant was like cream cheese mixed with cupcake frosting - too sugary sweet. The pastry was layered like a croissant would be, but each layer was thick and chewy and not light and fluffy. The pastries were fried and then covered in more sugar. It was a sickly sweet, dense mess.

See how neon the icing was? At least the coffee was good!

I hoped that the fruit flavors would add a lightness to the taste, but... no. The raspberry was the most tolerable of the three fruity ones, but that might just be because my palate was tired of sugar by the time I tried the other two. While I wanted real raspberry flavor, I got the faux raspberry taste found in kool-aid. The blueberry was the worst of the bunch. I could barely finish the bite I took and said it was like a pop-tart. The strawberry was the last I sampled and the filling resembled overly sweet strawberry flavored cream cheese. All of the dosants were a total mess. I was bummed that we had driven that far and that these supposedly amazing creations were pretty much awful!

(Andrew really liked the kolache, though, for what that's worth. But not enough to need to go back.)

I spent the rest of Sunday running errands and cleaning out closets. Gotta get the house ready to try to sell! Hope you had a great weekend! Linking up...

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  1. I love Moscato :) I'll have to try that canned version if I can find it. Your husband is awesome for getting up so early to cook! That stinks the dossants weren't worth the hype. I guess that just means you'll have to go to NYC now... darn! ;)

  2. oh wow! Those pastries look amazing!!

  3. Oh that's a bummer... my best friend lives in Pearland and I was all set to stop by that place the next time I visited her. But now... meh. :p

  4. Sorry the dossant was the suck.

    I love that cute little moscato pan.

  5. Ew. I don't think I'll be trying cronuts/dossants anytime soon. I had regular, 'ol plain Krispy Kreme donuts Saturday morning. They were delicious (and free! because we had a block party meeting). Oh kolaches... David still loves those things. We have a Kolache Factory up here, but don't go very often at all.

  6. friends is my favorite show ever!!!!!

  7. Mmm moscato and kolaches in one weekend! :) bummer the dossant wasn't what it should have been. :(
    My brother wakes up early to smoke meat too and I think it's so cute!

  8. While I love having a house, I feel like every weekend we are doing some work on it and can't relax!

    At least the coffee was good! I am very over fake sugar taste as well. At least you can say you tried a cronut.


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