Thursday, June 20, 2013

growing into it

You know how there are things that you hate with a passion the first time you see them, and no matter what, they are not okay? Like dirty Brad Pitt or watermelon Oreos? I have a lot of things like that...

This looks awful to someone else too, right?

And then there are things that you start off thinking you hate, but somehow, things change and you start to like them. Like coffee. I thought it was gross and strong until I was thirteen and my dad bought me a frappucino. Thanks, Dad. You're the reason for my Gold Card status at Starbucks.

And then there are amazing things that you love right away, that no matter what anyone says, they just don't ever get old or go out of style in your book. I think ruffles are in this category for me. Fashion bloggers, are they still cool? Whatever, I don't care, I still love em.

Tiny aspects in my life have me thinking about this a lot lately, so I present to you a small list of things I can't stand, learned to love, and will always love.

Ugh can't stand it, make it go away:
+ Comedy Central... I just don't get anything on there. Except Jon Stewart. He is probably great but politics and bedtime don't mix. He's exempt from this statement.
+ The Real Housewives of Anywhere. You can take away my application to the Blog Land Cool Kids Club for this. I just don't get them. I watched the OC and NY in the early (Bethenny) years but just didn't care to keep up. They yell a lot.
+ Jeans with zippers on the ankles. Can those stay back in 1988 when my preschool self had a pretty awesome acid-washed pair?

The jury's still out, but I think I might like:
+ Broccoli and brussels sprouts. The past two times I've had them (here and here) I surprisingly didn't die and actually ate them voluntarily. A sign of growing up, perhaps?
+ Oatmeal. I thought I hated it for the past twenty-something years but this week I decided to try it again and whaddaya know? It's pretty good.
+ Zumba. After I thought I hated it I didn't want to go back, but last night after spending literally three minutes on the elliptical and wanting to leave the gym (seriously), I thought I needed to get in to a class and force myself to stay for the hour. I won't say I enjoyed it completely but it was definitely better than last time!

(PS - who is shocked at the healthiness on this list? I am! Don't worry, junk food is a-comin!)

via | via | via - Zumba nails are a little too much and not something you will ever see me do!

Worth every penny I've spent loving it:
+ Burt's Bees. If you have avoided this bandwagon, get thee to Target and spend $3.50 for some chapstick.
+ Creamy Dreamy Truffle Ice Cream from The Chocolate Bar. Andrew and I were just talking about this and it's on my mind (and he did tell me to blog about it, so there it is).
+ Sharpie pens. Can we discuss my addiction? They are kind of expensive for pens but I have them in about eight colors and I guard them so no one steals them from my desk. They're perfect.

So, my point (see, I have one. There's always a Method to my Madness. Thus, the blog name. I know it rarely ties in to anything) is that we're always changing. People change. Don't be too afraid to try something new (unless your husband wants you to eat pig ears or something weird. Be afraid of that). I take pride in how stubborn I can be, but learning that I like oatmeal? Seriously, it changed my week. It's the little things, like increased breakfast variety, ya know?

What's on your love/learned to love/will never love list?


  1. I'm a total sharpie addict too! Have tons on my desk as we speak!

  2. Um, next time you go to the Chocolate Bar, take me with you - I need to try that ice cream!! Mmmm. Oatmeal - go to and make your own. It'll change your life lol! And yeah, I'm not a fan of Real Housewives anything. My TiVo helpfully recorded an episode because it thought I might like it. Uh big fat no, delete!

  3. Sharpie pens are the ultimate.

    Brussels sprouts are my favorite cooked vegetable.

  4. burt and i will be bff's for life!

  5. HAHAHA I love this list :) I have loved broccoli and brussels sprouts since I was little. I still do but I can't eat them :( Sad day. And yes, those watermelon oreos look like they should have never even been thought of let alone produced!

  6. I can't admit those oreos look bad because I LOVE me some oreos... any shape, flavor or color! Never tried zumba though... but I bet you'd love the socks I'm giving away for Zumba!

    Come enter my giveaway for a pair of PowerSox! Our Journey

  7. I kept nodding my head at all of these things! Are we related?!
    Thumbs down on the Oreos and the real housewives.
    I got on an oatmeal kick for a year a while back and need to get back on it!
    Did you know the Burt's Bees headquarters is in Durham? I took a pic of it yesterday. I shall post it for you. :)

  8. I love the tie in to your blog name at the end! I'm a nerd about things like that :) just a few thoughts: watermelon Oreos=gross! Oatmeal is the best "flat belly" food. You should totally do Zumba nails and show them off in class!

  9. I think we have a sharpie in every room of the house! It's funny how when we grow older our tastes and preferences sometimes change. I never thought I would like peas... but now I love em! Also like you, it's the same with coffee :)


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