Thursday, June 27, 2013

Influenster VoxBox Spring 2013 Reviews

I shamelessly asked on twitter if anyone had an extra invite to become an Influenster. One retweet by them and about twenty offers later, I was part of the club.

I must admit, I don't really get how the badges and stuff work. But I do like free stuff and I do like telling you what I think so here we are.

(If you didn't know, Influenster is a company that basically sends you free stuff to review via social media. You sign up, tell them your interests, and then do different things to earn badges and such).

So, let's get to the freebies cool products, shall we?

TastyKakes S'more Kandy Bar Cake - I love anything with s'mores in the title, so it was like Influenster knew me. My box actually came while I was in DC and Andrew almost ate this without me. We shared it (half the calories, yay! Because these are definitely a treat...) and neither of us loved it. There wasn't enough marshmallow and the cake, which was graham-flavored, was a little strange-tasting. I will say that when TastyKakes began to get more popular in Texas (last spring?), Andrew and I went on a huge kick with them and liked them a lot. Then I looked at the nutrition info and needed to back way off. So, TastyKakes are yummy, but this flavor wasn't for me.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant/Deodorant - Icky Confession: I feel like I need the prescription-strength deodorant, so that is all I have bought for several years. Hot temps + stressful job = extra protection all the time! However, I was really impressed by this. I have not tried it on a busy outdoors day, but I have worn it to the gym and at work on an event day and it didn't let me down! Plus, it really is clear, which is great for sleeveless tops and dresses.

(The photo of the wrapper of the cake wasn't very cute and I keep forgetting to take a pic of the deodorant!)

Now the make-up... coming from someone who barely wears it, take this for what you will...

Broadway Nails imPress Press-On Manicure - I haven't worn fake nails since I got play ones as a kid. I am a short nail girl all the way. I got some that were a solid purpley color. I thought they were really easy to apply and the nailbed sizes worked really well for my hands (which I think are relatively small). I liked that the kit came with so many sizes. However, for me, they were a bit long. I felt like they were too much, but I mostly attribute that to them being out of my comfort zone. I wore them to dinner (Mexican food), so I was using my hands, then I washed some dishes and took a shower when I got home. I noticed they seemed a little loose in the shower and if I wanted to, I could have pulled them off. However, I didn't and they seemed to re-set when I was fully dry. I took them off the next morning and they were really easy to remove and didn't make my nails feel weak or anything. I would consider getting them again for a special occasion or if I want long nails without an expensive manicure!

In package

Obligatory nail shot

NYC New York Color Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm - This was like LipSmackers for adults. It "tastes" very sweet, which is sometimes good but sometimes weird. I liked the light color; it was perfect for a low make-up weekend trip to the grocery store. It didn't have the best staying power, but I liked keeping it in my purse for days that I need a little something besides bare lips. Plus, NYC make-up is always so cheap, this is definitely worth the money!

Since I've been getting up early to carpool, I've been doing my make-up in the car in the mornings. Even in this crappy pic, though I think you can see the difference.

And finally... my favorite...

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Dust It - When I got this, I had no idea what it was. Basically, it's a white powder. You dump some in your hair, rub it through, and BOOM, instant body. This was great on my second day hair or in a ponytail for a little oomph. It added great texture and I have already encouraged my coworkers to get it. It's a little more than what I normally spend on products, but I think it's worth it!

Before and After. Covered my face because it was 5:45 a.m and there was no make-up and awful light and I just didn't want that on the internet. But see the lift and the body it adds? I pretty much love it.

So have I convinced you? These products were pretty awesome on the whole and I really liked the program!

I received these products for free in order to review them, but all opinions are my own!


  1. Wow that hair stuff looks great! And I kinda want that lip balm. And the s'mores stuff... I'd heard of it before, I think...

  2. Love free stuff too. I need to sign up!

  3. Woooo free stuff! I got the February Vox Box and really liked it! I'm diggin' the hair product...that may be something I need for day 2 (or 3 or 4) hair ;)

  4. big fan of the OSiS Dust It !

  5. We had the same box! I had never heard of the dust it powder before either... it was alright but I'm probably not going to keep using it.

  6. I'm glad you explained what it was because I had no idea!
    The hair stuff looks good on ya!

  7. I just love Influenster :)
    That hair product looks awesome! I'll definitely have to look for it next time I'm at the store.

  8. What a great tip-influenster! And I agree with the hair powder, it really makes a difference :) I wanna get some now!

  9. I am obbbsesseeed with Influenster!!!! I love the hair product (never heard of it but I am always looking for new products - i'm such a sucker for them!)


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