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on becoming a football fan

Normally I love listing five things on Fridays, but I got the low-key week I asked for last week (yay!) so I don't really have many fun tidbits today. Luckily, blog land is ripe with link-ups so I thought I would try one that's new to me: Fan Friday.

Venus Trapped in Mars

I grew up completely disinterested in sports. I remember getting in trouble in 7th grade PE because I refused to learn the rules of football. I made it through two years of high school band and football games never understanding a minute of the game.

So wouldn't you know, I fell in love with a sports nut?

My husband jokes that it's convenient that we started dating the week of the Super Bowl. He refers to that as boring sports time. If it were football season or maybe even baseball season, he may not have had the time to start a real relationship.

Andrew grew up in Brooklyn and was raised to be a fan of the New York Giants (he was also raised to be a Yankees fan, but that didn't stick). Really, he's a huge sports fan in general. There isn't a day that he doesn't watch SportsCenter for at least a few minutes. This was a completely new world to a sports newbie like me.

When football season rolled around the first year we were together, I mostly left him alone. He plays Fantasy Football and let's just say he is tethered to the TV all day long. I went shopping and took lots of naps.

Once we moved in together, I started staying home and hanging out on the couch during football. After a little while, I started paying more attention - at least during the Giants games. I learned that you can never count on the Giants, even if they are ahead by a ton. That Eli Manning is amazing under pressure but loves to get himself into tough situations. That you get four chances to get a first down. Easy stuff like that. It started to be fun to watch this silly game with my person.

Engagement pics, April 2010.

It was probably in late 2007 when the Giants made it into the playoffs that I actually started to care about football. I got to know the players better and started yelling at the TV right along with Andrew. I remember watching the game that got the Giants into the Super Bowl. My father-in-law was in town and he and Andrew were screaming matching expletives at the players and Tom Coughlin. The Giants won the game and lots of jumping and happy yelling happened. Honestly, I didn't know if I had ever seen my then-boyfriend happier until that moment.

The Giants had to face the 18-0 Patriots in the Superbowl and NO ONE thought they would win. In a hard-fought game (apparently the only way this team knows how to play), they won. More jumping happened, and suddenly, I had a team.

The Groom's cake at our wedding. These are characters from Lost on the Lost island wearing Giants jerseys because A just couldn't pick between his two loves. Ben Linus on the far right is still in a Ziploc in our fridge three years later. This photo and the onle above from Lindsay Elizabeth Photography.

It was easy to start liking the Giants when they were winners. I have learned since that they aren't always so likable. Eli's aw shucks face is not cute when the clock is running out... But, I decided to join my husband's team and I kind of like it. I spend Sundays on the couch sporting one of my five (!) Giants t-shirts and wishing they could just take a lead and keep it. It didn't suck when they won another Super Bowl in 2012. But last season, when they didn't even make it into the playoffs and everyone in Houston was gloating about the Texans getting in? That wasn't my favorite.

Becoming a football fan is not something I ever thought would happen. It's nice that we can bond over the wins and losses together. It forces him to talk to me during games (I still don't know what all of the penalties mean or why coaches do certain things). Plus, there are good drinks and great snacks involved. Also, there's dancing. Are you familiar with Victor Cruz? He is only the most entertaining player in the NFL.

Via Why yes, we do salsa along when he scores a touchdown.

So, I'm kind of looking forward to football season in the fall. I hope the Giants have a great season. And I guess if they don't there's always the Texans next year.

Are you a sports fan? Who's your team? Or do you love to hate a team because someone you love loves it?


  1. Same happened to me when I met my husband! I was never really into sports... but he loves baseball... and the Orioles, and now I'm a huge fan too!

    I LOVE your groom's cake! That is the best idea ever to have LOST characters wear the sports jerseys!

  2. Eli's aw shucks face.... ugh..... You may hate me when I say this but, I'm a cowboys fan..... *cue immediate un-linking from the link up*

    JK JK JK we can still be friends, right??

    So I just have one question for you, will you be partaking in Fantasy football this year????? I sure hope so and I expect to hear all about it!

  3. I'm not a huge sports fan (my ex burned me out on all that) but I do love my Texans. And Baylor. And that's ALL the football I watch!

  4. I love this post! I was in the same boat with hockey when I met my boyfriend. Now I LOVE it!

  5. hahaha I love this! There are a few of us football fans in the blogging world and I always feel like we have a deeper connection when I find out. We love football in our house (named our dogs after some of the Steelers personnel lol We are dying for football season to start!!!

  6. Ughh, as a Pats fan I remember that game well... I don't think the sting of that game will EVER go away!

  7. i will watch Cruz move those hips around the field any day!

  8. I never watch NFL football. I like college football, any team. I also like college hoops, ML baseball, and of course hockey.

  9. Haha I know never thought I would watch football but I have AND I even got in to it! And then theres Tom Brady. Well...

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  10. i love that your engagement pictures are with your giants gear & amazing grooms cake!! i guess i'm from the jets part of brooklyn ;) but i still root for the giants.

    and the same thing happened when i started dating my boyfriend but with basketball. i couldn't care less and now basketball is a huge part of my life and i definitely didn't see that ever coming. and to root for the miami heat of all teams... right after lebron "brought his talents to south beach" - i would have rather died but now i'm more on the "praise the king!" page. to be fair though, it went both ways - he became a mets fan for me (poor boy). and we will forever be miserable about football together.. and against each other as jets & dolphins fans.

  11. I am so bad with sports and really should try to understand them more, but I don't! I am true fan of all Houston sports because I grew up watching the Astros and going to football games in the Astrodome. Since being with Rowdy I've gotten more into college football, especially the Aggies and of course the Coogs, since I went to UH!
    Y'all's cake was cute!

  12. I love that he said "it's a good thing it was a slow sports time" when you met! That's so honest and sweet! My husband is crazy for football too but prefers college. He's from South Carolina and is a gamecock. I like to cheer for them too, but absolutely despise saying "go cocks!" Because it feels dirty LOL

  13. I was just like you when I was young, Lauren. I never really liked basketball and thought of it as a boring game even though my father watched me every day. Then I started paying attention, and before I knew it, I was an avid Lakers fan. I went as far as buying jerseys and souvenir items from the purple and gold empire. Though we may have different sports preferences, I'm glad to know that there was someone else with almost the same experience as me. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports


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