Monday, June 3, 2013

weekend at home (for once!)

This weekend was very anti-climactic, but in the spirit of getting back to blogging, I'm gonna tell you alllll about it...


Shopping by myself (my favorite way to do it) - finally found white jeans that both fit and weren't so thin you can see my leg hairs!

Dinner at Alicia's - a favorite, and close to home.


Lunch at Leon's BBQ, which in on the Texas Monthly Top 50 (that was our 11th restaurant on the list, for those keeping track...) I was not impressed. The brisket was cut so it had a weird texture and the mac and cheese didn't taste like much. The ribs were nothing special and the sausage was kind of good, but I'm pretty sure there was something in it that I wouldn't be okay with eating (like game or offal), so I only had two bites...
We split this and I ate less than half. The sides just weren't that good.

We met my parents at East Beach for the annual sand castle building competition. These castles were beyond castles. There were about 50 teams, and each team chose a theme. Popular themes were Duck Dynasty and Cruise Ship Toilet Ships (though no one was able to sculpt a good toilet, sadly). We walked around at 1:00 and had no idea how these people would finish, and then again at 3:00 when they had to stop building. Some were amazing, and some teams obviously ran out of time. They were so creative, though!

This was a more traditional castle with a dragon on the outside.

You're killin me, smalls! (get it? It's Sandlot themed!)

It said LMAO - get it?

Andrew's favorite - Downtown Crabby (I loved that the crab looks like Sebastian!)

This was by an architecture firm - a blueprint is in the foreground with a calculator and the finished product is the castle.

Frostbitten - I loved the half-melted snowman.

There's No Place Like Dome (see the witch's feet?)

Probably my favorite - The Swimming Dead

I think this was called the Lizard of Oz - it was also very cool.

The best Cruise Toilet I saw.

I stink at using spray sunblock and got funky burns on my shoulders. Let's hope my technique improves because next weekend, we are in the pit for Mumford and Sons!

Home early and I fell asleep watching DVRd Dateline. Party animals, I tell ya...


Rainy morning so I clipped coupons (is anyone else into that? I used to be so into it but now I don't do anything but use them if I have them).

Snuggly kitty. Bauer is not a lap cat, but since we got back from Atlanta, he has been curling up next to our stomachs in bed and it is kitty perfection. Even Andrew, who will never admit to loving the cat, has been enjoying this change of pace.

Grocery store all alone. Andrew is sick and was running a fever, so I took one for the team. Ever since we were dating, before we lived together, we have always gone grocery shopping together (remember, y'all - I don't cook, so I am totally useless when it comes to quantities!). I kept my impulse buying to a minimum, though I did get pretty ragey on the guy who ran over my foot with his cart and the abundance of moms who let their eight year olds push the carts through the crowded store when the kids could barely see over the top (and don't get me started on the couple whose kids were watching the portable DVD player the whole time... [I know I shouldn't rant because I'm not a parent but I just didn't get some of the things I saw!])

I also took facebook off my phone to see if I would miss it. So far, I don't. but it has only been a day. What is your take on Facebook? Does it help your blog? Useful for keeping up with family? I'm not giving it up for good, but I don't think I need it on my phone... just checking in via iPad or computer should be just fine for me.

So, now I have a lot more time to peruse junk on my phone. If I'm not following you on twitter or instagram, let me know and I will change that!

Not looking forward to being at work for the first time in 8 days, but I do have another three day weekend to look forward to! I have been so busy, I haven't taken the time to get excited about seeing Mumford and Sons, but now that I am thinking about it, I can't wait!

In the spirit of getting back into blogging, I already have two posts scheduled for this week. I'm ready for going at this better and making more blog friends. Hope you have a great week!

{ETA: Been thinking a lot about blogging this week and I wanted to better organize my blog by adding labels to old posts. I went and did that last night and somehow republished three old posts. Oops. If they show up in your reader, that's why. It's not you, really, it's me. Sorry!!}

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  1. A sand castle competition sounds like a blast! So much fun!

    Happy Monday, Lauren!

  2. Those sand castles are awesome!!!

  3. Oh I miss sandcastle! My husband used to work at a firm where they competed every year so I went years after year with him.
    Sounds like a great relaxing weekend!

  4. where did you find your white jeans?! i am on the hunt for a pair.

  5. I hate the disappointment of a bad restaurant. Especially if they were on the top 50. That's too bad.
    Those sandcastles are incredible! Looks like an awesome day.

  6. Hahaha. I love your blog. I also love to shop alone. Old Navy has some awesome white jeans that aren't so thin nothing is left to the imagination if you want to find more pairs. I love white jeans. I tried couponing but I suck at it and I always left the damn things at home (along with my grocery list). I saw you on the blog hop, come say hi sometime! I'm now following you.

  7. those sand sculptures are SO cool!!

    thanks for linking up with me and Sar!

  8. Bummer about the sunburn, I obviously feel your pain! That competition is neat, I had a friend go out there too! And I love shopping online, I don't feel rushed or like I have to wait around for someone else. I do miss being able to get opinions from others tho...

  9. The sand castles are awesome! Darn, I wish we would have gone, too!

  10. Sandcastle building contests?! That's amazing. This is what happens when you live in the Midwest -- things like this do exist and I forget about them. Loved the pictures! They all get a gold star in my book.

  11. I love that sand castle competition; my SIL used to head up a team for her company and we got to help out one year. Looks like there were a lot of good ones. Every picture had me thinking, "That's my favorite. No, that's my favorite. No, that one...."


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