Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what i'm loving wednesday!

Lauren here, back with another addition of blogging while drinking. Tonight's culprit? Anniversary champagne (no, I am not drinking at 7: 30 a.m. I try to blog a day or two before. I am not a morning person). And since I can't come up with a real post about real things, how about What I'm Loving Wednesday?

I'm loving... Anniversary Week! At our wedding, instead of a unity candle, we wrote each other notes and put them in a wooden box with a bottle of champagne with the promise to write one another notes for each anniversary and to go back and read the new note, old notes, and drink the champagne each year. A few weeks ago, I confessed to being the worst wife ever and never writing my note for our third anniversary. I wrote it last week (when I should have written it last year) and after my confession, Andrew claims that he "threw his away." So, last night for our anniversary, he wrote me a sweet card and I gave him my week-old note. We need to get back on track for year four! He also came home with flowers and I gave him... nothing. Terrible wife, no? (And I am still supposed to go to Kendra Scott. I am feeling so guilty!)

Flowers | Fancy Champagne | Toasting to many more years to come

I'm loving... my facebook break! I took facebook off my phone and I don't really miss it. I don't really get blog facebook pages - if you have one, is it really that helpful?

I'm loving... House Hunters. I am pretty much addicted to it as I seem to watch it every night. They always pick a house that is unfurnished. Yes, I do read the articles saying that it is completely fabricated. I'm still hooked.

I'm loving... our new office Keurig. My boss bought one for the office and I. am. hooked. Must drink all the coffee all the time. We have a Tassimo at home so I really get the best of both worlds.

I'm loving... the blog world! I am grateful every day that I decided to put myself out there and blog. I may not be the girl with the most followers or sponsors (hell, I don't have any sponsors because I don't really get how that whole thing works!) but the blog friends that I have made who leave comments on the ridicularity that I post on the internet for all to see make my day, every day that I blog.

Keeping it simple so I don't say anything stupid(er). What are you loving lately?


  1. I wish we could get a keurig at the office! But then I'd probably develop a coffee addiction that I've been trying to avoid!

    I feel you on the blog world! It really makes my day to read comments :)

  2. I completely get you on the coming up with a "real" post. I'm thankful for link ups like this that don't require much thought! Haha and I love that box idea! I may have to start, even two years later!

  3. Your note thing that you do on your anniversary is such a cute idea, I'm going to have to remember that for some day! Facebook page... eh. Not really. But I still keep it around, just in case.

    yay, I love the blog world too! especially when I get to meet up with some cool bloggers to Zumba with lol!

  4. I love y'alls anniversary note idea! Very creative and sweet!
    My Keurig is what keeps me going every morning! I would never make coffee without that thing.
    Househunters - YES! If I don't have anything to watch or I'm reading hours and hours of blogs it's always on.
    I'm glad you are loving the blogging world! :) and I'm glad we met this way!!

  5. so you're telling me some people don't drink while writing blog posts? hmm... I'll have to try that one day.


  6. Happy anniversary! Yay! That is awesome!

    Also - I friggin hate Facebook! I stopped reading it around election time and just never went back! I only get on for the sake of my blog page. I have my blogged linked to my page, so every time I post, it shows up on my FB page automatically. I actually have a lot of readers who prefer to get their updates that way, so I do find it useful. But to each their own!

  7. My blog facebook page has a lot of people on it that are friends of my friends. One more place to throw the ol' blog up, can't hurt.

    People read things different ways, so why not cover your bases.

    MFD and I never do anything gift-wise for our anniversary because we're usually away. This is the first year we won't be, so I'm not sure what we'll do!

  8. so many things I love about this post for you! especially the addition of K cups to your office. My boss bought us one earlier this year. best thing ever!

  9. HAHAHA Cheers to drinking and blogging girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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