Monday, July 15, 2013

cheers for my three-day weekend!

I am feeling so, so much better than I was after Friday's post. I think I really just needed to get it out so thanks for your kind words even though I know there are people in way worse situations. It's just frustrating, ya know?

So like I mentioned, I took off work on Friday to hang out with my nieces while they were still in town. I went to my mom's in the morning and heard all about their trip to the circus. Just the three of us went to Chick-fil-a, and as we pulled in the parking lot I saw people dressed as cows and realized that it was "Cow Appreciation Day." The little niece actually had an "Eat More Chikin" shirt at my mom's and had I known, I would have made her wear it! Being that I am cheap I love to make memories with them, I asked them if they wanted to detour to Target to improvise a cow costume. $3 later, we had scissors, tape, and posterboard and sat in the car to cut out cow spots and a cow ear headband. It took awhile and they were hungry, so no spots for me, but they ended up getting free lunch! The older one wouldn't let me take her picture (she was just allowed to get facebook this week and would be mortified if I posted pics), but the little one was super impressed with her headband that I threw together and loved hugging the cow when we got into the restaurant. A day she'll remember for sure, I think!

She is such a ham. I didn't tell her to pose like that.

I took the little one back to my mom's for a nap and the big one and I went to The Chocolate Bar together. It was nice to just have some time to chat with her. We got a little treat and I got some pre-birthday treats for Andrew and I for over the weekend. I hate that I am always feeding them but at least I only see them a few times a year!

Caramel and chocolate covered pretzel stick

I had to bring her back a little something...

 Friday night we waited for three hours for our handyman to come and give us an estimate... and then went to dinner at 9:30. I was more than ready for a margarita and starving so everything was great. But, note to self- suburban restaurants don't really like you when you show up that late. Oops. At least we were done by the time they closed at 10:30.

Yummy yummy Alicia's. Also on the Top 100 List that I reference below...

After getting rid of the industrial fans on Saturday morning (yay!) we cleaned until we were starving in the late afternoon. Andrew wanted to go back to Vieng Thai (which is on the top 100 restaurants in Houston list [which I discuss here]). We've been once, thought it was so-so, but keep hearing rave reviews. They were blaring country music and playing NASCAR inside, but it was BYOB and we brought a bottle of wine, so that helped numb the lack of authenticity. The food was good, even the papaya salad that set my mouth on fire, and I ate plenty, but for some reason the wine hit me. Are you following me on twitter? Because if so, you probably saw my tipsy tweets. And we still needed to go to the grocery store. We went to my favorite Korean grocery for coffee to help my situation and I'm pretty sure Napoleon Dynamite was parked next to us...

If you look closely, you can see use of The Club on the steering wheel. I really liked the white tiger t-shirt used as a seat cover. It reminded me of a liger. The passenger seat also had an interesting tee covering it.

After the grocery store, we went home and watched House of Cards and drank more wine.

Sunday, Andrew woke me up and played the "birthday weekend" card again to get me out of bed to go back to Killen's BBQ. He told me they had turkey so I was sold. We got there at 10:25 and by 11:00 when they opened, the line was about 75 people long (we were about 6th in line). The brisket was disappointing but the turkey was pretty awesome. I would gladly drive back out to Pearland for that again.

It's currently a pop-up, so everything is outside and they have to put it up and take it down every Saturday and Sunday. This guy was chopping meat on a truck tailgate. Also? There's free beer, if you like Lone Star.

Andrew's plate on top and mine on the bottom. I barely finished one piece of brisket and Andrew didn't finish his. But you better believe I took care of that turkey!

The rest of Sunday? Finished House of Cards (I ended up liking it. Bring on season 2!), a few more errands, and he made me a good dinner. Oh, and NFL Network played two hours worth of shows about the 2011 Super Bowl Champion New York Giants so I might have excitedly watched it like I didn't know the outcome. AND I caught up on blog reading so I can start the week with nothing in my reader. The little things, am I right?

And, to make this Monday way less painful, I am going to have lunch with Rachelle at Inner Loop Adventures! She is trying something new every week this year and I think meeting a blog friend in real life will be her new thing this week. If you live in Houston (or even if you don't), go check out her blog because she explores things in the city that I've never even heard of!

Can't wait to hear about everyone else's weekends! Have you ever dressed up for free Chick-fil-a?

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  1. Your weekend sounds like so much fun! I love all the places you guys find to eat at. I hope I'm as cool an Aunt as you are when my nephew gets older. That Chick-fil-a idea was awesome! :D

  2. ah i think it's great you make such an effort to hang out with the girls. they will appreciate it later for sure !

  3. Your youngest niece IS such a ham and so cute!
    I am now dying for some turkey BBQ. I always get turkey. Yum!
    Hahaha love the Napoleon dynamite car. Ligers are pretty much my favorite animal. :)

  4. Great improvisation on the CFA costume!

    hahahah re: Napoleon D and the club

  5. stopping by from the link up... and you posted about all of my favorite things... chick fil a, margaritas and chocolate?! yummm!

  6. You're such a fun aunt!! They're very lucky to have you for their aunt :)

  7. Ooh I will definitely be checking out Rachelle's blog! I've lived inside the loop for 4 years now and there's still always new places to explore...very cool!!

    And can I say that you are seriously the BEST aunt ever? So sweet! I love the pics. This makes me want to go pick up my baby nephew and hold him hostage for a few days. Being an aunt is the best!


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