Monday, July 22, 2013

components of a perfect weekend

So as we all know by now, not all weekends are blog-worthy. Some are downright boring. I thought this weekend was one of those, but then I really started thinking about it and realized that this past weekend had nearly every component of what I would call a perfect weekend. I guess just because it isn't blogworthy doesn't make it bad.
1) Exploring my city - There are so many things to see and do (and eat) in Houston. This weekend, Andrew and I wanted to give Hubcap Grill another try. It is yet another restaurant on Alison Cook's Top 100 list and we have been before but weren't hungry that time and so we shared a burger. It gets tons of praise so we went to try it again and... it's just not my favorite. Andrew's either. He did, however, try the sticky burger that has crunchy peanut butter on it and actually liked it. The smell of peanut butter and taste of meat wasn't for me, but he said he would get it again. I got a burger with bleu cheese dressing and we shared the stinky fries with malt vinegar and garlic - that was my favorite part.

Would you try a burger like that?

2) Scratching something off of my to-do list - Am I the only one with tons of things that I want to do but never both time and energy to do them? I have wanted to redesign my blog for a month or two now but I knew that it would take some time (since I am no expert) and finally on Saturday, I started on it. It's nowhere near perfect and I really wish I could figure out how to make the header as white as the background (the image is transparent - tried that already) but it's a start! If anyone wants to offer to provide me with assistance as I go forward, I would be super grateful!

3) Sleep - I love sleep more than I should. A weekend morning where I can sleep til at least 9:00? Perfection in my book. A completely necessary piece of a perfect weekend. And then, even if I have slept in, I can always go for a good nap. On the couch with my kitty and my husband? I call that family nap time. Whether it's twenty minutes or two hours, I wake up feeling so warm and cozy.

4) Breakfast! Extra points if the breakfast in question involves mimosas. This weekend, that wasn't the case - we just opted for a different donut place near the house than the regular - but any breakfast is good breakfast.

5) Good TV - I have probably mentioned my love of Gilmore Girls a time or two. If it's on, I'm probably watching it. This is especially true on weekend afternoons because SoapNet plays at least three episodes a day and I have to watch at least part of one if I'm home for my weekend to feel complete. If I don't get to spend time in Stars Hollow, then time spent watching whatever my current Netflix love of the moment is will work, too.

Bonus - a weekend getaway! I love weekends where we have the chance to go to Austin, Dallas, or even a staycation in Houston, but those can't happen all the time. But any weekend that involves a road trip or a night in a hotel? Definitely my favorite kind.

Even though this weekend was really low-key and I spent way too much time at home for my liking, I guess it really wasn't that bad. What goes into your perfect idea of a weekend?

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  1. That sounds like the perfect recipe to me!

    Those are my favorite types of weekends. Actually my very favorite type of weekend is one where I don't have to leave my house at all. I achieve those once or twice a year.

  2. The peanut butter and burger combo sounds weird, but knowing me I'd probably still try it.

    My perfect weekend also includes lots of sleep/naps... and good food. Hahah!

  3. Yeah, I don't think peanut butter and burger together sounds appealing...I've also heard of peanut butter beef stew before!

  4. I've heard so many good things about that burger place! Peanut butter on a burger wouldn't be my cup of tea though! Happy Monday! Love the new design!

  5. Peanut butter burger?! Gotta admit, it sounds gross, but at least you tried out a new restaurant! Bleu cheese sounds good though!

    I'm always a fan of mimosas, regardless of if its morning!

    Happy Monday Lauren!

  6. Ive had a peanut butter burger in New Orleans and it was delicious! So I'm very excited to go to this place :)

  7. Love the new design!
    We like the same kind of weekends. My main goal this weekend was to sleep in both days and eat big breakfasts. And I did!
    Exploring the city is a must! :)

  8. My aunt was just telling me I needed to try that burger place cause she went after seeing it on some food channel show. But I don't even eat regular peanut butter sammiches so no way I'd try a burger.

    I've googled "how to make photos transparent" to get the code to type in the blog CSS but I'm Wordpress so...good luck :)

  9. loving the new design!!! also - pb on a burger is the greatest invention ever. i do it at home all.the.time. add bacon and it's a foodgasm.

  10. I agree!!!! These are all perfect things for a great weekend! That is something definitely to blog about :-)

  11. i love napping too; i would especially love it if i could sleep in but my body is programmed to wake at 5am every morning, even on the weekends and regardless of what time i go to bed! boo :(

    ps - you should watch Orange is the new black on Netflix...SUCH a GREAT show!

  12. Ah! I don't think I could handle the peanut butter burger thing. In fact, I feel a little queasy even just thinking about it. But I'm all in for a donut breakfast, please! I'm also a GG fan. Stars hallow is my favorite :) Stopping by from the weekend shenanigans & MMG link ups!

  13. That sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Exploring, attacking the to-do list and getting in some sleep and TV watching - what else could you ask for! I've just stumbled across your blog, but the design looks pretty great to me!!



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