Thursday, July 25, 2013

currently on a thursday

Last night I didn't get home from work because I was proctoring an exam (extra easy money, so I can't complain) and I didn't carpool with Andrew today (he may have to work late) so no post automatically posted this morning at 7 a.m. And being that my sweet husband is my #1 blog supporter and that he brought me flowers this week "for being the best girl," I figured I would do what I could to have a short post for today. I opened up Bloglovin for inspiration and was drawn to my friend Heidi's Currently post which I read and she linked to me because we are destined to be BFFs she's awesome so I knew it was meant to be that I post like her. So  here goes...


Reading: While I was proctoring last night I finished MWF Seeking BFF and I basically want you all to read it so we can talk about how great it is. Or you can call me a sad, lonely loser, but based on the author's research, you won't. Full thoughts posted next week for sure.

Writing: Mentally composing a few posts as well as an email I want to send later today.

Listening: The Avett Brothers on Spotify

Thinking: About perspective. We joke about first world problems a lot, but I am trying really hard to keep my complaints in check. Did I work late last night? Yes, but it was by choice. I sat in an air conditioned room and read for a few hours and made extra money. Other people work much longer and harder for much less. Things like that.

So true this morning. Source.

Wearing: A maxi dress and cardigan. We have a few more weeks of relaxed summer dress before going back to business attire and I am taking advantage!

Eating: Drinking creme brulee coffee and dreaming of the yummy lunch I am going on with coworkers today!

Loving: Having no plans for the weekend. I want to pick back up on marathoning Friday Night Lights, sort the hundreds of photos still sitting in my living room, and find a yummy recipe to make to accompany the brisket that Andrew is going to smoke.

Source. I love Landry.

Hating: The current state of my house. We are going to have to do some landscaping on our own (which didn't work so well when I tried a few years ago) and there is still a huge section of exposed foundation in our hall/bedroom. Hopefully everything will be approved for us to get new flooring in like, half our house next week!

Feeling: Like today's going to be a good day. Bring it, Thursday!

This has nothing to do with anything except Bauer looks like he's having a good day, no?

How are you doing currently? Did you watch FNL? I'm at the season after Smash graduated where Saracen has been replaced by a different QB so I have a ways to go before I finish the series...


  1. FNL is effing amazing. One of the best shows ever.

    I'm trying to do a Currently post every month...haven't done one since May. Need to get on the ball!

  2. AWWW I love this! AND we ARE destined to be BFFs!! If we can ever meet in person!

    That picture of Bauer is too cool!
    I think that book should be next on my list to read. :)
    Seriously...first world problems make me step back and think, "I'm being a brat" much more often than I'd like.

    Where are y'all going for lunch?

  3. Coach Taylor is my heroooooooo!

  4. I'm going to look for MWF Seeking BFF this weekend :)

    I'm hating the current state of our house too. Soo ready for the remodel to be finished and get all the furniture back in place... tired of all the clutter and unfinished walls!

  5. What a sweet husband to bring you flowers for just being you! And I'm so glad you finished the book, we must discuss it on Monday! I'm sorry your house situation is still so crazy, let's hope the worst is behind you!

  6. LOL at that picture of Bauer. :)


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