Wednesday, July 17, 2013

happy birthday, honey. sorry your party is so lame.

10 points to anyone who gets the reference in the title.

So, today is Andrew's birthday. Happy birthday, Stinky! For some reason I started calling him Stinky a few years ago and it stuck. He showers and everything but I call him that and he's never stopped me. I guess that makes him a pretty good husband.

I'm really not one to get overly mushy in public - the birthday boy would hate that - but here are some reasons I love my husband.

1) He loves Bauer, even though he is in total denial. PROOF!

What's this? Only the sweetest moment ever caught on film in pixels.

2) He pays all the bills on time. Often before they are due. If that were my responsibility, all of the bills would come on festive pink paper if you know what I mean.

3) He keeps me fed. I don't touch raw meat so without him I would live on salads and mac and cheese. Thanks, hon!

In his element... waiting in line at Franklin BBQ.

4) From blogging to work to everything in between, he is super encouraging of my often ridiculous ideas. (Case in point? He proofreads all my blog posts but I won't let him read this one so there's probably a typo.)

5) He pushes me to try new things. TV shows, food, putting myself out there - I don't think I would do the half of it without someone to do it with me or to tell about it as soon as it's over.

Hot and sweaty at Mumford and Sons but he knew I needed a pic of us for the blog!

Happy birthday to my favorite husband! Love you lots!

Do you have ridiculous nicknames for your significant other? A problem paying your bills on time? How many other bloggers don't cook? I know I'm not alone...


  1. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! I love all the little things (and big things) he does for you. So sweet!

    My husband does all the cooking too, I hate cooking! And he scoops the litter boxes, my hero.

    P.S. Your title sounds like a line from The Office :)

  2. Happy birthday to your husband!!! :)

  3. Happy birthday to Andrew! July babies are the best. ;)
    It took me until I was about 22 to be able to touch raw meat and I still hate it.
    This post is so sweet and he sounds like your perfect match! :)

  4. What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your husband!

  5. Happy belated birthday to Andrew! I call David "schmoo-fee-poo" -- I can't figure out how to type the word, so there's the phonetic version -- because it's totally ridiculous and overly gushy. It's really to make fun of people who have crazy sweet nicknames for their significant others. I don't typically have a problem with paying the bills on time. David is the one who is bad at paying the cell phone bill, though. I have received multiple text messages saying the bill is overdue. I'm not much into cooking either, but Pinterest is helping!

  6. What a sweet post. :) We both love to cook, but the only meat I usually care to cook is chicken or husband does anything involving turkey or steak.

    We sometimes call each other by the backward spellings of our name is Robin so my backwards name is Nibor. Haha.


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