Monday, July 1, 2013

is it time to recap the weekend already?

That's how I feel about Monday morning blog posts... like, are we already there? At least it's a short week (though I am working on Friday. Yuck.)

So, this weekend? Nice and easy and spent trying to stay mostly cool. Houston was an awesome 106 on Saturday complete with a ton of humidity. Ick.

Friday was nothing worth documenting so let's start with Saturday. If you follow me on twitter and you also follow Ari, you saw us going back and forth about Spin class (sorry! We eventually took it to DMs). At the last minute, I decided to go to her gym for Spin. As in, the class started at 9:00 and I walked into the gym at 9:00. Oops. Things were going better than my last attempt, but I did start to feel pretty tired. My foot fell out of the strap, so I leaned down/got off the bike to adjust it, which gave me the worst head rush. The pedals keep spinning, and in my dizzy state, my shin was in the path of them so I got whacked pretty hard and have a lovely knot and small scrape to show for it. I am amazingly coordinated, can you tell? I went to cool off for about five minutes and then came back for the rest of class. It was my second try and it's still not my favorite thing, but I may give it one last shot before I write it off for good. On Sunday I was sore, so I know that it did something!

Yup, pretty much how I felt. Via.

My first job out of high school was at Bed Bath & Beyond, and I learned something awesome: 
their return policy is beyond (haha) amazing. Buy pillows and they hurt your neck? Return them. Towels unravel after a wash or two? Return them. They don't ask questions and just want to make you happy. So, in Christmas 2011 we received a pressure cooker from a friend of Andrew's and I was convinced it was a regift. I mean, he likes to cook but that is pretty random. It has sat in its original packaging in our guest bedroom ever since. I decided to take it back to good old BBB to see what they would do for us... and they offered $100 in store credit. Sold! So we bought boring, necessary things like an extra set of sheets and a set of glasses (we have been using plastic ones and old mismatched ones forever) and it felt very adult. But it was free, found money. Never be afraid to ask.

I also had lunch with a friend and dinner at Marini's Empanada House, which is one of my favorites, so it was a good day.

Bauer took a walk in my shoes (haha) | You can't tell what was inside, but these empanadas were amazing | One of the many unfamiliar products I saw at Super H | a line to get into Home Goods at 11 a.m. People are crazy.

On Sunday, we went to Pecan Creek Grille for breakfast (blueberry pancakes, yum) and then to Super H Mart, which is a Korean grocery store. There is always something to see there and I wanted to take tons of pictures, but I restrained myself. I spent the late afternoon using this tutorial to try to make my blog more photo-friendly and this one to make a blog button. There are too many things in life that I want to buy for me to want to spend money on advertising my blog, but if anyone wants to button swap, let me know! Making this was so easy so if I ever take a decent photo of myself that isn't with my phone, I will have to update it.

So that was that. Nothing tooooo interesting but pretty productive. How was yours? Ever go to an Asian market? Wanna button swap? What would you have bought at Bed Bath & Beyond?

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  1. Omg those empanadas look amazing!!! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Score on the bed bath and beyond return! I bed you guys had fun going on a $100 shopping spree! I would have used it for extra sheets too :) Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

    Bauer in your shoes = adorable!

  3. How awesome for your BBB return! We've done that too :) is the Asian market you went to the one on Chinatown near BW8? And is the empanadas place out there too? Cause both of those places sound great!

  4. A free $100?! That's awesome!! I'll need to remember this little tid bit of information for the future.

    I'd love to swap buttons with you - I use passionfruit, so you can find the info on my sponsor page: and my button is located on my sidebar, as well.

  5. Always getting restaurant recommendations from your blog haha Btw, thanks for the info on BBB. That store is super overwhelming but it has good stuff!

  6. Pork bungs? Say what?

    I have zero interest in spin.

    BBB has always been super awesome with returns. I love it.

    I have a button, but I have yet to add anything to the sidebar of my blog, the thought of the clutter freaks me out. I'm inching towards it. hahaha

  7. Now I want to go through my apartment and see what I can return lol.
    That 106 degrees Saturday was just brutal. I had to go to a wedding. It was inside but it was still hot. We were just glad it wasnt in a church so we could cuss properly.

  8. that's how you know i am becoming an adult. i am jealous of your 100 credit to BB&B!!!!

  9. Spin is umm, uncomfortable to say the least, but I love how I feel afterwards. Of course, I only make it like twice a month!
    So cool that BBB gave y'all a credit and buying anything there is fun!
    Yum...blueberry pancakes!!
    We both got buttons this weekend! We should swap! Never been to an Asian market, but I want to check one out in H-town sooner than later!

  10. I hate spin so much! I can't force myself to do it... I do PureBarre instead. Just as much burn, but far more fun for me :)
    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  11. LOVE that you found something and got the money for it! As silly as it is to feel that something is 'adult' - I am glad that it happened! It's such a great feeling! Glad you had a great weekend!


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