Friday, July 12, 2013

so thankful for friday

Y'all. Has this been a week. You probably already know if you follow me on twitter but I can use this opportunity to expand. PS - who doesn't love scheduled blog posts? My weird week didn't affect blogging at all.

Sunday afternoon, Andrew thought Bauer had an accident on the carpet, which is weird because he never has accidents. I went to clean it up (cat messes are mine, dog messes are his) and realized there was too much moisture in the towel. We had a leak beneath our floors and could hear water beneath our laminate. A plumber came Monday, thought he diagnosed the problem, fixed a few other things that needed repairing, and charged us a hefty sum. We removed the laminate and pulled up the carpet to dry things out as well as we could. Tuesday afternoon I came home and there was a puddle of water in my hallway. A guilt trip-filled phone call to the plumber later and he was out again and found a new problem. Some water line coming from our AC unit was clogged and needed to be replaced. Its leak caused damage in the wall that separates both of our bathrooms. Awesome. That was fixed (by cutting a hole in one of the bathroom walls!) Wednesday, and then we had a restoration company come out to see about the drying. I currently have three industrial fans and a dehumidifier in my house and we have to sleep on the full-sized bed in the spare bedroom because one fan is in our bedroom. Oh, and the contents of both vanities are spread throughout my bedroom. And I have to shower and potty in one bathroom and wash hands and brush teeth in the other. And when I shower, the fan blows the curtain onto me and it's annoying. And Bauer is confused. Whine, whine, whine. I know these are first world problems but COME ON HOUSE, stop failing! I just want to sell you and move on!

So while that was going on, I did have a fun day with my nieces on Tuesday. We went to Target, to eat cupcakes, and out to the pool. I'm going to hang out with them more today and just enjoy them because I probably won't see them again until November!

I've also had a pretty crazy work week. I am working on a project with some strong personalities and I am doing my best to hold my tongue. We had a pretty huge event on Thursday and I basically told everyone that I wasn't going to say no. You want to put the tables there? I won't tell you no. That's where we should hang the sign? Okay. Usually, it is "my" event and what I say goes (in a non-bossy way... just doing my job...) but this event had so many people with so many opinions that it was easier to step back than it was to take charge. I also really worked on giving other people grace. I am terrible at that and have a tendency to hold grudges and overanalyze small comments. I have to realize that my team is stressed, too, and a verbal slight may just be an expression of fatigue. So saying yes and grace were pretty much the theme of the night, and that combined with wine and coworkers who were pretty much awesome made the whole thing bearable and pretty successful. So there's that.

I also posted my 100th post this week! Thanks, friends, for reading and following! I appreciate it more than you know and I love the blog friendships I've made. I have been a total slacker due to working long hours and trying to get the house in live-able shape this week, but since we spent a small fortune on home repairs, I will have plenty of time this weekend to get back into the blog game (ie, we're staying mostly home to save some money for a while!). So there's that. I just wanted to write some real-ness about this week so that it's documented forever, along with the fun and the laughs and the silly that make up this stage in my life. Hope your week was better than mine and that you're learning new lessons in grace and making your own life easier all the time. Now I'm off to have fun with some kiddos. The little one asked me to take her to Chick-fil-a so I must fulfill her request!

How was your week? Any tips on handling stress? Do you want to buy my house? =P


  1. i really loved trying a new workout class to help stress. i'm blogging about it wednesday.. it was fun!

    meanwhile i love the blog and thanks for the laughs. i wanted to let you know i nominated you for a liebster award today as you're one of my favorite blogs to read!


  2. Oh my goodness that is would heck of a way to start your week! booooo!!!!! Thank goodness it's Friday!

  3. You need an extra loud TGIF shout this week.

  4. but no really, when the shower curtain touches me in the shower. it's the worst.

  5. Oh what a week!!! TGIF for real right? Congrats on 100 posts :) I'm so glad we met through blogging and we need to hang out again real soon. Happy hour maybe? I mean, you are the Houston restaurant expert :)

  6. Ugh...sounds like a cray cray week! The house problem are always the worst. Being an adult is fun, right?

    Hope that chick-fil-a fixed ya right up. ;)

  7. your time with your nieces sounds fun!
    the leak issue--yikes. we are moving into a 1920 house, and I'm a little nervous about the issues we're going to find!

  8. That sounds like such a rough week! What a pain with all your house issues...that's never fun! My boyfriend just bought a house and I'm hoping that he won't have any costly repairs like that! So where are you looking to move when you sell the house? Will you stay in the same area?

    Also - I work with some people that are like that and it just sucks. It's definitely easier to just take a backseat sometimes in order to not have to start a debate.


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