Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the requisite fitness post

I like to assume that y'all are as nosy as I am, and by nosy, I mean willing to soak in all the details of another person's life that they care to share. That's the fun of blogging, right? Seeing how other people live?

Well, I've been tweeting a lot and blogging a little about working out lately, and I think it's time that I tell a little bit of my story. It's not very dramatic, so don't get too excited.

I've always been... average. Neither fat nor skinny. Just kind of there. I thought I would lose the baby weight and have a body like a model's one day, but once I hit my mid-twenties, I realized it just isn't in my genes. I'll never have a tiny hourglass waist, so I shouldn't beat myself up about it. But, it has been rare to be happy about the way I look. Like most women, I always compare myself to my friends or magazines or whatever and wonder what I'm doing wrong (besides eating cupcakes. Obviously that is a mistake).

To make a long story really short, I bought a dress over a year before my wedding that was too small (It was only $100 and I knew I could sell it if it didn't fit ['nother story for another day]). It was the dress and it had to fit, so four months before my wedding, I got serious. I went running three times a week, ate Lean Cuisines for lunches, and learned to say no to my favorite treats (Also? We were broke so Starbucks and ice cream trips were a luxury). I took my dress in to get it let out and the lady told me it was unnecessary. I was ecstatic! Mission: accomplished.

Then I got married and went to an all-inclusive resort for my honeymoon. Hello, buffets and booze and drunken "second dinner" at midnight. The bikini I wore on day one of the trip was stashed away for the safety of a tankini by day five.

Confidence for the first time EVER. Fun fact: I hadn't ever applied sunblock to my stomach so I missed a bunch of spots and was terribly sunburned the whole time.

There's a thing no one tells you about called the Newlywed Fifteen. The stress of the wedding and having to take the photos and fit into the dress is gone, and you can go back to a normal life. Boom, extra weight. I also got a job two months post-wedding planning events. You know what I do weekly if not more? Order catering. And you know who hates to see wasted leftovers? This girl. So wedded bliss + free food = all my hard work, undone. (I also went from an on-my-feet 40 hours a week job in retail to a desk job. That didn't help.)


For a few years, I told myself that that was how I was built and I am forever destined to be shaped that way. But I could feel my body change and things stick out in ways they hadn't before. Clothes fit differently. I gained weight in my butt. I have never had anything resembling a butt, ever. So last summer, I got tired of it. I joined a gym.

Obviously, when you join a gym, you actually have to go. For more than an hour and a half a week. And you should really stop the cupcake and latte habit. And let some leftovers go to waste. Put them in the break room. Someone will eat them. But no one spelled that out for me. I would go to the gym but want to reward myself with the 'bucks the next morning. Free cookies? I'll take one... or two. And nothing happened. Clothes stayed tight, wedding rings were hard to get off, and the number on the scale stayed the same.

This spring with my nieces. My face shape has changed a little...

But y'all - I know I am always so cheesy about this - the bloggers. In the way that a fashion blogger may want to get a dress she sees online, I want to join your ranks. I want to understand the workouts you post, complain about sore muscles from running, plan to enter a race... a lot of it. I used to hate people's facebook workout posts, but I like workout tweets. I wanted to finish three miles the other day so I could share it. Who am I?

I still love cupcakes, but I'm going to try to limit them to once a week. I've replaced my Starbucks habit with the Keurig and yummy creamer. And I am making more time in my life to go to the gym. And I enjoy reading your workout/healthy living posts - keep 'em coming! I just wanted to put this out there. There are people with real problems who can't work out for whatever reason, and I'm not one of them. My only problem is my own laziness. Now you know more about me, and you know why I might tweet about working out (sorry if it's not your thing - I totally understand!). And maybe I'll stay accountable to my blog friends. Because really, the only thing more fun than blogging about eating a cupcake is blogging about how I didn't eat a cupcake this time and made a healthier choice instead.

(But believe me. There will still be plenty of cupcakes in my life.)

What are some details about how you live? If you have had a long road to trying to get fit, what's your story?


  1. My story is much the same. After our wedding my husband and I both put on weight... but of course he quickly lost it, while it stuck around for me. And then it just kept creeping up. Right now I have trouble getting my wedding band off... but I haven't made the commitment yet to better eating and exercising like I was doing pre-wedding. I'm sure I will once the scale creeps to a certain number, but until then I'm eating those darn cupcakes, lol.

  2. Great post! I think a lot of us can relate. I've always been average, too. It wasn't until after college that I started taking care of myself and really working out (and enjoying it!) over the past few years every time I truly push myself to do more and harder, I've had major setbacks (train for 10K, get a blood clot; train for marathon, get ITBS and stop running for months) so I've learned to cross train better. And I've learned to be fit for myself and my health not to be the hottest girl around. Besides, I'm 31 now and no sping chicken anymore :)

  3. I need to get off my buttocks. I've set some challenges up for myself in July. I need to follow through.

  4. cheers to getting healthy and fit! really the way i see it, it's all about balance. i am not going to cut the cupcake out, but i know i shouldn't have them every day!

  5. I have also considered myself pretty average, but for me it's all about moderation in a post-wedding lifestyle for me. For example, I try not to buy cookies/ice cream/sweets very often because I know that if given te chance, I will eat them all in like, a week. So for me I just eliminate things by not purchasing them because I will rarely go out of my way to have them!

  6. Ughhh I am so in your same boat. Not the post-wedded bliss and event planning boat, but the general boat of having gained weight and being in denial about it for a while. I do work out 2-4 times a week (I have consistently for the past 2 years), but my diet definitely goes through phases. When I am working out and not watching what I eat, my weight won't budge. Super annoying!

    I tried weight watchers last year and it absolutely worked for me! I loved the results but I am totally lazy and hated having to keep track of everything I eat. But if you're serious about getting serious, it definitely works!


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