Tuesday, July 16, 2013

things I forgot

The other day, Andrew and I were talking about saving texts from one another on our phones. Back in the pre-smart phone days, he would delete texts at the end of every day and I kept all of mine for as long as I could... the received ones, at least. Remember how we used to have different options for sent and received texts? I am so spoiled on the conversation layout that I forgot the way things were...

OF COURSE there are a million other things like that in life. Remember when soda started coming in wide mouth cans and that was sooooo innovative? Because I really need help downing my Coke Zero faster. Thanks for that.

My coworkers were saying the other day that they remember when 911 was introduced. You mean Alexander Graham Bell didn't think of that one himself? (Honestly, I had never thought about that until they brought it up!)

I drive a Honda, and the speedometer is digital. I can't remember what it's like to have a dial anymore. Yes, it will be a huge first world problem if I have to go back.

Oh, and let's not forget texting pre-QWERTY keyboard. So tedious... and I was terrible at it!

I have loved TV since I was younger and I remember getting my first VCR. But how often did I forget to set it to record my favorite shows (Dawson's Creek wasn't available to stream online when it originally aired you know)? And then finding a tape that was empty, making sure there was nothing left on it I still needed to watch, and setting the timer correctly? Too much to handle. DVR, I love you. I forgot how annoying the VCR could be.

Forgot to get the source of the phone screen, sorry! | Pre-wide-mouth can | 911 | Non-digital speedometer | Non-QWERTY phone | VCR

I know there are a ton more. What are some things that you forgot?


  1. So when my husband and I were dating, we watched 7th Heaven on the Hallmark channel. Cool, I know. What was even cooler was that we didn't have a DVR and it came on during the day when we were at work. So we went out and bought a bunch of blank VHS tapes and actually used the VCR to record them every single day! And keep in mind...this was only like 5 years ago! ha! But I will say this, that set-up caused a LOT of premarital stress!! We would accidentally record over episodes we hadn't seen, have trouble finding the right one, etc., etc. Lots of fights ensued. Now we don't have cable at all so I suppose you could say we've gone even further back in time...but we do watch things on Hulu and Netflix. And we do have a TiVo, we just don't use it currently b/c we canceled our cable. ANYWAY! Cool post! :) haha!

  2. Making mix tapes using the radio - having a tape in there and set to record, and hitting the button when a favorite song came on the radio.

    Having to wait for someone to get off the house phone to use it.

    Not being able to talk on the phone and be on the computer at the same time.

  3. Remember having to manually roll down the car window? My first car had one... and it stuck a lot so I had to put A LOT of elbow grease into getting it down, haha!

  4. haha i love this!! now i am forgetting things i need to remember. like when we didn't even need a cell phone case- those didn't even exist!!

  5. I used to save all my old texts on my old flip phone too. :) I loved going back to read them years later, even when the phone no longer had service.

  6. haha i used to save all my AIM convos so I could go back and re-read the ones from my crushes. Cool, Brooke, real cool.

  7. Love this post!! I remember thinking it was so cool when we plugged a tv and VCR into the car for long road trips. Now I watch Netflix on my phone say what?

  8. Great post!! This is going to make me sound old - but when I first started dating my husband in 2001 neither of us even had cell phones LOL I couldn't imagine dating people without them these days!

  9. Wait, what? The 911 one just blew my mind!
    One of my fave things was writing notes to friends in class. Do you think teenagers still do this or do they just text?!

  10. floppy disks! cassette tapes! having to set your VHS to "record"


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