Wednesday, July 24, 2013

you mean I have to write in this thing?

I got sucked into the blog world with promises of new BFFs and the possibility of free stuff. So I signed up for blogger, got the guts to comment on other blogs, and then stared at the blinking cursor wondering what on Earth I could talk about that someone would want to read.

And nearly six months later, I still wonder that, pretty much all the time. But I have some go-to's that have really helped me when I get stuck in a blogging rut.

1) Something that happened. We all have a story. I personally don't follow many niche blogs and I prefer to see a slice of your life every few days. Weekend recaps and Five on Fridays are great for that if nothing amazing that warrants its own post has happened lately.

2) Link-ups. I am a sucker for a good link-up. You give me a topic plus help point people to my blog? SOLD! But all link-ups all the time? Boring. I try to pick and choose, personally, or if I am going to do several in one week, I try to at least mix it up.

Venus Trapped in Mars
Um, duh. Today's linkup was a no-brainer! Linking up with Sarah and Helene.

3) Something borrowed, something new. Other blogs are a great resource for content. Should you copy? Never ever ever. Is it okay to post a similar experience and give credit where it's due? I would think so. Amy's cute post about her travel in 2013 made me realize that I have seen a lot this year too, so I have considered a post like it. I also loved Steph's post about the ways in which her husband finds her predictable. I have blog friendships with both of these ladies and I think if I sent them a quick "Hey, do you mind if I..." email, they might not mind. You can also put your own spin on it - list restaurants, concerts, dates, etc. for 2013 instead of travel, or ask your real life BFF how you're predictable.

My first trip in 2013 was to Chicago so of course I had to be a total tourist at the Bean.

4) Lists. I have never seen as many lists as I have now that I'm in the blog world. Bloggers love lists. Have some disjointed tidbits? Find a way to link them in a clever list and BOOM, instant blog post. My weekend was boring last weekend, but instead of telling you that, I presented it in list form as to why it was actually secretly great. Clever.

5) Fun stories that happened (gasp) pre-blogging. I had a life before February 2013 when I started my blog. I've told you about how I met my husband, the time I got fired, and a little about planning my wedding. But there's more! What about seeing Sir Paul McCartney in concert? All of my trips to Las Vegas? Trying out for Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Adopting Bauer BooBoo? Believe me, I am going to get as creative as I can to make these into legit blog posts that don't make me look like I'm living in the past. (Pssst... Bauer's 5th birthday is in a few weeks so maybe I already have that post mentally written).

Some great advice that I got at my first blogger meet-up? The posts that you work really hard on and think will resonate with people will get no comments and the posts that you throw together about something you got from Target's dollar bin will blow up. It's hard to predict these things, so I try really hard not to get bummed when one of my favorite posts has two comments and run with inspiration whenever it strikes. In the end, I need to keep the focus of my blog in mind, which is documenting my life right now, and anyone who actually cares enough to both read what I'm saying AND leave a sweet comment just enhances the experience.

So, what inspires your blog posts?


  1. thanks so much for linking up! agreed about the lists. i love reading lists and I don't really know why! and yes some of the posts you work your hardest on get no comments- it sucks! but in the end at least you are writing for yourself!

  2. I hate it when I work really hard on a great post and no one comments, oh well those are the breaks I guess. Thank you for sharing, I was looking forward to seeing what inspired everyone today!

  3. Lists are

    I love seeing a cool idea on another blog and then when doing a spin on it and linking back to it. I hate when people are all wah she stole my idea. What? We're all out here writing to share stories. More than one book has been centered on the theme of renewal! It's great to see where people take things.

  4. #3!! YES!!! My thought is that it is a win for everyone. If anyone were to use a post of mine, first of all I'd be flattered, second of all assuming they linked back to me that is just extra traffic for everyone! Why not draw inspiration from other people's posts?!

  5. I totally agree with most random lists and posts I think are thrown together and crap get the most hits and comments! Then recipes and other things I work hard on are duds. Oh well!

  6. god forbid you blog about something pre-blog ;)

  7. Love this, there really are so many things to write about but sometimes just feel so stuck.

  8. Some great ideas thank you! Commenting from my brand new blogger account... thank you again!!

  9. I totally agree about the posts that you sit there writing and imagining the 100s of comments you'll get that end up failing hard! lol Btw I love the new design!

  10. This is a great list! I've had the same experience with blogs I've worked hard on getting no comments... I like what you said about blogging for yourself and just documenting your life. That is something I always try to remember for my blog too :)

  11. The comment about how time consuming posts get less comments seems to be so true. It's weird how it works like that sometimes.

  12. Great post, good advice!! And how cool is it that you tried out for who wants to be a millionaire!!


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