Friday, August 30, 2013

five lessons learned

It's the Friday going into a three day weekend for a lot of us. Do we really have to put away the white jeans? How do we carry them into the fall? Someone show me some pins of some outfits, because I can't do it on my own (Oh no, I'm no Superman... Scrubs, anyone?). As much as I support the idea of Weekend Awareness (and am still so smiley inside from those of you who played along with me, really!), I do love a weekend full of fun. But before I get to that, I need to list five somethings and I decided to spin it a little differently this week.

Five lessons I learned this week:

1) One of the professors I work with has been called by many media outlets in the Fort Hood shooting case. I asked him at 9 a.m. Thursday how many news outlets he had spoken with that day (the answer was three) and he said he was tired of saying the shooter's name. It was time to focus on the victims. The shooter is going to military jail, where he will be surrounded by soldiers telling him what to do, morning, noon, and night, and really the only people he will have interaction with. He hates the military, so he got the worst punishment he could, and we should stop discussing him. I know this is said during every tragedy but the conviction in this professor's voice meant more than just hearing Anderson Cooper say it on CNN. (Yes, he was sentenced to death, but I think the prof's thinking he'll die there. He's been in the New York Times several times in the past few weeks so I trust he knows his stuff!)

2) Fantasy Football is harder than I thought it would be. My team is called Hashmarks and Hashtags and one of my players already has a broken leg. Also, he's a New York Giant. If you don't remember, I'm a Giants fan, so this is a double bummer.

3) Streets in Houston flood fast when it barely rains all summer and it sucks. Luckily, the street that contains my favorite burger place didn't flood so I was able to grab a yummy burger for dinner after two hours in the car. Ugh.

4) Random, upbeat songs make me run faster: Karma Chameleon by Culture Club, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, Let's Go Crazy by Prince, and pretty much anything by Destiny's Child. Never change, Songza. Keep giving me a random assortment and keeping me on my toes.

5) I really like writing about things beneath the surface. Don't get me wrong, I love me a good list, brain dump, or bullet point post, but the emails I've exchanged with blog friends over my post about blog success have given me oh so much to think about. Bottom line is, we pretty much all blog for ourselves. If readers, money, or other opportunities follow, then so be it, but for the most part, we're all in this for ourselves in the best way possible - and I love it.

Lots of fries at The Burger Guys (we didn't finish them) | Andrew's Fantasy Football Prep... I maybe snuck a peek while drafting my team :)

There are tons of things I am excited about this weekend, but if I told you all of them now, that would make Tuesday's post really redundant. All you College Football fans, have some fun, and all of you NFL Widows, enjoy your last Sunday with your husband til February. That's what I plan to do!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

my single girl life

I always dreamt of college. Of decorating dorm rooms, a roommate who became my BFF, common areas to kill time in, and basically everything portrayed in Saved by the Bell: The College Years... and then I went and went to a commuter school in the city I've lived in my entire life for reasons that are neither here nor there. I lived with my parents until I moved in with my husband when I was 22 and have been here ever since. I never got the dorm experience or any experience in living alone at all! I wouldn't change anything in my past, but I never thought that I would never live alone. I often wonder what my life would have been like in my own apartment, and judging by my cohabitating habits, I think I have a good idea.

Heeeeey 21 year old self, you think you are so cute in that Charlotte Russe corset but you are not going to the Renaissance Festival so maybe another top would have been better.

In my single girl life...

... dishes would be left to "soak" in the sink for a few days and the clean dishwasher would be a perfectly fine alternative to putting dishes in the cabinet.

... the TV would rarely leave E! and Friends reruns would be a constant staple.

... I would have no idea what channel ESPN was.

... there would be at least two cats. Probably three.

... I would live off of Lean Cuisines, boxed mac and cheese, and grilled cheese.

... Clutter. Everywhere. Yes, my name is Lauren and I'm a mess.

... bills probably wouldn't be paid on time, but new clothes would likely be purchased when I didn't feel like doing laundry.

... I would only drink screw top wine because I can't work a corkscrew (I'm working on it...)

... there would be a lot more pink in my house.

... I would read more books.

... I would live couchless for a few months because I am terrible at making decisions on high dollar purchases (or any purchases, really).

I am happy with my life right now, but I really do wonder how I would have done on my own. Would I still be sloppy, or would I have become a neat freak with no one around to nag encourage me to clean up after myself? How cute would my pink duvet be? HOW MANY CATS? I guess I'll never really know. But believe me, any time Andrew is out of town, I make a pot of mac and cheese and make sure my wine is in an acceptable bottle. There's nothing wrong with a single weekend every so often.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

weekday awareness

Everybody's workin' for the weekend. That's why there's a song about it. Every Friday, every blog lists five great things about their week, myself included. I like being able to post about the minutiae that makes up my daily life. But so many times I see people saying they're so glad it's Friday, can't wait til Friday, etc. And I feel you - I mean, who doesn't love a weekend? But isn't it kind of depressing when you figure that you are spending over half your life wishing for a few days that are over faster than any of us would prefer? Well, it was depressing to me, so like any good blogger, I took my thoughts to twitter and learned that a few of y'all felt the same. In order to support Weekday Awareness, I give you ten things that make Monday through Thursday not suck.

1) Coworker Chat - I don't know about you guys, but I am lucky enough to work with some great ladies. I actually miss them when one of us is on vacation and I like going to them for advice or to tell them my latest stories and hear theirs. Our "catch up time" makes the work days more fun.

2) Friend Dates - Weekday Friend Dates feel extra special - it's like "Hey, I took time away from my busy life to hang out with you."I love seeing friends on the weekends, but when our schedules mesh during the week and we can connect? Even better. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to the whole work day.

3) Blog Posts - Weekends are my blog world catch-up time, and few people blog on days beginning with S. But don't you love reading what your blog friends are up to and looking forward to comments on your own posts? The best stuff in blogland happens while we're all supposed to be hard at work. Would I rather be at home sleeping? Definitely. But, do blog comments and great posts make me happy and make me think? YES.

4) Going to Bed Early - Going to bed early on a Friday? You're a grandma! Going to bed early on a Thursday? You have had a tough week and you are just gearing up to be your best at work tomorrow. Just sayin'. For what it's worth, I go to bed early anytime I can and I don't need an excuse, but I like that my laziness can be equated with responsibility on a weeknight.

5) Real Breakfast - Pancakes are more of a treat and taste better when you make time for them on a weekday. It's just a fact.

6) Better TV - Summer notwithstanding, weekday TV is normally the best. New Girl on Tuesdays, Modern Family on Wednesdays. No one ever wants to rush home and watch TV on a Saturday night. Can you even name anything that comes on Saturday night? (Besides SNL.) I like being able to come home and unwind with my favorite characters.

7) Anticipating the weekend - I love the anticipation for something good ahead - vacations, my birthday, Christmas, the weekend, etc. Sometimes just knowing a good weekend is on the horizon makes me almost giddy. And when Sunday morning rolls around, I'm always bummed that my coveted weekend is almost over. I'll take happy anticipation anytime.

8) Payday - I get paid on a Friday but Andrew gets paid on Thursdays and even though it shouldn't matter, knowing that there is brand new money in the bank account makes splurging a little more okay than it is any other day.

9) A glass of wine feels like a treat - Like many, I enjoy some wine on the weekends. It's kind of a given. But if I have one (or two...) during the week, it's like it's a treat and I earned it.

10) Staying up past your bedtime is an act of rebellion - If I let myself stay up past 10:30, it's probably for something good. It's like going back to elementary school and being allowed to break the rules. And since I didn't break nearly enough rules as a kid, I'm making up for it in my twenties I guess.

So there it is. Ten whole things that make me not dread Monday through Thursday and wish my whole life away. So next time you hear me saying that I can't wait for the weekend, sit me down in front of a good blog post and feed me some breakfast, okay?

What makes your weekdays awesome? I want to share your posts on twitter today so tweet me @lauren1031 or leave them in the comments. I'm going to use #weekdayawareness and you should, too!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

on judging blog success

I've been getting some of the blogger blues lately... have you ever felt like what you're doing isn't enough? There's always another blogger who is funnier, has more followers, gets more comments, is making money from her blog, and then there's me, just doing my best to write in this space five days a week. Some days, I wonder why I do this, and if I should just quit and use my time for something else because I'm never going to be as good as whoever looks the best to me that day. And then I realize how stupid that is. How my worth as a person shouldn't be affected by the number of followers or comments because that's not why I started blogging in the first place.

I know he's a cowboy, but he seems Heisenberg-esque to me. I think it' the hat.

If you're new here (Hi! Welcome.), I started blogging to make friends in my city. And if I do say so, I am doing a great job - blogger friends turning IRL friends or text friends in just a few months is so fun - but like many women people, I always want more. I think it's great to constantly push yourself to be better, but where I am finding fault with myself (and with a lot of bloggers in general, it seems) is wanting to do all the things better all the time. If I may say something good about myself without bragging, I think I do as good of a job as I can at building relationships with anyone who wants to leave me a comment. I always respond to comments, normally with multi-sentence emails. I do my best to follow back or at least see what you're about, and if you use blogger and you're a no-reply comment blogger, then I leave a comment letting you know. Getting to that third email is essential - you leave me a comment, I respond (or vice-versa), and if it goes nowhere, then we haven't quite built a relationship. But sometimes, that third email passes from "I'm answering you because I'm polite" to "I'm emailing you to get to know you" and that's where the blog friendships begin. My goal was relationship building, and if I had to give myself a score, it would be a solid B+... leaving ample room for improvement.

Thanks, Jess!

My problem is that I have started to lose focus of my goals and wanting what other people have. You always see blogs with thousands of followers and hundreds of comments and I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Are my posts too long? My photos too low quality? Why don't they all like me? And then I see sponsored posts (we're only talking about the ones done well here - you guys know which ones I don't mean) and I wonder - how come no advertiser sees me? I like making money! But then I wake up and remember that no amount of comments or sponsored posts are going to make me feel like I've "made" it. There will always be another blogger "better" than me. As there should be. So many other women put so much more time, money, and effort into their blogs than I ever will that they deserve it!

Hate is a strong word but I still find this funny!

Last week, Forbes came out with a list of the Top Websites for Women in 2013. I started going through the list and found several blogs I had never heard of so I clicked over. I was expecting sleek design, loads of followers, and more comments than any blogger could realistically respond to. What I got were small blogs with unique voices just talking about life at the time. Two to three comments per post. Approachable blogs with likely small and devoted followings (like this one). Very few comments, but they were on the Forbes list, y'all. That's legit! So I had to ask myself - what would I rather have - a spot on the Forbes list or loads of comments? The prestige of being called tops by a national publication or fifty of my peers leaving comments, from the heartfelt to the cursory (let's face it - we have all left a "that's so cute!" comment with nothing more at least once) - either would be fantastic, no? Or I could be a blogger review site who rakes in the cash but whose blog lacks the personal touch that I so enjoy sharing with you guys. Nothing wrong with that, but would I feel successful?

You can buy this cute print here.

I guess the short answer, and the one we all know, is that comparison is the thief of joy or whatever pinterest has been saying. Blogging success is relative to the wants and needs of each blogger. I can say that I get so bummed out when bloggers that I like stop letting me into their lives in favor of reviewing products that don't seem to fit into their lifestyles or when each post is tagged with a sponsored segment at the end. On the one hand, I would love to have a thousand pairs of eyes reading what I have to say every day. On the other, could I really keep a relationship with them? The higher those numbers climb, the more I open myself up to being judged and ridiculed (also? The greater the chance of making another good blog friend. You can't just take the good, though). I started this blog to form connections. I had lunch with Rachelle yesterday. Sara and I have similar senses of WTF and exchange emails almost daily. Sweet Joey has become a text friend, Heidi is my long lost sister, and I get to experience BlogElevated with Bre and Miranda. There are more great blog friends, but I have had one-on-one contact with these over the past 24 hours so I am a very, very lucky girl. And, by my own, self-imposed standards, a very successful blogger.

But, for the record, I won't turn down a spot on the Forbes list in 2014 and if more eyes check out this page, I'll do my best to get to know every one of 'em.

What makes a blog successful to you? Do you ever have trouble maintaining your focus?

Monday, August 26, 2013

there's a cocktail named after my blog. or something.

If I were to describe this weekend in one word, it would be sleep, but since a one-word blog post is no fun, allow me to elaborate on what I did for the few hours I was vertical.

Sorry for the IG repeat | S'mores dessert | Proof that sometimes I attempt to dress up.

Around 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning, Bauer woke us up. Our solution for going back to sleep when this happens is that one of us will sleep on the couch and one will stay in bed in hopes that the cat will settle one place or another and let us get some rest. Andrew took the couch. At 6:30, I was startled awake by repeated ringing of the doorbell and literal banging on the door. My first thought was that something was on fire and a neighbor was trying to alert us. Then I thought maybe Andrew had run something down to the curb (it was trash day) and had accidentally locked himself out without his phone and I slept through his more delicate attempts to wake me up and let him in. I ran to the door yelling "I'm coming!" when he stopped me in the hall, looked out the window, and told me it was his coworker. This coworker lives close to us and is kind of weird; he asked Andrew if he could come live with us if his marriage fell apart (most likely due to his cheating; Andrew told him there was no way in hell). This guy is an HR nightmare and even though I believe Andrew would have the right to say whatever he wanted when he wasn't on company time and was in his own house, I knew he would be pretty professional and I didn't think his reaction to this disturbance was going to be... strong enough. So I offered to do it.

When I get excited, I often can't remember what I say. I don't think before speaking. Combine that with the fact that it was 6:30 a.m. and I really can't be held accountable for what happened next.

I opened the door and said something like "What are you doing here?" He asked if Andrew was home and I know I said "Of course he is! It's 6:30 a.m.! Why are YOU here?" He got really flustered and said he needed to talk to him. I proceeded to drop F bombs, saying things like "You aren't his f-ing friend! You shouldn't be here at this hour" and "Why the f are you here?" I told him to leave and if he needed to talk to Andrew, he could call him on his work phone. So he left, Andrew turned his work phone on, and had a message from the guy saying he locked his keys in his company truck and needed Andrew's work keys to solve the problem (don't get me started on how any other person in the situation doesn't know where we live and would have solved this issue on their own!). He had the audacity to tell Andrew "Your wife cursed me out. I didn't appreciate that." UMMM HELLO JERK I didn't appreciate your dumb self thinking it was okay to come banging on my door at 6:30 a.m. Andrew of course told him that he didn't blame me for saying whatever I wanted to. He has also notified his boss and HR that this guy's behavior was completely out of line, though the offender is dumb enough to go to the company HR department and complain about me today. I'll let you know what happens.

Other than that, we had a date night at Phillippe for Houston Restaurant Weeks. It's in the Galleria-area, and honestly, I felt like the scene and ambiance took precedence over the food, which was a bummer for me. BUT, they did have a cocktail with a great name that I had to try, obviously...

I didn't take a pic of the drink because it was hard to take sneaky pics, but it was a yellow martini. I'm not a huge gin fan, but if you are, then you would probably like it!

The food was super-French and not that thrilling, but the s'mores mousse dessert was awesome. I would almost go back for that. Almost.

Andrew spent pretty much all day yesterday making a mole that was amazing along with Mexican Chocolate Pots de Creme. And then I watched Breaking Bad (OMG) and the VMAs (Oh Miley. And not nearly enough N'Sync, am I right? But there was definitely a dance party in my living room.)

Bauer does not like his carrier | Tacos | Yum.

The back to school traffic is back, at least where I live, but I am really excited for the upcoming three day weekend. How was your weekend? Did I overreact to the guy at my door? Is there a cocktail that (almost) shares a name with your blog? Are you going to be listening to N'Sync all day, or is it just me?

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Friday, August 23, 2013

cocktail bars, lattes, and other happy things

Another Friday. This week flew by for me - I think it was because students are back and I am busier than I've  been since May. I kind of love it. But, it does make social media life harder. Is getting answers to twitter questions hours after you've asked them annoying? If so, sorry, but only a little. It's pretty much guaranteed that if you ask about food or TV, I will answer (PS - I am following a lot of new blogs lately, but maybe not your twitter - find me @lauren1031 and let's follow each other).

And now.... on to the five!

1) Making Thursday the new Friday. Can we do that? I mean, I will still come to work on Friday if I have to, but I really like going out on Thursday nights as I have the past few. Sara and I met up at Anvil for yummy cocktails and their pretzel with cheese that I pretty much wanted to bathe in. I think after two hangouts, I can pretty much think of her as "my friend Sara" and not "my blog friend Sara." Right? Thursday plans make the week go faster. What's happening next week?

Punch and Pimm's Cup | Pretzel with yummy spicy queso fundido

2) Since we're talking about blog friends, snail mail from blog friends is awesome, especially when it's unexpected! I got letters from Joy and Carly this week and it was so fun to open something that wasn't a bill. I want to keep up our card sending. If you are comfortable sharing your address with blog friends, it is definitely a fun little project (but obviously friends, use your discretion, there are crazy people out there. I think that goes without saying...)

Cute stationery! Bloggers don't use notebook paper, obviously!

3) If you're in Houston and need unique catering, call Grizzaffi Coffee. I catered an event with gelato and yummy lattes made on site yesterday and my coworkers were SO SO happy with it. The couple that owns it were as nice as could be and I really want to work with them again. They do the coffee at Discovery Green in the winter, too. They have no idea I am saying this but my experience with them was that good that I wanted to share. Plus, it went over really well as an employee incentive to look into for your area if you're not in Texas (this company will travel within the state!).

I love latte art, even if it did get off-centered because I was talking the poor woman's ear off!

4) I am working on an event in which we need a celebrity host. For some reason at a meeting yesterday, Kyle Chandler's (AKA Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights) name was thrown in as a possibility and for about literally three seconds I thought he was coming to host the event and fangirled at a table of real adults. Most of whom did not know who that was. I'm pretty sure he's not coming, but if he does, I'll let you know. Oh, and does anyone have a connection to any national celebrities?

5) Still excited that I am attending Blog Elevated (see how here) and now I need to design business cards. Eek! I am not good at making things pretty so that will be pretty tough but I'm going to try this weekend. Any tips?

This weekend is promising to be good. Hope yours is, too!
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

movies that you should have watched when you were a kid

Time for another confession: I'm not a big movie watcher. I sleep through them. Even as a kid, I preferred to watch Nickelodeon for hours at a time rather than popping in a good old VHS. So, unfortunately for me, there are a ton of movies that I didn't see as a kid that everyone else has seen. I've tried to watch many of them as an adult and they kind of stink. However, I will say that I can kind of see where some of your love stems from. I just can't connect.

(Sorry for the gif heavy post but what else can you use to talk about movies?)

1) The Princess Bride. I know, I know, mawwaige is what brings us together or whatever, and Saul from Homeland is in it, but I am just bored. People love this movie and I hear it quoted all the time but I think it is terribly slow. I wanted to like it, I did, but I couldn't sit through the whole thing.

2) Goonies. My husband LOVES this movie so I think I have seen all of it, albeit in pieces. I love seeing the cast since so many of them are famous now but the story (again) moves so slowly. And the special effects are awful. Stick with your fond childhood memories of this, maybe show it to your kids, but please spare an adult from watching it for the first time.

3) A Christmas Story. This is a favorite of mine that a lot of people are divided on. I make sure to watch it every year and to me, it never gets old. But I see how Ralphie's daydreams, misadventures, and anger towards the Ovaltine jerks may not translate if you didn't grow up wondering if your tongue would really stick to a pole in cold weather.

4) Frosty the Snowman. Andrew and I both grew up watching this special every year so we decided to DVR it one year and watch it with some hot cocoa before bed. It is so anti-climactic. He's built, comes to life, makes mischief, and melts. And it takes thirty minutes. It didn't hold up to either of our memories, so if you think you love it, just remember it fondly. Don't make another adult watch it with you.

5) Billy Madison. I saw this movie when I was 12 and promptly watched it about half a million more times in the next year. I could quote it with the best of them and found it hilarious. When I turn it on now, I still laugh for nostalgia's sake, but I think if I saw it for the first time I would think it was terrible!

What do you think? Any movies that you loved as a kid that you can't imagine seeing for the first time now? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

winning, literally

I heard a little bit about a conference called Blog Elevated coming to my city (less than half an hour from where I live, no less, which is awesome - Houston is huge!). Truthfully, I kind of ignored it; I mean, we are moving soon so I am trying to get all distractions from saving money out of my head until we have a new house. But, my sweet friend Rachelle scored tickets at a discount from joining one of Blog Elevated's twitter parties and convinced me that I should try to join in and get one, too. I love a good sale so I thought I would play along and see how I fared.

I tell my husband about all of this, and of course, he is cheap too. He is also competitive. Put us together in a game and the smack talking will never end. We have had several people refuse to play Taboo with us because we are that good! I'm an enthusiastic competitor who loses my mind in the heat of competition when adrenaline is flowing; Andrew is much more calculated and careful. Oh, and he's pretty funny too. More on that in a sec.

Andrew has a little-used twitter account and when he saw me sit down last night to get ready for the twitter party and I explained to him how it worked, he started playing along too... he was hoping I would win something, but more importantly, I think he wanted to beat me! We played along and I had fun interacting with my friends playing (hi Bre and Miranda!) but I think he started to get bored and the silly side came out...

(Andrew is A Blinking Idiot - I'm glad they have s sense of humor!) 

He didn't win that one. Our house internet was being a jerk and I have serious sausage fingers so my answers were riddled with typos (see, I told you I get excited when I compete). We were on what we thought was the last question. "Laptop!" I yelled out and tried to type. Andrew had another answer...

I just laughed. Other bloggers loved him.

I assumed we didn't win and was ready to go to bed, but he asked and.... he won!

The code was DMed to him! I didn't want to let down his new followers (he had a few) but I didn't want to fool anyone, either, so I tweeted the truth and made sure he retweeted it.
And of course he had to have the last word...

Sooooo... we did it! Okay, kinda he did it but I did give him the answers to the questions I knew. And now I am going to Blog Elevated! I'm so excited! I miss learning, so this is going to be a great opportunity to just soak things in, plus I'm looking forward to all of the bloggers that I know I'll meet and hanging out with ones I already know and love! Thanks to Blog Elevated for holding fun twitter games - I look forward to joining in the next round just to meet other bloggers! (PS - I heard that the secret is using TweetDeck. Y'all should try that!). And thanks to my sweet blog friends for being supportive during the games - blog friends really are the best. Oh, and sorry for blowing up your twitter feed last night if you have no interest in this. I'll try to be more calm next time! I am also so, so pumped that so many bloggers are going to get to experience Houston, so of course next week I will have to try to round up some of the best things to do while you're here!

Any advice for me on attending a blogging conference? Are you going to Blog Elevated? I have business cards to order, outfits to plan... I'm still so excited!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

taste of tuesday: killer potatoes

I say I don't cook but I'm back with another recipe. You are probably well aware by now that my husband has taken up brisket smoking as a hobby. While he could eat just meat for two days straight, I need some sides with my meal. I hate traditional BBQ sides, so a few weeks ago I was trying to think of something easy to accompany the hunk of beef I was about to consume and all I could think of were the potatoes I grew up eating at family events. I've named them Killer Potatoes (they are terrible for you - eat them too often and they'll kill ya!)

This dish is good for a potluck - a little goes a long way because they are filled with things that are terrible for you. I love them but I only eat them about three times a year. I'm giving you the recipe as my mom gave it to me, but notice that I did buy low fat/ fat free as much as possible and it didn't really affect the taste.

(And yes, my inner food snob kind of cringes over this recipe but sometimes cheese is all you need.)

Killer Potatoes:
1 bag frozen hashbrowns
1 stick butter, melted
16 oz sour cream
1 can cream of chicken soup
Cheddar cheese (shredded) - I used about half a package but could have used a little more
Real Bacon Bits
Bread Crumbs

Mix a handful of bacon bits and all other ingredients except bread crumbs together (reserve some cheese, though). Pour into a greased 13x9 casserole dish. Sprinkle bacon bits, remaining cheese, and bread crumbs on top. Bake uncovered 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

I only used about half the container of sour cream. I should have used more. And I forgot to add bacon bits. Oops.

Next time you need to bring a dish to a homestyle event, I recommend this one. It is so quick and easy that I did it with minimal screwups. Are there any dishes you love that you know are awful for you? Any dishes from childhood that you only crave every so often?

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Monday, August 19, 2013

how I know I'm an adult

I think I have finally grown up because the things that made my weekend good were so simple. Examples:

  • We have floors!!! Angels are still singing as we speak. The house is mostly back to normal.
  • I voluntarily scrubbed bathrooms without my husband strongly hinting that it should be done. That almost never happens.
  • Andrew smoked a brisket while I prepared easy sides and dessert for a low-key meal at home.
  • We went grocery shopping on Saturday night to beat the crowds (but did stop at the liquor store on the way as an added treat. Don't worry,we got neither wild nor crazy).
  • I started my Sunday with Starbucks and Stars Hollow.
  • A trip to Garden Ridge and some light house redecorating was super exciting.
  • The Giants game and Breaking Bad made for an exciting Sunday night (but I was able to watch on my normal, HDTV and not the tiny one I've been watching for the past two weeks, so both looked better than ever).
1. Floors! | 2. Spicy Chocolate Frozen Custard | 3. Sweet Duncan through the window while Andrew was at the smoker | 4. Brisket! | 5. Salad (from a kit), mac and cheese (from a box), and brownies (from a box)... I am not very domestic! | 6. I need to join a Gilmore Girls addicts group because I watch it far too often.

No drunken shenanigans or going out; just time spent appreciating my house (that I have spent months hating!). I still want to move, but I'm a little bit happier with what I've got. Other fun: kitty snuggles, and my favorite flavor being available at the frozen custard place. This week involves plans for a fun work event, happy hour with a friend, and dinner out for Houston Restaurant Weeks. I've read a few criticisms lately that weekend recaps are boring because "so few weekends are worth recapping." That really bums me out. Who is this blog thing supposed to be for, anyway? I blog so that I can remember what I did with my life and how I spent my time. And this weekend? It should just go down in history as a time that I was grateful for floors beneath my feet and sleeping in my own bed. And if that's boring? Well, as the youngsters say, sorry I'm not sorry.

Have you ever been really happy for something you've taken for granted for a long time? Do you like reading and writing weekend recaps? How was your weekend?

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Friday, August 16, 2013

five on friday: the little things

Today is another D-Day for my stupid house. Can you all send good vibes into the universe that I will have REAL floors in my house by the end of this weekend and be able to use my kitchen again? I mean, not like I ever spend time in there anyway but I would really like for my husband to get back to making me dinner every night and not HAVING to go out. (If you don't follow me on twitter, basically the flooring crew didn't show up Monday and a crew came Tuesday who said everything done so far had been done incorrectly so they re-did a bunch of stuff and should lay flooring today. If Tuesday's work has dried. CROSS FINGERS!)

So, in the name of perspective, let's think of five things to be happy about this week, okay?

Heidi! | Wine - buy this, it was only $6 | He wasn't being sweet, just hiding his face | Girls Night! Amy, Amy, Me, Darby

1) When my job keeps me busy and days fly by. I plan events at a law school. Sometimes this involves ordering food for 12 people to eat for lunch. Other days I get to source vendors for a staff happy hour. Free booze plus my coworkers loving me for convincing the administration that that was a good idea? Priceless.

2) Super fun bloggy BFFs! If you read either of our blogs, it's no secret that Heidi and I clicked from day one! We grew up so so close to one another and she is currently living in NC but will hopefully be back in Houston soon! I am so hoping that we can get together next time she's in town. I tweeted that I wanted to send some snail mail last week and she sent me her address and got her letter this week. I love a friend who will play along with whatever I throw out...

3) Thai food and Riesling. I know most people don't like sweet wines and Riesling is definitely on the sweet side, but have you had it with some spicy Thai? Amazing. And if you don't like Thai food, why not? If you live in Houston I will gladly go eat it with you. I could pretty much eat Panang Curry once a week.

4) Beautiful (Houston) weather and time with blog friends turning IRL friends last night. Have I mentioned about a million times that I love meeting people through blogging? Welllll, let's make it a million and one. Last night Darby initiated a Happy Hour that I went to along with Amy and Amy. I love meeting blog friends IRL because they know enough about what is going on with you that you can skip the small talk and get into the good stuff. And with every blogger I've met, you spend 10% or less of your time talking about blogging and the rest just talking. It's like I've known these girls for a long time when I have really only met them each once or twice before. Let's do it again, kay?

5) Laughing so hard I cry. Andrew and I have been in close quarters lately and we are both tired of dealing with our stupid house situation and of course, like most married couples, we tend to take that frustration out on one another. The other day we carpooled and just kept out ridiculous-ing one another and I laughed until I cried and my stomach muscles hurt. I love my husband all the time, but times like that remind me of why I fell in love with him. Good stuff. Also, I can be so ridiculous that I don't know who else would have me. So there's that.

Little things. Perspective. Gotta keep reminding myself. You only get so many big moments in life so the little day to days have to be good, ya know? I hope you have a great weekend, and do yourself a favor and try Thai food if you haven't already. Thank me on Monday.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

paying it forward: back to school edition

Here's something we haven't really discussed about me: I'm a couponer. Now, don't expect to see me on the next episode of Extreme Couponing or anything, but I do clip from the Sunday newspaper and do the occasional price-matching when I notice a good deal. So, when Campus Book Rentals put out a challenge to buy a backpack and fill it with school supplies using only $25, I wanted to see how far I could make my money go.

This little photobomber wanted to pay it foward, too! (Though he calls it "Paw It Forward." Cats like puns.)

(Note: I was not compensated for this post, but Campus Book Rentals did give me the $25 to shop with on the condition that I donate the backpack. I think that's a pretty cool pay it forward initiative on their part!)

It's been a long time since I have had to shop for school supplies and I wasn't sure where to start. Operation Backpack is a great initiative in Houston that collects backpacks and supplies for kiddos whose parents are having trouble affording supplies. I used their supply list as a guide and wanted to get my backpack as close to "full" by their standards as possible. I also wanted everything in my backpack to be cute and match so this little one could start the year with some flair. My other self-imposed criteria was that all coloring supplies had to be Crayola because let's face it, other brands don't compare.

So, with my money in hand I decided to scour the Sunday paper ads. I loved buying school supplies as a kid so having an excuse to buy them now was fun for me. I mean, who can pass up the chance to get things for a penny? This time of year, there are plenty of things to get. I spent about an hour making lists according to stores so it would be easier to compare prices between all the options. I mean, 50 cents for a glue stick sounds like a good deal but then I realized I could get four for a quarter and I was sold!

I thought buying a backpack would be the hardest part, but Walgreens had them on sale for $3.99 so that was my first stop. Using my Balance Rewards membership and the coupons printed in their flyer, I took my total from $23 to $11. Knowing how much I was going to spend before I got to the cash register helped me make sure I got the best deals. Less than half the budget spent and already a backpack and some supplies? The day was off to a great start!

Spent $11.40 but I SAVED $12.55... and the backpack is pretty cute!

My next stop was Office Max, home of the stuff for a penny. I got five folders and a bunch of other stuff for ten cents or a quarter apiece. I spent less than $4 there and got a ton of stuff, including pens for myself that cost $1 (that I of course did not count toward my $25). (Also, have you met me? Did you really think I could face all these school supplies without getting some for myself?)

I spent $2.79 on all this and I saved $11.57! Gotta love a deal!

Target never lets me down, so I went there last. I hadn't budgeted for a lunch box, but I was excited to find a pink insulated lunch bag for less than $4. I was also happy about the $1 purple calculator because it matched my pink and purple theme.

I spent $8.12 on this. The lunch bag and markers were on sale and all of the other school supplies seemed to be specially priced for back to school!

I got home and laid out everything I got. I didn't think it would all fit in the backpack! In total, I spent $22.98 with tax. I had to drop the bag off at my local grocery store anyway, so I checked the list and saw that a combination lock was suggested and I picked one up for $2.48 the day I dropped off the bag. Total spent: $25.46.

The whole haul, minus the lock!
I got a backpack, lunch bag, five folders, five notebooks, a binder, a ruler, two packs of pens, a pack of pencils, a pack of highlighters, a calculator, pencil sharpener, four gluesticks, erasers, index cards, a pencil bag, markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, construction paper, and two packs of notebook paper. Phew!

I loved this challenge! It didn't take much extra time and it was fun for me to see what bargains I could get. Also, who doesn't love doing something nice for someone else?

I bought the lock, put it in the bag, and dropped off the backpack at the grocery store!

About our sponsor: Campus Book Rentals is a company that offers students up to 90% off their textbooks! It not only allows students to save money, it helps students make money by providing services for students to rent out their textbooks to other students. Campus Book Rentals has been around since 2007, and continues to help students live a more affordable life. Campus Book Rentals is proud to sponsor such an amazing pay it forward event! I was still in college in 2007 - how did I miss this? My boss' daughter is still in school so I will definitely share this with her!

Do you love school supplies? Any other couponers out there? Have you had the chance to pay it forward lately?

The backpack was bigger than it seemed so I modeled it for you. Operation Backpack encouraged you to add a letter to your kid, so I did.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

wedding wednesday: writing your own ceremony and vows

I stared blogging about our wedding, mostly for me, over a month ago. I thought it was time to do so again so I could remember the most important part of any wedding day - the ceremony!

Now, I'm going to talk about something that not a lot of people love: writing your own ceremony and vows. Neither Andrew nor I grew up going to a specific church. We didn't have a pastor who we wanted to marry us, so we had to find someone on our own. And as for vows, I didn't want to be his lawfully wedded wife. I wanted a wedding as a whole and especially a ceremony that was uniquely us, and what better way to be "us" than to create everything on my own?

I went to the internet to find an officiant and ended up using (In researching to write this post, I learned that the lovely man who married us has since passed away. He told me that our ceremony was one of the most memorable he had ever performed and sent us a note wishing us well after the wedding. So sad!). There are many bios online and you can choose an officiant who is a good fit for you, but we weren't picky. I made it clear from the beginning that I intended on creating something on my own, so I just needed someone who was okay with straying from the norm. We met our officiant one evening at a restaurant so we could get to know each other and mostly corresponded via email. It was a perfect set-up.

Once I said I wanted to write a ceremony, I had to actually do it. I used some of the sample ceremonies on as my bones and wanted to personalize it more. I was really into reading at the time and took a lot of inspiration from a wedding there. I would love to link to it, but I can't remember it! I think I also Googled a lot to find more readings. (I keep saying "I"; Andrew had absolute approval and veto of the ceremony, but compiling it was something I figured out mostly alone.)

Here are the parts I saw I needed:
A Call to Celebration: Something saying our names and welcoming our guests.
Address: It acknowledged the step we were about to take and the importance of marriage. I wanted a reading in here that showed that. It also included a prayer.
Consecration: Literally means "to associate with the sacred."I wanted it to define what our marriage was going to be.
Declaration of Intent: This was a general statement about what we were going to do followed by the vows we had written. It basically said "We're DOING this!"
Vow and Ring Exchange: I kept this in there because we had to exchange rings but it wasn't my favorite part. I kept these vows simple.
Symbolic Thing: This is where you do a unity candle, sand ceremony, etc. Some people omit that entirely. We chose a wine and love letter box, described in the ceremony text, and followed it with another reading.
Pronouncement: I fell in love with this part and I wish I could credit it to whoever wrote it. It's a longer way of saying that we were officially married.

Since it is kind of long, I have linked to our wedding ceremony text as a Google Doc. The officiant changed it very little and a few of my notes are still in there. You can find it here.

I took time alone before the ceremony to try to remember my vows... it didn't work. I ended up reading them!

Writing vows was in a way, harder. In my head, they had to be a perfect declaration of my love and that was a lot of pressure! I came up with a basic formula so that Andrew and I both had a place to start and our vows would somewhat mirror one another. I insisted We chose not to show one another our vows and let them be a surprise on our wedding day. Needless to say, his made me into a complete, blubbering mess.

Here's the general outline:
I love you because... (3x)
Something about plans for our new married life
Will you be my?
(Vows inspired by this wedding)

And here are my vows to him:

Andrew, you know better than anyone how stubborn I am. Whenever I get an idea in my head for something I have to have, you always say that we are going to go look for a unicorn. You think I get ideas for things in my head that don't really exist. You know that I won't rest until I find exactly what I'm looking for. You think that these things that I want, like mid-calf black suede ankle boots with buckles or the color of teal we chose for this wedding, will be impossible to find. But usually, I am right. I search any place I can think of until I find what I am looking for, or find my unicorn, as you put it.

Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to get married. I wanted someone who would be there for me through everything, someone to be my best friend, a person I could laugh with at the end of every day. I didn't know what I wanted this man to look like, or when I would meet him, but I knew I would find him one day. Like most of the things I go in search of, I only had a vague idea of what I wanted. Mostly, I always know that I have found what I was looking for when I see it. When you came along, you were it. You are the person I have been looking for and the person I want standing next to me for the rest of my life. You are my unicorn.

I love you all the time, even when you annoy me past the point of frustration. I love the way you look at me when you know I am frustrated and I can't help but laugh at how silly we both are. I love the way you can make me laugh and the way you always tell it like it is.

I love the little things you do for me, like warming up the plates at dinner before putting food on them or driving me to get frozen custard in a torrential downpour. These things may sound trivial, but to me it shows how much my comfort and happiness mean to you.

I love the home we already share with all of our inside jokes, song parodies, and television obsessions. I love that you are probably the only man in America who has watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, just because I told you it was a good show. 

I promise to love you like Penny loved Desmond, like Amy loved Ephraim, and of course, like Pam loves Jim. Only I promise that our love will be more enduring than the shows all of these TV characters are on.

I want to continue to fill our home with more memories. I want us to grow together and have fun together and go through all of life's challenges together. I may not be the perfect wife. Cooking and cleaning are definitely not my strong suits. But, in the ways that matter, I promise to be the best wife I can be. I will love you, even when it gets difficult. I will be strong when you can't. I promise to always be on your side. I will be your partner. I want you to be beside me for the rest of our lives.

And his to me:

I love that even your faults come from your desire to be good. Even when tripping over a cardboard box on our dining room floor drives me crazy, I know it's because you want to recycle that box so that it doesn't end up in a landfill and, once my toe stops throbbing from stubbing itself on the aforementioned box, I admire the desire you have to treat everything that way. I love that it takes you two weeks and 12 stores to find someone's birthday present. It's not because you're indecisive. Well, maybe a little, but it's because you want to make sure that person has a present they're going to love. The decision to ask you to marry me was the easiest decision I've ever made. For me, it was never really a choice. I could never imagine you not being by my side.

I love that you can make me laugh at anything that happens in life. We spend more time laughing than any two people I've ever known. I think that's a pretty good way to live.

I love that we both get excited over the smallest things like fixing a sink, and how we race each other to the front door to get a package from UPS, and how you make me close my eyes and act like a kid on Christmas because you brought me home a cookie.

I love how we can communicate with each other using nothing but quotes from The Office. That's a rare skill I once thought only my sister and I possessed.

I promise to continue to be the person you fell in love with and continue to appreciate the person you are. I promise to work with you towards filling our home with the same laughter and love that has gotten us to this point. I promise to do my best to keep that smile on your face, and to stay strong for you in the moments when it seems impossible to smile.

So, there it is! It was totally worth it in my opinion and if you aren't a fan of traditional language, I completely recommend writing your own ceremony or vows! If you're still reading this, you must really like weddings. Did you or do you plan to write your own vows? Can you believe we both referenced The Office? Clearly we are meant to be!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

blog my unpopular opinions

Did you see the #tweetmyunpopularopinion hashtag trending last week? Well, I have lots of unpopular opinions and they will take more than 140 characters and thus, a blog post was born. I don't try to not like the "cool" things but I find that it happens to me pretty often.

1 | 2 | 3| 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

Unpopular Opinion #1: I don't like Johnny Depp... or Jack Sparrow

Sure, I loved Edward Scissorhands as a kid, but every other weird Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration since? I'm not buying what they're selling. Have I sat through Sweeney Todd or Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? NO. No desire. Sorry to judge a book by its cover, but I'm just not interested. I did see the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Everyone loved it. I thought it was boring. People go crazy for Johnny Depp and I just... don't get his appeal.

Unpopular Opinion #2: I'm not a fan of the Real Housewives of Anywhere

Sorry bloggers, I know this is blasphemy but I'm not a fan of watching loud, rude, rich ladies. I watched some of the original OC and NY Housewives and while they were okay (if there was nothing else on and I couldn't take a nap), it was never my favorite thing to watch on Bravo. These days, I stay far, far away so I need a lot of y'all to give some backstory to those gifs you post, kay?

Unpopular Opinion #3: The Big Bang Theory isn't funny

I KNOW I KNOW, we probably can't be friends anymore but y'all... how many "the girl is a dumb blonde/the guy is a cerebral dork" jokes can one show make? I have tried to watch this show a few times and it doesn't even make me crack a smile. People love it and I just don't get the appeal. Same goes for Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother. I tried to like HIMYM, really I did, but the jokes are just so repeated from every other sitcom ever that I can't get on board.

Unpopular Opinion #4: Fountain Diet Coke is yummy

I hated Diet Coke with a passion for the longest time until I decided to try it from a fountain drink machine and my world was changed. I know most people prefer the "Real Thing" or think Diet Dr. Pepper is the best diet drink around, but I love me some Diet Coke.

Unpopular Opinion #5: Cheesecake is kind of gross

Do you eat it cold or room temperature? The texture is off. The fruit is always too sweet. It has about half a million calories per bite. Am I supposed to like this? Well, I kind of don't. Unless it's Junior's Cheesecake that my father-in-law orders from Brooklyn every year at Christmas and then I will make an exception. Have you tasted that stuff? It's amazing. Pretty sure it's a million calories per bite.

Unpopular Opinion #6: Dressing up for Halloween isn't really fun

Fun fact: Halloween is also my birthday. Other fun fact: I don't find dressing like a sexy "insert profession here" one day a year fun, either. Blame it on the fact that I spent my youth getting candy from classmates for my birthday, but I am just not a Halloween fan. Crazy, I know. But really when you think about it, isn't it a tiny bit insane that as children we dressed up and banged on strangers' doors for candy? (For the record, I have nothing against Halloween. I just don't care for it. I have already declared that if there should be children in my household then they will dress up and trick-or-treat, my birthday be damned.) (Also SEXY BERT AND ERNIE? No. Just no.)

Unpopular Opinion #7: Vampires are dumb

Twilight? The Vampire Diaries? Dracula? No interest in any of them. Sparkly mystery men who never age? Just not my idea of a good time. I prefer my men nice and mortal and not bloodthirsty, thank you very much. However, The Count from Sesame Street gets a pass. He's pretty cool. Gotta love a guy with an accent.

Unpopular Opinion #8: Beer is the grossest thing ever

I really wish I liked beer. It's readily available and usually cheaper than wine or a cocktail. There are many kinds and breweries are so much fun. Buuuuut I think it tastes awful. I've tried dark and light, fruity and not, with and without food and it all tastes terrible to me. I know that I am of the age where I should have acquired the taste by now but it's just not happening. Maybe after I turn 30...

So, those are a few of the unpopular opinions that I defend. Where do you disagree? What are some of your unpopular opinions? Come on, I can't be the only one who isn't a Real Housewives fan...

Monday, August 12, 2013

quick recap

File this weekend under one that was not super exciting and was filled with us sharing the spare room AGAIN.

I wanted to stop whining about the floors but since the problem isn't solved, here ya go: After they weren't drying correctly, we were told we could wait until Saturday for the crew to come so we didn't have to take any more time off work. Thursday rolls around and I emailed to confirm... and heard nothing. I emailed again Friday morning and then called on Friday afternoon when I was told that the crew had an emergency and couldn't come... til Monday. I wanted to be a total jerk but I wasn't and so we just rolled with the punches and spent all weekend in our tiny room. As you are reading this, there should be a crew in my house installing floors and if there's not, you better believe that I won't be able to be nice anymore!

Anyway.... here's a quick recap.

Michelle and I | Twinsie Mojitos | His and Hers Beverages | My yummy Buccatini (plenty for leftovers. Kind of obsessed with this pic, too. Natural light is amazing!) | Cookies | Bauer playing with Dad's shoes (yes, that is the flooring we've had for ten days now! YUCK)

1) Let's say that the weekend started early because I got to hang out with Rachelle on Thursday. Mojitos at a divebar and a few hours of girl talk. It is so awesome that you can talk about blog stuff and NON blog stuff with!

2) Andrew and I decided to try out Paulie's for dinner on Friday. Houston friends, GO! It is a casual, counter-service type place with housemade pasta, huge portions, and great prices. Plus I got a $5 frozen bellini and we got some cute cookies to go. What's not to like? I can't believe I've never been but I will for sure be back!

3) Saturday night I got to see my sweet friend Michelle at the new World of Beers that opened near my house. Our suburb isn't known for having much of a party crowd, but the place was full and loud, and then a band started playing, which made conversation nearly impossible. Don't you hate that? She has been living in Singapore with her husband so it was nice to catch up. She has been vlogging and I encouraged her to check out my blog and become a blogger herself!

4) We had a super lazy Sunday. Blueberry pancakes at my favorite local place, some blog stuff, time spent writing handwritten cards to some of my favorite blog friends, and grabbing pizza before the Breaking Bad premiere. Which I had to watch on a tiny, non flat screened TV. It's okay. If they replay it, I should be able to watch it again on my normal TV.

I also joined a Fantasy Football league with other bloggers and I'm looking forward to following all of them (gotta size up the competition, ya know?) How was your weekend? Did you see Victor Cruz' first salsa of the season? Did Breaking Bad blow your mind, too? ("Tread lightly"... SO GOOD!)

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fan friday: breaking bad

I am so glad that Sarah changed her Friday link-up so that you can be a fan of stuff beyond sports in order to participate because my sports knowledge is limited and I can't write about sports every week. Although this week I could write about Football on your Phone. Have you watched it? I love that they gave Eli the funniest lines. Go Giants!

On a date with Simone... while you butter a scone...

Okay, moving on. All week I have been super pumped for this weekend's episode of Breaking Bad. If you live under a (blue) rock, Breaking Bad is about a chemistry teacher who begins cooking crystal meth when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer so that he has some money to leave his family. Nice, right? Well, kind of. He is basically the best meth cook EVER and becomes a drug lord and gets involved with a lot of "wrong" crowds. There are eight episodes left in the series and as sad as I am to see the show go, I have high hopes that this show will go down as one of the best in TV history. So, today I'll give you Five Reasons to Love Breaking Bad. Sorry for the gif-heavy post - youtube would NOT let me embed videos the way I wanted to, so those I want you to see are linked.

{Spoilers ahead... if you have any intention of watching the show, you may wanna skip this post}

1) The Best Deaths on TV- Season one, a guy's body was disposed of with acid in a rubbermaid container, stored on the 2nd floor of a house, and came crashing through the ceiling, leaving dissolved human liquid everywhere. A decapitated head was found on a turtle. Another guy's skull was crushed by a stolen ATM machine. Yet another bad guy emerged from a room with half of his face blown off. The deaths are gross, outlandish, and awesomely conveyed. I look at TV as fantasy and most of the things on Breaking Bad are so farfetched, it is hard to imagine them as real. Do they make my stomach churn? Yes. Am I hoping for more crazy deaths in the last eight episodes? I'm counting on it.

2) Bitch! / Aaron Paul - Aaron Paul's character is named Jesse, and he was Walt's former student who becomes his partner in all of this mess. Jesse says "Bitch!" all the time, so much so that Aaron Paul is asked to call people a bitch almost daily ("Yeah, bitch - magnets!" is a favorite of mine). As a person, Aaron Paul seems pretty awesome. There are great videos of him on youtube calling his twitter followers bitches at their request and greeting a celebrity home tour bus that rolled up outside his house. What a cool guy. I hope he is cast in another great role post-BB.

3) Saul Goodman - He is the ultimate in crooked lawyer stereotypes, always looking out for himself first. A spin-off for his character is being considered and I will definitely be watching. He always brings much-needed comic relief to the show.

4) Kind of random subplots - Again, this show gets kind of heavy, so it's nice to break away from the meth biz every so often. Walt's son decides to change his name to Flynn. His sister-in-law is a klepto who goes to Open Houses and lies about her backstory while she steals. A giant pizza is on the roof of the White home (okay, that one was pretty well tied in but I love the image). It all ties together to make a great show.

I never realized that Walt Jr. is often shown eating breakfast but apparently that's an in joke of the show. And I know Jesse is spelled wrong. Via.

5) The way it makes me feel - I admit that after watching the first season of BB, I didn't  know if I wanted to continue. It's dark and always made me feel uneasy. But then I realized - I kind of liked it.  Motives change and the lines between good and bad are blurred. Nothing is a sure thing, you can never predict what will happen next, and you are always entertained. I love TV a lot and it is the show I suggest to pretty much anyone I find who doesn't already watch it. This is the coolest recap ever and it's LOL-funny, seriously.

Bring it on, BB. I know where I'll be on Sunday night. Any good shows I need to be watching? Are you a BB fan? Can you believe that's the dad from Malcolm in the Middle?

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