Tuesday, August 13, 2013

blog my unpopular opinions

Did you see the #tweetmyunpopularopinion hashtag trending last week? Well, I have lots of unpopular opinions and they will take more than 140 characters and thus, a blog post was born. I don't try to not like the "cool" things but I find that it happens to me pretty often.

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Unpopular Opinion #1: I don't like Johnny Depp... or Jack Sparrow

Sure, I loved Edward Scissorhands as a kid, but every other weird Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration since? I'm not buying what they're selling. Have I sat through Sweeney Todd or Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? NO. No desire. Sorry to judge a book by its cover, but I'm just not interested. I did see the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Everyone loved it. I thought it was boring. People go crazy for Johnny Depp and I just... don't get his appeal.

Unpopular Opinion #2: I'm not a fan of the Real Housewives of Anywhere

Sorry bloggers, I know this is blasphemy but I'm not a fan of watching loud, rude, rich ladies. I watched some of the original OC and NY Housewives and while they were okay (if there was nothing else on and I couldn't take a nap), it was never my favorite thing to watch on Bravo. These days, I stay far, far away so I need a lot of y'all to give some backstory to those gifs you post, kay?

Unpopular Opinion #3: The Big Bang Theory isn't funny

I KNOW I KNOW, we probably can't be friends anymore but y'all... how many "the girl is a dumb blonde/the guy is a cerebral dork" jokes can one show make? I have tried to watch this show a few times and it doesn't even make me crack a smile. People love it and I just don't get the appeal. Same goes for Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother. I tried to like HIMYM, really I did, but the jokes are just so repeated from every other sitcom ever that I can't get on board.

Unpopular Opinion #4: Fountain Diet Coke is yummy

I hated Diet Coke with a passion for the longest time until I decided to try it from a fountain drink machine and my world was changed. I know most people prefer the "Real Thing" or think Diet Dr. Pepper is the best diet drink around, but I love me some Diet Coke.

Unpopular Opinion #5: Cheesecake is kind of gross

Do you eat it cold or room temperature? The texture is off. The fruit is always too sweet. It has about half a million calories per bite. Am I supposed to like this? Well, I kind of don't. Unless it's Junior's Cheesecake that my father-in-law orders from Brooklyn every year at Christmas and then I will make an exception. Have you tasted that stuff? It's amazing. Pretty sure it's a million calories per bite.

Unpopular Opinion #6: Dressing up for Halloween isn't really fun

Fun fact: Halloween is also my birthday. Other fun fact: I don't find dressing like a sexy "insert profession here" one day a year fun, either. Blame it on the fact that I spent my youth getting candy from classmates for my birthday, but I am just not a Halloween fan. Crazy, I know. But really when you think about it, isn't it a tiny bit insane that as children we dressed up and banged on strangers' doors for candy? (For the record, I have nothing against Halloween. I just don't care for it. I have already declared that if there should be children in my household then they will dress up and trick-or-treat, my birthday be damned.) (Also SEXY BERT AND ERNIE? No. Just no.)

Unpopular Opinion #7: Vampires are dumb

Twilight? The Vampire Diaries? Dracula? No interest in any of them. Sparkly mystery men who never age? Just not my idea of a good time. I prefer my men nice and mortal and not bloodthirsty, thank you very much. However, The Count from Sesame Street gets a pass. He's pretty cool. Gotta love a guy with an accent.

Unpopular Opinion #8: Beer is the grossest thing ever

I really wish I liked beer. It's readily available and usually cheaper than wine or a cocktail. There are many kinds and breweries are so much fun. Buuuuut I think it tastes awful. I've tried dark and light, fruity and not, with and without food and it all tastes terrible to me. I know that I am of the age where I should have acquired the taste by now but it's just not happening. Maybe after I turn 30...

So, those are a few of the unpopular opinions that I defend. Where do you disagree? What are some of your unpopular opinions? Come on, I can't be the only one who isn't a Real Housewives fan...


  1. I'm with you on everything except Big Bang Theory. Don't worry we can still be friends.

    Johnny Depp movies still attract my attention, but I haven't seen all his movies. Haven't seen all the pirate movies either.

    I stay away from reality tv, diet coke is ok... I'm a coke zero girl mostly. Totally with you on cheesecake. Dressing up for Halloween is a chore and we usually avoid it... sexy costumes have never been an option for me, lol. Don't like beer and have never seen any of those teen vampire shows.

    This is a great post idea, loved it :)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like cheesecake. All of my friends, family and coworkers go on and on about how heavenly cheesecake is, when I can't stand it at all! Ew!!

  3. I have never seen, nor will I see any of the housewives crap. In fact, I hate reality TV in general; except Amazing Race because that's actually kinda cool.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I'm with you on a lot, especially johnny depp and the housewives. And also the big bang theory. I never liked it and the pretentious guy really gets on my nerves. I mean he's funny but you're right, how many times can they make the same jokes.

    But beer!! what!! It's so amazing!

  5. I've seen Housewives, but I don't watch them and don't really like them.

    Depp, meh.

  6. I'm totally with you on beer is disgusting, I don't want to drink piss in a bottle.

  7. fountain soda is the shiz!

  8. Im dizzy with confusion. How have you survived the innanet?! Lol. Luckily I think we can still be friends. Cause we love food so bad.

  9. I don't understand the fascination with Johnny Depp, either! "Edward Scissorhands" is one of my favorite movies, but other than that, I mostly just watch "Sleepy Hollow" around Halloween-time.

    I don't watch "Big Bang" or "Real Housewives". I hate "Twilight" and the knock-off vampire shows/movies/books that have come from it. I only like cheesecake if it's a chocolate version. I go through phases where I don't prefer beer.

    I've pretty much quit Diet Coke. I like Coke Zero now, especially the vanilla one.

  10. Again so many things in common!
    Besides Edward Scissorhands, which I LOVE, I cannot get into Johnny Depp. He needs a shower stat.

    Real Housewives, Big Bang and Vampires. Just no.

    Fountain drinks and cheesecake. YES!

    BEER? OMG. What? Okay we can still be friends. :)
    Sometimes I wish I didn't like it because it's so filling, but I am addicted.

  11. I'm not a huge fan of Johnny Depp either, but I did enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
    I really enjoy Big Bang Theory and I am so ready for HIMYM to be done (I mean, quit dragging it on people!). I did not watch it from the beginning, I've only caught up on it since the past two seasons. And I never ever liked the Real Housewives series. I don't enjoy drama at all.

    Cheesecake is not my favorite. I will take a good 'ol chocolate chip cookie any day over it.

  12. I love this idea and this post! I have many unpopular opinions.

    I am with you on Johnny. He does nothing for me. Cheesecake is delicious ONLY if it is sans fruit. The Housewives are terrible, and the only one I used to watch was Orange County, but haven't seen it in years.

    Fountain Coke is where it's at and I could give two shits about Halloween. People lose their minds over it and I could care less. The only thing it's good for in my opinion is candy!

  13. so happy to hear someone else doesn't like that real housewives crap. i can't stand to hear them yelling about nothing and their money. ugh

  14. Let's be friends. As in I agree with numbers 2, 5, 6, 7, & 8 :) and the only reason I disagree with #1 is because I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, couldn't really careless about Johnny Depp. and #4 is because I don't like any soda, as in I hate carbonated drinks... oops.

  15. What a cool post topic, you're so hip and in the know with social media :) I think I agree with everything but #2. How can you not love these shows?!? At the very least, they can make you feel a lot smarter! LOL

  16. Ooh girl, I agree with so many of these! Especially 1, 2, and 3. I honestly don't get the appeal of any of those things. I have tried to watch Big Bang Theory a handful of times and I just find myself cringing the whole time! So I can't. I won't. Ugh.

    Also - regarding number 5 - I make a killer cheesecake that my work friends insanely fawn over. I should let you try it sometime! I'm not tooting my horn or anything, but I've had people who don't like cheesecake that still manage to like mine. And no, I don't put crack in it ;)

  17. Ha! You are cracking me up! I hate dressing up for Halloween too! But you're wrong, cheesecake is delicious! ;-)

  18. Yep. I love this post. Although, I may not agree with you and some of your opinions, I 100% support you putting them out there. I have unpopular opinions myself. For instance, I have no interest in anything Harry Potter related.


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